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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Catholic Priest dancing in parish church

Ummm... least this doesn't appear to be happening DURING Mass although the news article covering the story seems to indicate Fr. Pepe often breaks out his dance moves(see link below) in and outside his parish church.

Quote: "Masses are packed, often with queues forming outside the church, all thanks to the priest Father Pepe who delights the congregation by performing the sevillanas – a traditional dance linked to flamenco.Father Pepe – full name Jose Planas Moreno – hitches up his white cassock, raises his arms above his head and kicks his heels in the aisles.
Female worshippers in the district of Campanilla take it in turns to dance with 66-year-old Father Pepe.
Videos of a recent mass taken on the local feast day and uploaded on to YouTube has gone viral on social networks and spread Father Pepe's fame far beyond his parish."

More HERE.

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Steve Dalton said...

I wonder what the husbands and boyfriends of these women think of this nonsense?

Dymphna said...

Steve I think the men probably don't go anymore.

Kurt said...

Worse this this. The priest is singing a partisan leftist song written to whip people up against the government in the 1930s.

Steve Dalton said...

Quick, call Don Camillo to fix this nonsense!

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