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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why is Fr. Barron endorsing a profanity filled fornication movie?

I just don’t understand Fr. Robert Barron at all.  I know of Fr. Barron from his appearances on EWTN, his assorted DVD's and his "Word on Fire" series.  I did not expect to see him support a teen movie that clearly goes against Catholic teaching for Catholic parents.

As a Catholic parent, I read A LOT about what the Church teaches and has taught on Catholic parenting.  One thing is very clear, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO BE SUBJECTED TO (this includes books, movies, television shows, video games etc.).

So when I saw Fr. Barron make a Youtube video ENDORSING the movie "The Fault in our Stars" I was not only shocked but extremely disappointed in Fr. Barron.  This is another example of the Church teaching one thing and a priest doing the opposite.

How can a priest put his stamp of approval on a movie that 1) takes the name of the Lord in vain, 2) depicts fornication (two teens having sex), and 3) uses terms like “a$$hole” and “bulls**t” and “freaking douche”?  

Is this what Fr. Barron (according to his Youtube video) wants our Catholic youth watching?  Really?

The movie “The Fault in our Stars” is about two teens dealing with cancer and what, if anything awaits them (all of us) after death.  But the issue I have is what else is included in the story- as mentioned above.

Movie clip: 

Here is Fr. Barron’s Youtube video endorsement of the movie:

Christian review of “The Fault in our Stars” by Christian magazine Thriving Family writes:

Authority roles:  Both Hazel's and Augustus' parents are loving, caring, and long suffering. Augustus' parents make him watch television in the living room rather than in the basement when he first brings Hazel to his house. Hazel's mother has devoted herself to taking care of her daughter. She insists Hazel attend the support group when she thinks Hazel is depressed. Later, Hazel discovers that her mother has been taking courses from a college and that she will soon get her degree in counseling so she can help other families in similar situations to theirs. Although Hazel's mother accompanies them to Amsterdam, she has no hesitation about leaving Hazel and Augustus alone. In fact, they have sex in his hotel room while she explores the museums.

Profanity/Graphic violence:  The dialogue is laced with profanity. H---, b--ch, bulls--t, b--tard and a variation of the f-word are used. A-- is used alone and with bad, hole and clown. God's name is used alone and with d--n and oh my. The phrase sweet holy Lord is used as well as sweet Jesus Christ. Other objectionable words are p---, p---ed, sucks, freaking douche, dumbbutt crap, gosh dang, boobs and boobies.
The only violence in the book is in the descriptions of the video game that Augustus and Isaac like to play. There are some fairly graphic descriptions of Hazel's and Augustus' illnesses. When Hazel is in the ICU, Augustus describes the black cancer fluid being drained from her lungs. Augustus soils the bed and vomits on himself as his body deteriorates.

Kissing/Sex/Homosexuality:   Isaac and his girlfriend kiss outside the church after a support group meeting. Hazel can tell that Isaac is feeling his girlfriend's breast while they kiss. Hazel's friend alludes to wanting to have sex with Augustus. Hazel looks up pictures of Augustus' old girlfriend on the Internet and sees several of the couple kissing. Augustus jokes that he thinks his grand gesture of including her in his wish should have gotten him laid. Augustus and Hazel kiss passionately in Anne Frank's house. Later that afternoon they have sex in his hotel room. It is intimated they have sex the following morning as well. When Augustus learns that Isaac has a computer program that will read his emails, he tells him that he'll send Isaac porn. After Augustus dies, Hazel and Isaac play his favorite video game but tell the characters to do sexual things like hump the wall instead of actually trying to win the game.

For me, this is NOT something a Catholic priest should endorse.

I am very disappointed in Fr. Barron for the grave scandal his endorsement might give to our youth.

Catechism: #2353 -Fornication is carnal union between an unmarried man and an unmarried woman. It is gravely contrary to the dignity of persons and of human sexuality which is naturally ordered to the good of spouses and the generation and education of children. Moreover, it is a grave scandal when there is corruption of the young.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

PS - fans of the book who want to tell me about the "love" the book and movie depict can save your rantings and hate mail- you won't change my mind.  Anyone who fornicates and doesn't repent is GOING TO HELL.  
Fornication depicted in books and movies is CORRUPTING society. That isn't love, it is hate. Catholic priests, laity and parents NEED to teach that reality, not the misguided lie that 'if its love God is ok with it'.  If you love someone, you don't fornicate with them.  God is NEVER ok with fornication- its a mortal sin that sends people to hell.  Period.


  1. I think you're being a bit harsh. Fr Barron offers a good summary and review of the movie in terms of the theme of triumph over nihilism. He states that it is "obviously not" an adequate presentation of Christian spirituality and morality. He says the book/movie are not a bad starting place for those young people who are "looking, questioning, wondering". That's not exactly a hearty endorsement. It's a statement that the book/movie may have merit for some and would suggest that parents use their own judgement as to whether the film is suitable for their children. An underlying message in a book/movie may be valid and stimulate positive conversation despite the depiction of sins. We all sin and it's not possible to shield our children from encountering sin. They, themselves sin. A prudent parent knows to have the conversation about the pros and cons of a movie or book. Such conversations help develop your child's moral compass as they learn to evaluate and discern what is and what isn't morally pleasing to God. Fr Barron's review was quite helpful, IMO. This movie is rated PG13 so it's not a movie parents should send their children to for light entertainment. It's a movie that should be used as a teaching tool. That's really what Fr Barron was doing.

  2. You are wise to question Fr. Barron's recommendations. My confessor considers him one of the most dangerous priests in the country, precisely because he gives a patina of orthodoxy to dangerous, even radical views.

    The idea that we cannot escape sin and that we should just give a wink and a nod to some sins like profanity is a condemned heresy.

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  4. Kalene Martin's comment was removed by her request per her email.

    In Christ,

    Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner


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