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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Catholic Priest molestation game app

In my email box today, I received a link to a discussion over on the Catholic Answers forum and a link to a truly revolting anti-Catholic "game" app from Google Play.

The "game" is about a little boy trying his best not to get molested by a Catholic priest (Fr. Murphy).  To avoid molestation the player must shoot wads of paper into the garbage bin.  

If that isn't disgusting enough, the maker of the game ("Godly Games")  goes even further with an image of Jesus Christ and the words "watch out for Jesus moving the bin, he wants you to get molested too!"

Quote from Google Play:
Help young Timmy O'Brien avoid molestation from Father Murphy.
Timmy has been kept after school for some special one on one time with Father Murphy. The only problem is Fr. Murphy wants to molest young Timmy and is waiting for the smallest excuse to do so.
Help Timmy shoot the paper into the bin, but be careful, miss too often and you will draw the advances of Father Murphy.
Get a high enough score and you will unlock bonus features such as Sister Assumpta, the unassuming nun and some of Father Murphy's Catholic Propaganda. Complete the game to release Father Murphy's trusty Gimp.

The "game" is rated "medium maturity"- whatever that means.

I ask everyone reading this to PLEASE REPORT this vile "game" and demand Google remove this app.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

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