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Friday, August 8, 2014

Catholic Faith degraded and mocked in Disney 'art'

By Connecticut Catholic Corner

I'm disgusted.

Another vile and disgusting liberal who thinks blasphemy is "art" and all the idiots who flock to these "art" shows to purchase the filth are just as bad as the "artist".  

Quote: August 1 – 31, 2014 Artist reception: Friday, August 1st; 8-11PM 
José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros is back–with Profanity Pop, a celebration of creative freedom in our time. 
Mythology, Religion and the representation of power have manifested in all of the great works from antiquity. With Profanity Pop, Rodolfo pays tribute to specific historical works that have inspired many generations. Universal themes are once again narrated by beloved animated characters, but in the guise of the divine and with all the fragility of martyrs. Away from the paradise of happy endings, the pastel sprinkled drama takes on a vulnerability that juxtaposes subversively with situations never similarly interpreted.
That description is not at all what the "artist" is depicting. It's pure attacks and mockery of the Catholic faith - Mickey Mouse as Jesus Christ, Pope Francis marrying two gay Disney princes, and "Saint" Daisy Duck portraying the Virgin Mary taking a pregnancy test and more.

Title: The Veil of Clarabella
(Mockery of Veronica's Veil)

Title: Saint Daisy and her pregnancy test
(Mockery of the Virgin Mary)

Title: I'm not a sinner, I'm just drawn that way
(Mockery of Holy Communion/Eucharist)

Title: The credulity of Saint Donald Caravaggio
(Mockery of Jesus Christ and Saint Thomas) 

And of course, last but not least...
Title:  Who am I to Judge Him?
(Mockery of Pope Francis and his "Who am I to judge" comment)

Quote:  The Monarchy of prejudices and taboos crumble in this story. The disenfranchised reach beyond discrimination, and in this narrative no union is sinful or suppressed.The absorbing worlds of entertainment, fashion, and excesses, with the magic of kitsch, invite us to desecrate the seductive world of POP.
Contact Matt Kennedy, Gallery Director for availability and purchase info: (323) 666-7667

I wonder why Disney hasn't put a stop to this?  
Perhaps Disney gives this "artist" their stamp of approval?  
Since Disney happily allows "gay days" at their amusement parks you just never know any more how far they will go with their debauchery and filth.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

WARNING: Graphic and sexual cartoon "art" in link.


  1. Disney probably has nothing to do with this. There are thousands of fan/artist sites that use Disney unlicensed characters and they are not sued. I think the company just doesn't bother with it unless the user is an actual business.

  2. Dymphna is right. Pornographers have been using cartoon characters, like Mickey Mouse, in their art for decades.

  3. @Dymphna & @SteveDalton mistaken
    Walt Disney: satanic smut-peddler or Illuminati pimp? -

    Walt Disney is out to trap us like mice.


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