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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Long Suffering Stormtrooper Crucifix?

By Connecticut Catholic Corner

I really get disturbed by the sheer ignorance of people who think nothing they do can or will offend God.

I had a non-denominational Protestant tell me once that she was forgiven all her sins and never needed to repent of any sins because Christ already died on the cross for her past, present and future sins.

It was a "done deal" once she "accepted Jesus into her heart"- and of course said the "sinner's prayer".

I was reminded of her today, when I read a story about an "artist" who created the "Long Suffering Stormtrooper" crucifix.  The "Long Suffering Stormtrooper" is from the Star Wars movies.  The fictional soldier AKA a 'stormtrooper' has replaced Jesus Christ on a crucifix- this is "art" according to Mr. Callanan (the artist) and The Picture Frame Gallery where this "art" is displayed.

Quote (my comments is PURPLE):  Mr Callanan, whose artwork has been bought by the likes of Fatboy Slim and Russell Brand, said: “It’s not making fun of any particular religion and certainly not Christianity.” [really? What other religion is known for using the image of the crucifix?]
The piece of work represents the sacrifice of the movie stormtroopers as “cannon fodder” for someone else’s cause, said Mr Callanan, who is also known as RYCA.
The avid Star Wars fan said that he isn’t offended by Mrs Jenkin’s criticism. “If it was [Star Wars film-maker] George Lucas having a go at me I would be more upset,” he said.
Gallery owner Mark Belda, who says he was raised as a Catholic, also defended the sculpture, which is priced at more than £300 and titledThe Long Suffering Stormtrooper.
“I’ve got three customers who are priests and they all like it. [God help them if that statement is true.] I totally take on board what she’s saying, but it’s not got anything to do with religion,” said Mr Belder.

It wasn't only the ignorant artist and the "Catholic" gallery owner that bothered me - it was also the poll taken asking if the "Long Suffering Stormtrooper" was blasphemous or not.  

At the time I took the poll, only 11% were offended by the "art" of a science fiction character replacing Jesus Christ on the crucifix.  More than half thought it was 'just fine'.

"Just fine"?  Really?

I can almost understand non-Christians and atheists... but anyone who claims to be Christian - and KNOWS the suffering Jesus did for love of us -and yet finds nothing offensive about this "art" is simply... pathetic.

Do they even take a moment to THINK what that suffering was like?

Do they even take a moment to LOOK upon a true crucifix and CONTEMPLATE the pain, suffering and anguish our dear Lord went through for LOVE of us?

How... how can anyone contemplate Christ on the cross and then look at this stormtrooper 'art' and NOT be offended?

I don't get it...I truly don't understand such ignorance.

On another note... had a depiction of Islam's Mohammad been placed where the stormtrooper is I am willing to bet there would be more "offended" people in the poll.  JMO

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner



  1. Put me down as offended. The "artist" is trying to promote himself by doing something controversial...but safe. Any fool knows if he put Mohammed up there, he'd get himself beheaded. And, Lord knows, there's no money in that.

  2. Yes! The crucifix is offensive. It has not taken long for the Catholic Church to be pushed out of the public square with the vitriol supplied by the lame-stream-media. It took more than 235 years of government under the Constitution for the Catholic Church to come under direct and relentless attack by the government. In a few decades we have seen virtue vilified; immorality is pushed on a mainly unsuspecting public by the news, the press, sit-coms, movies and books.
    There are few characters, I cannot think of one, in current entertainment that adheres to a moral code. Abortion is promoted as an “easy way out!” The one exception, and not surprisingly so since Julian Fellowes is the writer, was in the latest season of Downton Abbey, when Edith become pregnant.
    The rest of the time people’s senses are dulled by the moronic writing, performing, and soundtracks of TV. Fatherhood is mocked. Families are made to be farcical with potty-mouthed teens spouting nonsense meant to trigger the laugh track.
    Yes. The crucifix is offensive and the majority of people do not realize how low their standards have sunk.
    Islam will make cultural inroads in our country because Christianity is under attack and has been effectively pus


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