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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bullied for being pregnant...

Just when I think people can't get nastier they surprise me and manage to get even nastier.

A pregnant weather woman, Kristi Gordon, from Global News is receiving hate mail because she is pregnant.

Apparently, people are so offended by her "fat" pregnant belly and her maternity clothes that they are sending her hate mail, asking she get off the air until she is no longer "fat" because they find pregnant women to be repulsive.

No really.

What sort of person does this?

What sort of person sees a pregnant working mom on television, gets to repulsed with a woman carrying life within her, that they take the time to write and send a horrible letter insulting, bullying and degrading her?

Who does that?

It certainly isn't the Pro-Life crowd.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

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  1. Julie, the reporter should be modest in her dress, veil her protruding stomach in such a way as to show modesty and respect for the body. She should not have been teased and bullied, as those are not Christian behaviors, but a good Christian woman should have taken her aside and explained the virtue so that her behavior would not provoke men into wanton thoughts, so that she would not tempt men.

    We, as Christians, are required to take custody of our eyes and so we must veil intimacy.

    Many of these women are not ashamed to celebrate the self. But they do so at the risk of sinning and causing others to do the same. Procreation is an event with God as the Creator. It is holy and should be revered not wantonly displayed. Reverence is the missing link in her decision to clothe herself in a showy fashion.

    Let's be modest and reverent in all things holy.


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