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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Holy Water Hose

Yes, this IS a 'holy water' hose...

No, it is NOT a Catholic exorcism.

quote: So much so is their faith, they endure incredible pain to remove the “evil” from within.Tesinsky watched as the “possessed” took part in the exorcism, which involves being punched in the head and stomach in order provoke a reaction from the demons.
“It’s part of the practice, he [Wondimu] wants to make the demons scared, and talk to them”, Tesinsky explains.
“Someone who seemed calm before starts to scream and be aggressive, they really change their voice.”
The priest takes his cross and begins to ask the demons questions through the “host’s” body.
“Who are you and how many?”
The victim proceeds to scream while the priest continues to punch them and showers them in holy water from a hose.
“You don’t have any power above me, I’m not going to leave,” Tesinsky recalled the spirit replying.
More punching.   -end quote-

Full pathetic story:  HERE

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