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Monday, August 24, 2015

The Francis Effect

Gloria.TV description: Fr. Linus Clovis on the Francis Effect at a seminar for Pro-Life Leaders in Rome, 8th May 2015.
**Note, this priest says that Pope Francis said (the "Rabbitgate" controversy) "three is enough", three children is enough was what he was talking about. The Vatican deleted that statement from the record.  Gee...I wonder why?

All I can say is...'Well said Father, well said."

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


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  1. Wow, Julie! If Father Linus is not mistaken, the remark from Pope Francis is very damaging. My thoughts about the Pope are that he is not very spiritual. It appears he does not have a close relationship with Christ. Our former Popes Benedict and John Paul were very spiritual, very pious. Pope Francis seems very secular, not in touch with the Divine. I wish I were wrong. I was not concerned about the piety of our two former popes. I remain concerned, alert and sometimes wary about our present one. Even as I have these thoughts, even as they assail me, I love him very much and pray for the best outcome. I will remain respectful, hopeful and not disparage his reputation.

    Thank you, Julie, for keeping us informed.


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