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Friday, August 7, 2015

Thoughts on the GOP Debate

First thought...what debate

I guess it was because there were so many people, but I didn't really see a "debate" tonight.

In the first round of the candidates who didn't make the top ten for the prime time slot, I really liked Carly Fiorina - she impressed me with her intelligence on the topics mentioned, she came across as strong and determined and I liked the strength of her convictions -notably her pro-life beliefs and her desire to defund Planned Parenthood (something others also mentioned).  I also got the impression she could make Hillary Clinton squirm.  I'd love to see Fiorina debate against Hillary Clinton - I'd pay to see that! ;) 

I think she won the first round of 'debates' hands down and from reading Twitter I am not alone in my opinion. 

In the prime time slot, most eyes were on Trump and I have to say he held his own without going off on anyone- came close with Megyn Kelly who was (in my opinion) looking to tick people off.  The wording of the questions was bizarre... so contrived to be hard and tough because they know the rest of the media goes soft on Hillary and other Democrats that it left me with a bad taste for Fox New's idea of a debate.  

On that Fox News gets a "complete failure" award for the "debate" tonight with Megyn Kelly at the top. 


Speaking of failures... 

Rand Paul... there no other words but "GO AWAY YOU'RE BOTHERING ME" - and he can take Chris Christie with him on his way out.  I really dislike these two politicians. 

Huckabee had a lot of good things to say- most will never happen, but at least the guy has a dream and a plan (which is more than I can say about some of the others). 

Nothing new from Rubio (who bores me) or Cruz (who I like but know will never get elected).   

While I like Santorum, I think he's a great guy...he's also a snooze fest I am sorry to say.  He never does anything to stand out or get the attention he needs to win.

I still like Walker...he just goes up and up in my opinion. 

Ben Carson... never.  He's not presidential material.  He'd be great as Secretary of Health and Human Services...but not president. 

Trump...let's face it he will never be president, because the establishment GOP will never allow that to happen-they'd rather let him run as an independent, divide voters and lose the election than get behind Trump, but I love the guy for speaking his mind and not being PC.  He's refreshing even if he's rude. I hope he sticks around...just to stir things up. ;) 

Perry...nothing new.  I am tired of him fighting in the sandbox with Trump.  If he spent half as much of his time tossing barbs at Hillary and the Democratic party instead of Trump I might pay some attention to him...but right now, he's off my radar completely. 

Kasich... what a mixed bag.  If he would actually be the Catholic he claims he could be great...instead he's just another cafeteria Catholic no better than Pelosi or Biden.  He's not to be trusted. 

That leaves Jeb Bush... who I think we will all be left with whether we want him or not - and I don't.  Not because he's another Bush, I don't give a crap about how many family members run for anything I look at each person as the individual they are.  I can't get passed this Catholic supporting Common Core- that's a big problem for me.  Also, I don't think Jeb would undo most of the damage Obama has created...I think Jeb would look forward at what he wants to do, without first cleaning up the mess Obama has/is creating.  That would be a major mistake and I think set his entire first term off on the wrong foot.  So, it's a 'no way to Jeb' for me.  

Gotta say... at this early date, I am liking a Walker/Fiorina team. Having a strong woman will deflate the Democrat's delusional 'war on women' attacks and Walker being a governor is a huge plus for me- I think governors always make better presidents than senators. 

So those are my early thoughts based on tonight's Fox News Channel GOP debate

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


  1. Just saw this on Liked and agree with the column. Walker Fiorina couplet is attractive. I would love to see Dr. Ben Carson, a deeply spiritual man, be put to use to reverse the damage the secular humanists have foisted on our culture.

  2. Thank you for the synopsis, Julie. I think it is spot on. I thought Kelly's political bating was inappropriate. The questions she (and the other moderators) sometimes posed were "hard ball" (like Chris Matthews might ask as long as he is not sucking up to our narcissistic president) and contentious (not good journalism). While I do enjoy watching Megyn on Fox News most of the time, it seemed the debate was too much about her. She acted full of herself during the event and was disrespectful. Frankly I am surprised at how unprofessional some of the questions were. I also fault Chris Wallace and Bret Baier for their participation. I am displeased (to say the least) at the attack style.

    It was very unprofessional to goad Donald Trump, to try to make him blow up. It was a hit piece to force him out of the race, I think. The format, I would bet, was created by Roger Ailes and the Republican party who allowed subterfuge and contention to embarrass and destroy Trump's credibility: personal, financial, political and social.

    I am pleased that The Donald rallied even as I would not vote for a Trump administration because he does not espouse the Catholic tenets. I admire his tenacity. Given that we, Julie, have been given so much by having knowledge of the Truth and by receiving grace from Christ's sacraments, we have to be patient with those who have not yet been so converted by the Holy Spirit.

    Trump is a breath of fresh air compared to the secular humanists of the Democratic Party who worship the creature instead of the Creator.

  3. During a couple of interviews after the "debate" (I agree with you Julie, it was more like a question and answer session as there were no discussions of the issues amongst the panelists), Carly further distinguished herself. Katie Pavlich asked Carly about her removal as CEO from Hewlett Packard.

    Carly made a very poignant point as her removal pertains to leadership. She says that she made enemies because she led by challenging the status quo. She had to make the difficult calls to do her job, to lead Hewlett Packard out of a recession. What I find particularly compelling is that she talked about how many so-called leaders will not challenge the status quo because they want to protect themselves from what ultimately happened to her. They will not be true to their calling; they will be politically correct at the risk of not doing their job so that they will not be punished or vilified. Even if her explanation is not completely representative of her being fired from HP, the concept is spot on. Many of the people who are elected/appointed to represent and lead us in government are failures because they put their need for power/prestige/money before the good of the people they represent. In other words they will not become martyrs for the good of mankind. Isn’t that the crux of what we are all called to be?


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