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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mental Midgets Protesting Connecticut's Durham Fair

The insane asylum has once again opened its ludicrous mouth and as blathering idiots are wont to do, they are proving themselves one sandwich short of a picnic.  

Each September the town of Durham, Connecticut celebrates The Durham Fair.  Like other fairs there are rides, contests, food, music, more food, animals, tractor pulls and even more food.  

This year, one of the country music bands asked to play on Sunday is the "Confederate Railroad" band.  One of their best hits is "A Bible and a Ticket Home"...


Being a normally regular Durham Fair attendee (I did not attend the fair when they decided to exhibit elephants which have zero to do with New England agriculture) I got an email this morning that is circulating around Connecticut trying to get sane people to side with the lobotomy gang in protesting the Durham Fair and this country band because...I'm sure you already guessed it...the word "confederate" is in their band name and its logo shows the historic Confederate States of America's flag- oh the horror!  Hide your eyes!

Here is the email:

This idiot seems to believe that listening to a country band with the word "confederate" in their name and a historic logo might make "our children, you yourself, neighbors and community members" feel unsafe and not welcome.  I am more concerned with this idiot being near children and the horrid influence he/she/they would have on impressionable minds.  

I have to wonder if this person/s has ever attended the Durham Fair, if they had, they would already know that Confederate flags, t-shirts, wallets with Confederate flags on them, key chains, bandanna's and other novelty items have been sold for years at the Durham Fair.

God save us from people so fragile and weak that the word "Confederate" in a Southern country band has them trembling in their boots and crying over people potentially feeling 'unwelcome' at a country fair that has a country band playing music and singing songs about having a Bible and ticket home.  Terrifying stuff! 

Good God what is wrong with you people?  Get OVER YOURSELVES! 

The Confederate States of America (and their flag) in the 1860's is part of our nation's history- deal with it!

This is a country music will be there.  

If the word "Confederate" has you so concerned DON'T GO.  DON'T LISTEN.  Hide under your lily livered yellow belly liberal beds and don't go to the Durham Fair, the rest of us need the extra parking anyway. 

God save the idiots from their own idiocy and give me the patience I clearly need when dealing with these lunatics.  

On a happier note... most people are not falling for the nonsense and are supporting the Durham Fair's choice in inviting the Confederate Railroad to play...

Good for them!  

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

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  1. Thank you.It amazes me that the "progressives" want to tell everyone else how to live and what to see.

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  6. To all the lily livered whiners out there who are whining about this blog's support of the Durham Fair's CHOICE in music- go away and stop reading it if you dislike it so much.
    Cry about the history of this nation somewhere else, because I am not interested in your blathering nonsense and will not give you a voice here.

    Goodbye... and have a lovely day now.

    Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner


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