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Sunday, September 13, 2015

When Pope John Paul II died...

...those in the room with him did not pray "the typical prayer" for a person dying [the prayer for the soul's salvation], instead they prayed "a prayer of gratitude" for him?  Huh?  

Watch the video at about the 9.35 mark he explains what happened...

I had never heard this before...I was not yet a Catholic when JPII died, so didn't follow closely the happenings at the Vatican.  

Now, as a Catholic, I am wondering what other Catholics at the time thought of this?  

No big deal?  Weird?  Odd?  Nothing to see here?

Let me know your thoughts.  

My own thoughts are...well it bothered me to find this out.  You can pray a prayer "of gratitude" at any time...but when someone has just died, should we not pray for their soul first before all things?  

To me, being an ex-Baptist this smelt a bit like Protestantism.  You see, in most Protestant denominations once a person dies that's it.  You don't pray for them or their souls [because there is no belief in Purgatory OR in prayers for the dead helping anyone].  

To most Protestants, if the dead person had believed in God and lived "good" lives they were in Heaven with Jesus, no need to pray for them. Instead of praying for their souls, Protestants "celebrate" the life of the dead loved one and believe, as I said, that they are already in Heaven with Jesus because they believed in God and lived "good" lives. Done deal.  

But as a Catholic...I do pray for the souls of the departed- even a pope because I don't know if that pope needed time in Purgatory or not and to assume he was so great and wonderful that he didn't need prayers for his soul...well it comes off as presumptuous to me.  Am I wrong here?

Let me hear what you think about praying a prayer of gratitude when someone dies rather than for their soul.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


  1. Julie, this does smell of Protestantism, much like the Novus Ordo Missae whether you accept that or not. And again, your probing questions deserve answers, honest ones that are well researched, logical, and unbiased.

    Again, since you haven't been Catholic that long, I would suggest looking to sources outside CMTV to get an understanding of Catholic.

    Michael Voris may state in his obsessed rantings about a certain society that it is silly to ascribe his motives to money. Well, it is silly, Julie, for one who has no authority whatsoever to exercise disobedience to his local bishop for just cause to falsely assert others as being schismatic for doing much the same thing. That is for just cause. Not 'just' a cause.

    And while you state on CMTV that you're going to be offering prayers in light of their announced course of action over the next week - that of trying to erroneously explain away the logical position of the Society they falsely accuse, again with no authority while dismissing proper authority to include those bishops they themselves have declared to be orthodox - I hope you offer them some encouragement to cease their stupidity.

    You may want to read about Bishop Morlino's recent apology:

    I hope you tell CMTV that they should, in all fairness, retract their excoriation to "have nothing to do with them" regarding fellow Catholics. And if you want the truth about a certain Society, go to the source to obtain thorough understanding, not someone with such an obvious ax to grind. One who only spins, twists, and put forward half truths despite the call from orthodox bishops to stop harming fellow Catholics.

    If Catholics who have the faith continue to be divided as CMTV would have it, for whatever reason, silly or otherwise, the modernists will win the day. That's precisely why Bishop Schneider, not sure if you read the whole of his statements minus the CMTV spin, has said we should cease and desist with the infighting. Infighting that you seem to otherwise support which is a true shame.

    Otherwise, the articles you post, just like the one you did here about why folks didn't "pray!" for a decease pope will never get answered.

    God bless.

    p.s. Sorry for not corresponding with you on CMTV, but there is a blackout there for any/all views (including those of Bishop Shneider and Morlino and Pope Francis, it would seem) that do not uphold the Magisterium of CMTV.

  2. Dear Julie,
    Yes indeed all need praying for, and in addition gratitude for how their holiness and teaching might have drawn you closer to Christ...
    And thanks to you for helping your readers draw closer to Christ

  3. Julie:
    I've never heard this before. It certainly is strange. Of course, nowadays a catholic funeral is mostly Protestant in its approach. A man in our parish died about a year ago and his daughter came in from CA and they held a truly Catholic funeral...Rosary for the deceased, Litany of the Saints, etc. I haven't seen anything like it in at least 6 years. By comparison I went to the funeral of a friend last week and every one of the hymns were Protestant...Rock of Ages, Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, etc. How have we sunk so low??

  4. He was a saintly man. Masses were offered for his soul. Relax.


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Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

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