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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Say #AllLivesMatter and get black response "hell will be too good for you"

So #IBelieveBlackLivesMatter is/was trending on Twitter.  

My response to this trending hashtag was a reminder that even slave owners on plantations believed "black lives matter" to their $$$... and a reminder that all lives matter, including those inside the womb.

For that I am told "hell will be too good for you". [more on that below]

When I mention #AllLivesMatter is a Catholic teaching...

...I am attacked by a black Catholic woman and told...

...glad to see the Church's teaching about all lives being valuable and worth saving has been taught to this Catholic woman. 

Some people just LIKE being angry for the sake of anger.  How much more this black Catholic woman could be doing for her race if she directed that at one of her true enemies...the abortion industry who doesn't think #BlackLivesMatter.  The abortion industry wants to wipe out black lives! 

Planned Parenthood's entire existence is based on killing and eradicating minority races and the "imperfect" of the world.  

THAT should be something to be angry about.  

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 



1 comment:

MrRightWingDave said...

Excellent post! Still shaking my head at how deeply the brainwashing of the left can get. What ever became of critical thinking? - MrRightWingDave

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