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Monday, September 28, 2015

The Papal Visit to the United States...what were they thinking?

My over all thoughts on this papal visit are very mixed.  

The good...

(Image from: )

-I love seeing the pope with children and the disabled.  This man clearly has a love for them and it shows- and I don't believe he's doing it to be showy or put on a false image.  I believe he truly loves children, the poor and the disabled and has a big heart for their sufferings. 

-I loved seeing the very liberal MSNBC cover every single step of the papal visit- even more coverage then EWTN had!  

-I am hopeful that someone in all of this has returned to the Church or are now on their way to becoming Catholic.  I think the Pope had that kind of effect on a great many people- and that's a good thing. 

And the bad...

-The cheering, clapping, standing ovations, clergy snapping photos during Mass because they are so blinded by the "superstar" pope that they ignore/forget/dismiss God on the altar.  Shameful, disgraceful and disgusting.  This was intolerable. 

-Holy Communion passed out into hands to large crowds.  I am 100% opposed to this whether during a papal visit such as this, or World Youth Days.  

-The insane, stupid and ridiculous comments of the "Catholics" who helped co-host the media coverage of this papal visit.  

People like Fr. Rosica sitting with Anderson Cooper on CNN talking about how Pope Francis has changed the annulment process so people whose "love failed" with a first marriage, now have a "another chance" at love in a new marriage because Pope Francis is all about that sort of "mercy".  

*I believe CNN Transcript means "previous SYNOD in 2014" not "Senate". I think this is a typo*

I buried my face in my hands a lot during this papal visit. 

- The choice of Mo Rocca, an openly gay man who rejects Catholic teaching to do the readings at one of the Papal Masses.

-The choice of Mark Wahlburg...?  

Who exactly made these choices?  What were they thinking? 

Now the over-all pure annoyance factor.  Cardinal Dolan

I just couldn't wait for the Pope to move on and get away from Cardinal Dolan.  This man acts like the class clown in middle school.  I really can't stand watching him.  

That is the good, the bad and the annoying in my opinion.  I'd love to hear what other Catholics thought of this papal visit.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

Source: CNN Transcripts of Fr. Rosica:

Dolan image:


  1. ....this visit is just the natural outcropping of compromise formulas in VII documents, the very same that gave leeway to that which was condemned in the Syllabus of Errors. It is the natural flowering of modernism and the "evolution" of doctrine. Part of that evolution process was facilitated via the changing of the mass from the TLM (which reinforces Catholic teaching via symbols) to the ambiguity/flexibility/autonomy of the Novus Ordo Missae. And considering Paul VI got rid of the Oath Against Modernism, well, it's pretty easy to connect dots.

  2. Hello Patty,

    I can find very little wrong with the Vatican II documents themselves, but rather the "spirit" of the entire Vatican II Council was infiltrated with evil which spewed our from it.
    There was so very, very much wrong with that entire Council it was doomed to come to this- I agree with you there.

    I will continue to pray for our Church and that the evil that currently resides in Her will be exposed and tossed out.

    We need a good orthodox pope to "clean house" and return what was lost to us at and after Vatican II.

    In Christ,

    Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

  3. The council was doomed, Julie, because it was overcome by those who adopted modernism as their creed. And that was accomplished, in part, by asserting ambiguous "pastoral" speak in the Vatican II documents themselves. Just like the modernists are foisting ambiguous "pastoral" speak into Synod documents.

    VII - "pastoral" council that while supposedly not changing doctrine asserted the notion that Muslims worship the same God and Jews need not convert to the Catholic Faith. Hmmm. (Not quite, "Outside the Church there is no salvation.")

    October Synods - "pastoral" get together that while supposedly not changing doctrine attempts to assert the notion that those living in adultery should have a path to receive the Sacraments without benefit of annulment and that the Church must look to find the good in homosexual relationships. (Not quite the words of Our Lord that clearly outline adultery and/or the grave condemnation of sodomy.)

    I understand that you find very little wrong with the Vatican II documents themselves. That is likely because you are looking to read them from the position of orthodoxy. But make no mistake, this hullabaloo about the October Synods is only a hullabaloo because folks are getting news about the machinations behind the scenes. In reality, it is just more business as usual with a larger press corp and the internet. And when error, to include obfuscation,is accept by way of being swept under the carpet the only thing that results is the emboldening of the enemy.

    So let's pray for the Pope to speak and act clearly - to include amending those aspects of VII which let in that Smoke of Satan. The smoke that was previously kept at by clear communications and action on the part of the Popes.

  4. I share your good, bad and annoyances. Unfortunately for me the bad and annoyances far out way the good. This Pope seems to breed error through his flexible words and actions which can be interpreted broadly. He is soft on sinful behavior. This is compounded by his seeming inability to clarify at appropriate times. Add to this his seeming love-lust for non-catholic involvement in solidly catholic events and it is a very slippery slope. Personally I am reserving my judgement for the results of the synod of the family. I am praying Catholic teaching will be solidly, without any doubt, upheld.

    Thank you for giving voice to what hopefully so many of us are thinking.

    God Bless, from a fellow Connecticut Catholic.


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