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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Christless Crossless Gospel"?

Baptist Grandma returns with: There is one gospel centers upon Christ and the cross and if you are not saved by THAT one you are not SAVED . period .I reckon for someone willing to accept the Christless Crossless Gospel of the Catholic church , such does not matter to you and you think it hateful of me and others who actually CARE enough to share the truth ..for the Record , I understand perfectly about saving faith or faith that has an action/works to it actually BELIEVES the word and works of God / trusts in HIM and walks in it without adding things they have to do to be saved (RCC's saved by works doctrine), as opposed to walking in their OWN actions ..It takes humility to actually put all you are in God's hands you Catholics deny the work of Christ and make it out to be of ZERO power to do anything or of ZERO importance if we do not add to it by some work of our own , or some obedience to your church're parroting a basic Catholic ERROR ..whenever I see it I am going to correct it lest some come reading in here who do not know and believe a lie .

My response: Welcome back Baptist Grandma. I am sure you think you explained yourself and maybe you did to others, but for the life of me, I unfortunately do not and can not understand what you mean by "Christless Crossless Gospel of the Catholic Church". The Catholic Church is neither "Christless" nor is it "crossless" as we have crucifixes in all our parish churches and Christ is the very center of our mass and worship. If you care to further explain what you mean, my email is always available or you may comment at the end of this post. You also mention "RCC's saved by works doctrine", "Catholics deny the work of Christ" and ironic in my opinion you tell me about "humility". Then, your last comment insinuates I am lying about something. Let me assure you I am not lying, I am sharing my faith and responding to misconceptions about my faith to the best of my abilities. Now if a Catholic who knows the faith better than I (and I am sure there are hundreds of thousands who do) sees an error I hope they will let me know as it is not my intention to post any Catholic belief in error. I welcome their correction and likewise when someone writes to me with something in error I am going to correct them.
In response to all you've said above, I will begin with what you THINK Catholics believe about "works". Number one, we do not believe we are saved by "works". Salvation comes by the Grace of God. Period. Number two, if you read Matt. 25 about the "sheep and the goats" you will see that action "works" is part of our faith and it is a requirement for all Christians. We can't just pay lip service to our Lord, we also need to show that we truly love and care for others as He did by serving others. Christ came to bring salvation and while he was here he helped and served others. He didn't ignore those in need and neither should Christians. THAT is what "works" is about, following the actions of Christ. We are not earning our salvation, we are living out our faith as Christ did. Can you understand the difference in that and what you erroneously called "saved by works doctrine"? How are the sheep and goats separated may I ask you? Are they separated by their faith or by their actions "works"? Where do those who do works spend eternity? Where do those without works spend eternity? You need to answer those questions and then re-evaluate your views on "works". A few scripture verses for you to consider while thinking about the faith and works in our salvation is James 2:24 "You see that a person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone." - James 2:26 "As the body without spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead." (NIV Bible)
Next you mention "Catholics deny the work of Christ". I have to ask "How?". Jesus Christ brought salvation to the world. Christ was sacrificed for our sins. Catholics do not deny the work of Christ in anyway. If you have something specific in mind, would you clarify what it is? We look upon the image of Christ's death on the cross each and every time we look at a crucifix or go to mass. Catholics do not make Christ out to have "zero power" or "zero importance". Like I said before, Christ is the very center of our worship. Christ is our Savior and Lord of our lives. He is the King of Kings. I truly have no idea where you get this "zero" theology view from but I assure you, it is not part of our Catholic faith in any way.
And for the record, here is the definition of "humility" from my Webster's desk dictionary: "modesty in self-estimation; humbleness."
I'd like to suggest, that if you truly want to know what Catholics believe you get yourself a Catholic catechism and take a look for yourself. I believe you are picking up anti-Catholic views and erroneous information about the Catholic faith from anti-Catholic sources. And as always, you are welcome to write to me or comment here on this blog, it's open to anyone who wishes to share their thoughts and opinions on Catholic beliefs.

1 comment:

  1. Hmm I am learning about a lot of stuff myself. I have a few questions for you - I may not be even asking you the right questions.

    1. Can you explain the doctrine of purgatory?
    2. What about saying prayers to mary?
    3. You quoted matt 25 and James - ok apart from beliving in Jesus how much good works someone need to do to be counted as sheep? Is there a measure?


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