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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hate Crimes Against Catholics Increases

I have to wonder at some of the views people share about the Catholic Church. Now I know, not all non-Catholics view the Church so harshly, but my question is WHERE does it come from? Are people taught these things as children by their parents in an attempt to keep them from ever looking at the Catholic faith? Do people get these views from books? Their preachers sermons? Sunday school lessons? Movies? The media? Where does it come from? When I was a child and growing up I was never subjected to the horrid things I read some people believe about the Catholic Church. Was I a sheltered kid? Do other kids get fed this stuff as children? Teens? I was kept from all forms of anti-Christianity as a child. As a matter of fact, I didn't know people felt this way until the last ten years when I began to really study Christianity and it's history and I am now in my thirties. I had heard a few comments as an adult about what Catholics believe "Mary is worshipped", "those Catholics pray to statues", but I had never heard the... well... hatred people have towards the Church and in some cases toward Catholic people just for being Catholic. It's similar to the racism against African American's or Jews or Muslims. Last November, the FBI released a report that said crimes against Catholic's had increased 33%.
Here is the report:

Hate Crimes Against Catholics Show 33% Increase in 2006
November 20, 2007

According to USA Today, the latest FBI data shows that in 2006, there was an increase in the number of hate crimes motivated by bias against religion. While hate crime against people of faith in general shot up 19% from 2005, the increase in hate crimes against Catholics increased by approximately 33%. (The increase for crimes against Muslims and Jews was 22% and 14%, respectively.)
Anyone wishing to read the full report may do so by visiting the FBI's website at
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Seeing much of what I am responding to on this blog, I can see that this is very true and I think Catholics need to do more to share with others what we truly believe. We need to get rid of the misconceptions and out right lies about our faith. Set the record straight as the saying goes. I don't know if people feel threatened by what they think Catholics believe or if it stems from something else but Catholics in my opinion need to do more to clarify what they believe and why. And to the Catholics who don't really know or understand their own faith, learn it. Read your catechism and bible together. Ask your priest. Watch Catholic education programs like those found on EWTN. Learn your faith then share it. Make sure your children know their faith so they aren't led away by misconceptions and lies. You don't have to be bible thumpers out to convert the world, just tell the truth about what Catholics believe and God will do the rest.

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