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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

You guys have been numbed down

DP writes: The truth is that Catholic teachings deny Jesus in favor of a lot of things saving you ..but because you guys have been numbed down to allow the pope to do your thinking, you do not know what scripture MEANS just parrot official teachings and because you truly do not understand, you allow the torment and guilt and fear of being excommunicated to keep you bound rather than set free. ;-(The Hebrew words which your church likes to teach is mere veneration is worship ..praying to dead saints is communicating with the dead ..listening to false teachers and prophets is witchcraft and rebellion, defending your church traditions will not help you.Do not stay in a system that tells you its okay to ignore the word of God and rebel in order to be okay within the system.Gods true pastors and teachers do not teach rebellion choosing a church over God is adultery...pure and simple.

My response: You seem to be very misinformed as to what Catholics truly believe and what our Church teaches. There are no Catholic teachings that "deny Jesus in favor of a lot of things saving you". That's a complete falsehood. The Catholic Church was created by Jesus Christ and is guided by the Holy Spirit. Jesus said "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (Matt. 16:18) and His words are true. The Catholic Church has stood the test of time and still thrives bringing the gospel message and sacraments to people around the world. The Pope doesn't do all our thinking for us, where did you get such an idea? The Papacy is completely scriptural. Jesus changed Simon's name to "Rock" [Peter] and told him He would create a church on him the "Rock". This isn't much different than the "Chair of Moses" in the Old Testament. Repeatedly, in scripture Jesus points to Peter as the one to lead the Church once Christ ascended. In the last chapter of John, Jesus repeats over and over again to Peter to "feed my sheep". This was said specifically to Peter. What this shows is that Jesus had given Simon a new position, a position different from his other Apostles. Jesus had changed Simon's name to Rock [Peter] and he singled Peter out to "feed his sheep", leaving Peter in charge of the flock on earth once Christ ascended. This is biblical and this shows the papacy.
Next you say "you do not know what scripture means anymore, you just parrot official teachings because you truly do not understand". Did you mean me specifically or all Catholics? If you mean me, I will be the first to say I don't know it all and I have never claimed I did. But what I do know, is that you do not understand my Catholic faith. You seem to think you know what Catholics believe and why, but I can tell you that you are mistaken. That I know. As far as "parroting" goes, I can repeat official Church teaching because I know it to be true. I don't need a private revelation, as I know and trust Jesus when He said "the gates of hell shall not prevail against" His Holy Catholic Church.
You next say, and I quote, " you allow the torment and guilt and fear of being excommunicated to keep you bound rather than set free". I have no idea what you mean by this. What "torment"? What guilt or fear? It is a joy and pleasure to be Catholic. It's a blessing to have all seven of the Sacraments. I don't fear excommunication at all. Your next comment is "The Hebrew words which your church likes to teach is mere veneration is worship", what Hebrew words would those be? I can tell you that "mere veneration" is not always worship but I don't know which Hebrew words you are referencing here. You claim "praying to dead saints is communicating to the dead". Well the best response to that is there are no "dead saints"! Saints are alive in Christ! Jesus said so! Luke 20:38 "He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive."
I agree with you that listening to false teachers is wrong, but that has nothing to do with Catholic teachings as the Holy Spirit guides the Catholic Church in teaching truths. We have nothing to fear in believing Catholic teachings to be true and from God.
You say "defending your church teachings will not help you", well I am not defending my Church teachings to help me, but to dispel misconceptions such as those you hold. Your views on my Catholic faith are in error and I defend them to dispel misconceptions and hopefully stop even one person from spreading the falsehood further. If one person lets go of an erroneous belief because of something I have said or written here, then THAT is why I defend my faith. Understand?
Next you say, "Do not stay in a system that tells you its okay to ignore the word of God". My "system" (Catholic faith I assume you mean) does NOT say "its okay to ignore the word of God". I honestly don't know where a person can get such ideas as this. Have you ever attended a Catholic mass? We read the scriptures. We pray the scriptures. We sing the scriptures. Never is anyone told to "ignore the word of God". Never. Who told you such a thing about Catholics? It's really outrageous to hear someone believes that about the Catholic Church. Let me tell you that is completely untrue. There is no truth in it at all. You mention choosing a Church over God. Being Catholic isn't choosing anything over God, it's belonging to the ONLY Church that Jesus Christ Himself founded while on earth. This is where we are supposed to be. We aren't choosing anything over God, we are following our Lord in obedience.
I am truly sorry you have such horrid views of my faith. If I (and others) stopped defending our faith against the misconceptions and views such as yours soon the world would be over run with the falsehoods you believe to be true about my faith. I can't ignore that and to tell you the truth, it truly frightens me to think someone could believe as you do about the Church Jesus Christ founded. There is no basis for what you believe about the Catholic Church. If you honestly researched the truth and took the time to seek the full truth all these things you think are true would be revealed to you as false. But you have to want to find the truth and admit that what you believe may very well be wrong. If you can't set aside your pride to allow that you might be wrong, you may never know the truth. I know because I am a convert to the Catholic faith. I didn't share the views you have mentioned here but I certainly held several misconceptions and until I was willing to set them aside and be open to the truth I was as lost in falsehoods as you are now. Why hold on to that? Let it go and seek out what Catholics REALLY believe. You have the free will to agree or not, but at least do yourself the service of finding out the truth about what the Catholic Church believes and teaches. None of what you said above is true, we don't believe what you assume we do. Find out the truth for yourself. Seek answers. You want to know what Catholics believe? Read our catechism, that spells it out. If you don't understand something in it, please ask a priest he will be happy to clarify our beliefs for you. Please don't listen to a non-Catholic tell you what they THINK Catholics believe, they are bound to be in error knowingly or unknowingly. If I wanted to know what a Methodist believed would I ask a Lutheran?

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