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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Put That in Your Mary Cult Pipe and Smoke it!

Baptist Grandma writes: I wish to Heaven there was a way you and some of your buddies could READ beyond a third grade level ..IF you could and IF you could actually think for yourselves in order to comprehend what scripture SAYS ,AS it is written you would KNOW that your immaculate conception thingy IS the heresy and the problem is your whole Marian theology and the queen of heaven blasphemy God did NOT originate in Mary's womb ORIGINATE means have a pagan worship religion and are worshipping the godess who in past times was called Cybele , Astarte , Isis , Diana etc ..all you have done is given her Jesus mother's name ,and what you are TRYING to insist upon is that SHE gave birth to God ..that would make HER over god ..before god ..higher than god ..and that is the MYSTERY Babylonian religion ..THAT is it ..mother godess giving BIRTH to don't worry about me ..I will take my chances with the CREATOR of the universe and creator of all there is or ever was or ever will be..mary or the queen of heaven BY any other name did NOT bring HIM into being and IF you think so ,,, honey you are not EVEN a Christian put that in your little Mary cult pipe and smoke it .

My response:, not even sure where to begin with this one, but I guess I will start off by saying, I don't own a "little Mary cult pipe" nor do I smoke and I'd rather you didn't refer to me as your "honey". I am sorry you think I can't read beyond a third grade level but I assure you I can and I do think for myself. For instance, I think your comments were rather rude and meant to be insulting but the Lord of my life Jesus Christ directs me to turn the other cheek and forgive those who trespass against me, so I shall do just that in obedience to Him.
Now, to address your comments about my Catholic faith. You seem to take issue with the Catholic view of Mary. Let me start off by saying we do NOT believe that Mary gave birth to God the Father in Heaven or that she existed prior to God. We KNOW that Mary DID give birth to God the Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus is God incarnate- God on earth, and Mary did in fact give birth to Him, this makes her the Mother of God. Is it your belief that Mary gave birth to a man who at some point after birth became Divine? That is not a Christian belief, but brings to my mind Nestorianism. This belief began in the year 428. Is this what you believe? You say my Catholic faith is heresy while you cling to Nestorianism?
I can assure you that Catholics are not pagan and Mary is not our "goddess". She is none of the goddesses you named above. She is Mary, the Lord's Servant and Mother of God Incarnate. She is the Queen of Heaven, because of her Son. In the Old Testament we see, a King's mother was called "Queen Mother" (this title is still used today). Mary is that to us because Jesus Christ is King and she is His Mother. If you don't wish to believe this, you have the God given free will to disagree, but there is nothing "blasphemous" about it at all. It's a title because she is the Mother of Jesus Christ. Nothing wrong with that.
Moving along to your statement that Catholics worship Mary, Catholics do not "worship" Mary. The Catholic Church forbids the worshiping of anyone other than God. Mary is highly honored because she is the Mother of our Lord. The scriptures call her "highly favored one" and "full of grace". Catholic's believe the scriptures and also honor her as highly favored and full of grace. The scripture's say that "all generations will call her blessed" and Catholic's do, hence the name "Blessed Virgin Mary" or "The Blessed Virgin". There is nothing pagan or blasphemous about our beliefs. Mary is the Mother of God because Jesus Christ the King is her Son.


  1. It is sad that Baptist Grandma is blinded by hatred. I have always wondered how so many self-proclaimed Christians can be hateful like that. I hope that she can find the truth amidst all of the misinformation that she has been instilled with. God bless her. She's been badly misled about the Church and its teachings. Julie N.

  2. Excellent job Julie. I cannot help but wonder, if the Baptist Grandma has ever asked another person for prayer? Has she ever asked her own mother to pray for her, at some point in her life?
    I find it strange that some people think, that it is completely natural to ask their own mother for prayer...but it is somehow blasphemous to ask the mother of our Lord Jesus for prayer?
    Did the angel Gabriel ever appear to YOUR earthly mother?...did the Almighty Father who is perfect ask YOUR earthly Mother to conceive HIS Son?...NO !! But he did ask Mary. I find it very sad that so-called lovers of Christ actually hate His mother.
    I wonder if he is pleased with that? I wonder if the Apostles and all of the Disciples of Jesus treated Mary with such hateful disrespect.
    IF Jesus and Mary suddenly appeared to you in the flesh..would you tell his Mother to go away...have her go and stand in a corner..treat her shamefully and tell her that you have nothing to say to her? I wonder if the Baptist Granda would treat her own mother that way. NO ! Of course not you why then do you treat the Mother of Our Lord Jesus in such a terrible manner. Please think about this. Peace be with you.


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