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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Constantine paganized your church!

Someone writes: I read History every day fact I got tired of being lied to by revisionists so I made it my business to go search out the truth . Constantine PAGANIZED your branch of the church ..he made himself pontiff..imagine a new convert who knows NOTHING about the church OR Christ suddenly being its head ..contrary to what Paul taught converts do not know enough to lead..but he was emporer and HE is where your church ceased to be Christ''s church and starting with him , more and more unscrupulous men changed what God said and put in HIS rightful place teachings that lead people to be loyal to the church even when it means doing the exact opposite of what God says!!
My response: I think its wonderful that you read History every day, that is admirable but what you seem to believe is History is in fact not. You see, Constantine was never a Pontiff. He converted to the Catholic faith on his death bed. That is historic fact. During Constantine's time in power, the pope was Pope Sylvester I. I strongly suggest you find better History books to read from than your current supply because you are being fed falsehoods with no historic support at all. I suspect what you believe is "history" is in fact something published by "Jack Chick"- a notorious anti-Catholic who spouts anything but true history.
As far as your other comments about "unscrupulous men changed what God said"... what's that? There are numerous unscrupulous people in history, but none has ever spoken for official Catholic teachings. All Catholic beliefs are from God and not "unscrupulous men". The Holy Spirit guides the Church in all Truth. Jesus promised that the gates of Hell would not prevail against His Church and that is something Catholics believe. You seem to feel that Jesus was wrong and that the gates of Hell did prevail (in this case your view that Constantine paganized Jesus Christ's Holy Catholic Church). That is just horribly wrong. Jesus said that would not happen to His Church and we believe Him.
You didn't specify what you mean by "doing the exact opposite" so I won't speculate on that, but I will say again, the Holy Spirit guides the Catholic Church in all Truth. Our teachings and beliefs are from God, not any "unscrupulous men" as you seem to believe.
Your view that the Catholic Church has been "paganized" is incorrect and I'd like to suggest you read this:
If you'd like to check out a book, I think you might benefit from Karl Keating's "Catholicism and Fundamentalism: The Attack on "Romanism" by "Bible Believing Christians". Should give you much to consider. I wish you the best in your endeavor to read History every day, please just be sure you are reading actual History resources.

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