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Friday, February 6, 2015

What the hell is going on in Catholic churches?

From World Cup soccer masses...

to Superbowl masses...

and now this... at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New Zealand...

Youtube Description: 
Published on Jan 9, 2015 - Santo NiƱo devotees offer a liturgical dance to our Holy Infant during the first day novena held in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Auckland, New Zealand. The Sinulog Dance is dance of worship offered by the Filipino people to our Holy Child Jesus Christ.
This is what Adoration looks like at the same Cathedral.

The above photo is from their Facebook page:

Will Pope Francis do anything about this?  How can the Church be a "hospital" to the hurting, if the clergy are nitwit clowns incapable of celebrating a Mass without liturgical abuse??

These obscene masses must end, they are abominations to our Lord!  Are all these Catholics (including the clergy) idiots who have no idea what the Mass is or do they know and simply not care?  Are these Catholic clergy PURPOSELY working to insult and profane the Lord and His Mass?  Are they that evil?  Or simply that stupid?

I pray they will one day soon have the faith and wisdom to know what they are doing is wrong, the fear of the Lord so they repent of what they've done, and the will to make reparations for it.

Until then, may God have mercy on them.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

PS - While checking out St. Patrick's Cathedral Facebook and website I found a photo of the Vicar General Msgr. Bernard's tattoo...


  1. Pinocchio Mass Guy is not going to fix any of this...

  2. Dear Julie,

    The "Sinulog" dance-procession honoring the Holy Infant King Jesus Christ [Santo Nino] is mislabeled in the video as a "liturgical dance." It's not.

    The Sinulog is never done in the context of the Mass, so strictly speaking, it's not liturgical.

    The video shows the dance-procession being performed at a novena. The only thing wrong is that it should have been done outside the church, weather permitting.

    "Sinulog" is a processional dance by Filipinos depicting the arrival of the image of the Santo Nino in Cebu by way of the ocean [brought by Magellan's crew in 1521.]

    The statue of the Infant King was a gift of the tragic, over-educated, much-tortured and wrongly deemed "crazy" Queen of Spain - Dona Juana la Loca - to the archipelago that would later be named after her grandson, Philip II.

    The first native woman baptized in the Philippines was named Juana after her.

    Queen Juana la Loca died at a Poor Clare's convent - a prisoner of her father, brother, and son [all fighting over the huge kingdom that was rightfully hers].

    A Sinulog procession-dance usually starts at a beach, winds all over the town or village, and ends in a Church where devotional prayers and the Te Deum are held.

    I supposed Filipino immigrants in New Zealand, wishing to recreate the Sinulog, didn't have outdoor access for the procession, so they did it inside the church. But not during a Mass.


  3. Thank you for the clarification Marie, but this is STILL a disgrace. People should NOT be dancing around the altar.

    In Christ,

    Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner


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