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Monday, June 1, 2015

Babble from the Vatican?

I am so sad to hear such protestant-like talk coming from the Vatican.  It never seems to just grows and grows - perhaps this is to prepare us for the "celebration" of the heretic Martin Luther in 2017?

Anyone who follows this blog, knows that I grew up in a protestant church and converted to the Catholic faith as an adult.  I had more than 30 years of protestantism in my life- and I was not someone who never attended a church.  I grew up in church, joined everything they had...youth groups, Sunday school for children and adults, bible studies, Christian book clubs and on and on.

I heard over and over again, that as a Christian I could discover God anywhere at any time because every believer was a "priest" (in the "universal priesthood" theology from dear ol' heretic Martin Luther).  That my personal relationship with God was my own to explore in whatever manner worked for me.  I didn't need a specific church or a minister/priest because ALL believers and followers of Christ were themselves members of the "universal priesthood"-there was no royal priesthood and still isn't for Protestants and their theology. As the saying goes "Protestants are their own popes!" - its true.  Each Protestant gets to decide everything for themselves.

For some people, that means never setting foot in a church building.  This is why so many people tune in to watch televangelists- they are taught they can find their "personal relationship with God" anywhere so there is no need to attend or belong to a church community.  They can instead tune in to Christian televangelists to occasionally "be fed the Word of God" and to "grow in their Bible knowledge".

This is protestant theology for many Christians.

Today when I heard it (via Rome Reports) coming from the Vatican my heart sank.

Quote from Rome Reports:

"The gift of mercy is the announcement that the Church is called to transmit in her work of evangelization in this time of great change.
It was the plenary meeting of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization. The Pope asked them to continue questioning without fear about what exactly is "the most coherent place to find Christ and follow Him.”

Knowingly or unknowingly, people at the Vatican (including our current pope) are promoting Protestantism and telling people (people who hear the words of televangelists on TV and other protestant leaders will recognize this in a heartbeat) that they DO NOT NEED THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. That the "great change" in the Catholic Church is suddenly Protestant theology.  It's not, but that is how it sounds to people who have heard this sort of teaching before.  This isn't new to protestants, this is the foundation of their theology.

When people hear the Pope telling anyone (yes, I realize this is spoken to the PCNE) to "continue questioning without fear about what exactly is the most coherent place to find Christ and follow Him" what they will get out of that is exactly what Protestants have been teaching for centuries "You don't need the Catholic Church to have a personal relationship with God.  You can find that anywhere all on your own."

That IS the message being heard here.

If the Church doesn't make the message loud and CLEAR (something this Pope has a problem with) that the Holy Catholic Church IS "the most coherent place to find Christ and follow Him" then the Church is COMPLETELY failing in Her mission. 

There should be NO question here.

Jesus Christ created ONE Church and that Church is the best place to "find Christ and follow Him".

Why is the Catholic Church ENCOURAGING anyone to "question" this?

Why is the Catholic Church telling anyone to question these beliefs "without fear"?

Its almost as if they have forgotten the existence of the Eucharist to hear such talk.

They are knowingly or unknowingly making the Church irrelevant to many people when such messaging comes out.

The Church must BOLDLY proclaim that She has always been and always will be "the most coherent place to find Christ and follow Him" because She is the ONLY place He is found Body, Soul, Blood and Divinity.  Period.

I wish Pope Francis would understand that.

In Christ & praying for the Church,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

Rome Reports:

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  1. This pope is entering dangerous territory, indifferentism is a heresy. We need to pray for him

  2. "There used to be a saying — rhetorical — ‘is the pope Catholic?’ That’s no longer funny.”" - Fr. Linus Clovis.
    @Julie: "In Christ & praying for the Church - second that! And thank you for a very insightful post.
    PS I believe this time of great change refers to what's happening worldwide e.g. Ireland approving gay "marriage".

  3. I read your blog here in Ireland. If I may, I should like to contribute a thought or two of mine in furtherance of the discussion of the topic raised.

    "Indifferentism" is not merely heresy it is utterly merciless, entirely lacking the theological virtue of Charity of which the CCC states:

    "1824 Fruit of the Spirit and fullness of the Law, charity keeps the commandments of God and his Christ: "Abide in my love. If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love."...

    "1829 The fruits of charity are joy, peace, and mercy; charity demands beneficence and fraternal correction..."

    "Indifferentism" is sheer mercilessness.

    "The time will surely come, when men will grow tired of sound doctrine, always itching to hear something fresh; and so they will provide themselves with a continuous succession of new teachers, as the whim takes them, turning a deaf ear to the truth, bestowing their attention on fables instead." 2 Timothy 4:3-4


    "The time is ripe for judgement to begin, and to begin with God’s own household; and if our turn comes first, what will be its issue for those who refuse credence to God’s message? If the just man wins salvation only with difficulty, what will be the plight of the godless, of the sinner? Why then, let those who suffer in fulfilment of God’s will commend their souls, all innocent, into his hands; he created them, and he will not fail them." 1 Peter 4:17-19

  4. This Pope is a scary man. Very very scary. When does it come to the point that the Bishops ask him to correct his heresies or step down? I will admit that I know nothing about that process because it has never happened in my lifetime, but I do know that the Bishops have the power to do this. They have the power to confront him and ask for formal and public correction, or step down. How far does he have to go for this to happen? Yes, it would be a mess because there are a fair number of Bishops who agree with his heretical statements, so ??? I would imagine that the reason for delay, therefore, would be for fear of a schism? If he keeps this up, it seems that we are headed that way anyway, so.....

    Lord help us with this Pope!

  5. I can understand your view if you have been brought up in the protestant church. But, as I was brought up Catholic I don't see it. I read his whole speech. It seems to be directed at the International Council for Catechesis not us or anyone beyond this council. He does not say to leave the church but reach out beyond the church. Not to be closed off from the world outside. That is what is meant by the changes. For far too long the catholic church has hidden from the outside world. I am not surprised because of the attacks it is constantly receiving. In May I was thrilled to see a change where I live on to the streets to reach out to people. This was missing. There is a misunderstanding about what it is to be Catholic and the church needs to reach out beyond its walls. Pope Francis never mentions not to search for God in the church. He is constantly underlining that the church (Catholic Church) must reach out. God is centred in the church but He is also in all of us. As a Catholic I understand this as being close to God whereever I go and not to leave Him in the church but also it is understood that as much as possible to regroup and listen to what He has to say in the church.

  6. If you speak to Cardinal Robert Sarah he will say that he rejects Feeneyism. So he interprets Vatican Council II with irrational Cushingism.

    Liturgy has been made subservient to political necessity.This heretical theology and doctrine ,this development, is necessary today to offer Holy Mass


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