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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Gays & drag queens gather to watch young boy 'twerk' for them

**WARNING: Adult content**

Once more I say, WHY isn't there a ban on children at gay pride parades?  Using a child (who is sexually dancing) to entertain all the homosexuals and transgenders gathered around cheering him on has to be considered some form of abuse- doesn't it?

Where is the outrage over this?  Is it because he is a young boy?  What if it were a young girl gyrating in front of a group of men cheering her on?  Would anyone stop that?  Would the men be arrested?

Would the Department of Children's Services investigate the parents who allowed their little girl to dance sexually before grown men?

Why is no one doing anything for this boy?

Below is probably the most disturbing and disgusting Youtube video I have ever seen.

The young boy (maybe 8 to 10 years old??) is at a gay pride parade "twerking" as adults stand around watching him and filming him.  That he even knows how to "twerk" is disturbing enough, but to see him perform for these immoral people is horrendous.

There aren't words to express the disgust and outrage I feel for the people who have done this to this child.  They are corrupting him, leading him into disgusting and vile behavior for their own entertainment.  This truly, truly sickens me.

I'd like to share again, an article I previously wrote about banning children from ALL gay pride parades and other events.  Children MUST be protected from these despicable vile people.

God send them wisdom to know the evil they are doing.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

Catholic Reminder: 

2286 Scandal can be provoked by laws or institutions, by fashion or opinion.
Therefore, they are guilty of scandal who establish laws or social structures leading to the decline of morals and the corruption of religious practice, or to "social conditions that, intentionally or not, make Christian conduct and obedience to the Commandments difficult and practically impossible." 88 This is also true of business leaders who make rules encouraging fraud, teachers who provoke their children to anger, 89 or manipulators of public opinion who turn it away from moral values.

2224 The home is the natural environment for initiating a human being into solidarity and communal responsibilities. Parents should teach children to avoid the compromising and degrading influences which threaten human societies.

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  1. Funny Julie how you despise this type of action but it seems that its prevalent in the priesthood to molest little boys like this. Hypocritical much?


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