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Monday, June 29, 2015

Gay Pride Parades are Child Abuse

I have voiced my disgust at children attending gay pride parades a few times on this blog (HERE & HERE - warning graphic images) and I am going to do it again.

Look at this child's face...

...dressed like a drag queen and parading down the street at New York's 2015 Pride parade in the middle of OBSCENE people - some naked and some in graphic sexual costumes (click the links below to see a small portion of what these children were forced to witness).  

It is DESPICABLE to me that the United States of America not only allows this abuse, but supports it!

The Girl Scouts were there too openly and happily posing for photographs while supporting abominations according to the Word of God and our Holy Catholic Church. #shameful #evil #disgusting 

Photo Credit: The Cut

I can't begin to image the rage of God over what is being done to children in the name of "love". If the parents of these children had any idea what awaited them in eternal Hell they would spend every day on their knees praying for forgiveness for the evil they have done to their children.  

This is disgusting..and evil.

Our Catholic faith... 
Catholic catechism: #2396 "Among the sins gravely contrary to chastity are masturbation, fornication, pornography, and homosexual practices."

That is what decent parents should be teaching their innocent children. Instead these parents participate in debauchery and leading their innocent children toward eternal damnation. Horrible. I pray for these children...that they should have such parents is heartbreaking. 

And what would any gay pride event be without the local heretical "catholics" marching along side them...(note the Catholic parish on the t-shirt).

The images are truly disturbing...nudity and absurd perverted costumes fill the pages covering the "event".  

Remember if you view these images...little children were there witnessing this and much more first hand:

May God have mercy on these vile people...they're going to need it.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


  1. Please show us where your posts are that express your disgust at the way the Catholic church as handled the actual problem of pedophile priests. I'm hoping it's as prominent as the fictitious issue of children being absied by joining in a celebration of love and diversity.

  2. You sound like a miserable old dinosaur Julie

  3. Riiight. All that depravity looked like 'luv'. Public nakedness is a sure sign of the demonic. And someone in their right mind would want to force that depravity on little children? SICK.

  4. Oh, and as to 'pedophile priests' : they were unworthy sodomites that managed to get ordained.

  5. Did you mean "the Girl Scouts WERE there"? Perhaps your time would be better spent teaching children to love rather than hate and to understand science. It appears as though a good, old fashioned grammar lesson wouldn't hurt either.

  6. Did you mean "the Girl Scouts WERE there"? Perhaps your time would be better spent teaching children to love rather than hate and to understand science. It appears as though a good, old fashioned grammar lesson wouldn't hurt either.

  7. Forcing boys to dress like queens and look at the exposed genitalia of grown men isn't a "celebration of love and diversity", it's called child abuse. Learn the difference.

  8. I don't think they're being forced. Children just understand more and are more open minded then the adult who posted this article

  9. And we don't need mercy for a god that loves everyone. It doesn't say he doesn't love the LGBT community. The only one who isn't loving them is you. I thought you were supposed to be more godlike or are you a fake catholic? And the outfits aren't perverted at all. The one who has the most tolerance in that match is probably the little children.(because they're open minded). We don't need mercy. We don't need your hatred. I'm surprised that people like you still's 2017 get over it!

  10. I am a parent myself and also transgender myself.
    I agree with you that it is inappropriate to expose children to sexualized behavior regardless if performed by heterosexual or homosexual adults.
    Just would like to say though, please don't conflate gender identity with sexuality: I may be capable of having sex with someone I love, but never sexually aroused by man nor woman's appearance.

  11. I would like to understand where you're coming from here..I really would.

    I am a strong christian tied into my faith through deep roots..I am also a bi-sexual female.

    God created everyone in his image.

    I understand you're reasoning (somewhat), but the last bit about

    "May God have mercy on these vile people...they're going to need it."

    It sounds more like a curse than a prayer.

    I wish you all the best, but you cannot curse someone or spite them because of how they were made.

    Spite those that follow the truly evil one.

    Thank you, and God Bless.

  12. The Girl Scout is my daughter. I am proud of her wanting to march for the last five years. She is not forced. Her and her siblings were all explained and shown what could happen but the parade marshals are pretty great at keeping the children to the front and sexual paraders to the rear. I think that you approached my daughter for a photo opportunity and said that you were posting as a proud journalist of pride. Under false pretenses, no? Love is love and my children are taught science. They also have minds of their own and want to advocate for things like gay marriage, the shooting of gay members as the LGBT community, scouts for equality and many many more things. You failed as a blogger and journalist to mention any of the reasons people were marching. Shameful journalism and I would thank you to remove my daughter’s image from your post. If you truly feel her father and I abuse her by allowing her to go to this parade then you should feel the same about all parades and parents. I’ve seen nothing at the pride parades compared to the Irish day, Puerto Rican day, mermaid and many other parades.

  13. TO JLee Rodriguez,

    I gave the link to the source of the photos used at the bottom of the post. What you have done IS child abuse and you will be held accountable for it on Judgment day. You should be terrified of that fact.

    Here it is again:

    May you repent before its too late!


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