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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Virgin Mary in a condom art

Once more "art" has become a blasphemous act, insulting and upsetting Catholics and other Christians when a young "artist" decided to place a statue of Mary, the Holy Virgin Mother of God inside a condom.

"Virgin in a Condom formed part of an exhibition of Young British Artists, the "brat pack" of rising talent championed by advertising magnate Charles Saatchi, and whose most famous member was Damien Hirst.
Artist Tania Kovat used her rubber-sheathed Madonna to air concerns about the Catholic Church's treatment of sexuality, contraception and abortion, Te Papa chief executive Cheryll Sotheran said at the time."

What is wrong with people?  How can someone see "art" in placing a condom on ANY religious figure?  This reminds me of the sick "art" of placing a crucifix in a jar of urine.  Or the "artist" who rubbed his naked body against a crucifix and called it "art".

These people are sick.

Quote: "An artwork barely bigger than a communion wafer provoked outrage and violence a month after Te Papa opened its doors in 1998.
Virgin in a Condom, a sculpture just 7.5 centimetres high, divided Wellington for a turbulent six weeks, during which time seven people were arrested for violent protests.
Catholic activists saw the artwork as a grave insult to their faith, and applied for a court injunction to have the work removed. A determined few tried more direct methods, with one man kicking the statue in its perspex case to the ground the first day it went on display, while another attacked it with a metal bolt, and a third assaulted a Te Papa worker.
Wellington woman Amanda Sutherland told The Dominion that Te Papa made a mockery of its name by refusing to remove the "desecrated" Virgin."

The image I refuse to share here.  

It is indeed a desecration to the Holy Mother of God Incarnate.

Cheers to the Catholics who refused to be silent and for those demanding Pope Francis actually do something to the Bishops who once more failed to teach traditional Catholicism:

"The next week 80 Catholics sang hymns and prayed while thrash metal band Sadius Fiend drowned them out, with Te Papa's approval. A group of men dressed as nuns, calling themselves the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, handed out condoms.
The two groups were separated by barricades but a Catholic threw three punches unsuccessfully at the other side.
More arrests ensued, including a singer for obscene language, and a man who spat at a female Catholic protester and made "satanic hand gestures".
Politicians waded in on the debate, with National MP John Banks calling for solicitor-general John McGrath to prosecute Te Papa under a blasphemy section of the Crimes Act. McGrath refused.
Protest group Catholic Action spent $30,000 on full-page newspaper advertisements demanding the Pope sack New Zealand's 10 bishops for not pushing traditional Catholic teachings. A league of Catholic groups gathered 33,000 signatures by April demanding the show be canned, and Catholic organisations wrote to Cultural Affairs Minister Simon Upton, calling for Te Papa senior staff to be fired."

If the Pope has done or said anything about this, I have yet to hear about it or see it in the media.

Can you imagine what would have happened if this young "artist" had done the same thing against Islam?  I am guessing that "art" would NEVER have been allowed, but since its Catholic bashing, its open season.

Shame on them and God have mercy on them- they're gonna need it.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

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