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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Yahoo Editor Elizabeth Di Filippo makes an idiot of herself

Last week (March 22, 2019) a Catholic mother,  Maryann White, wrote an article to "The Observer" addressing women wearing leggings to a Catholic Basilica. She wrote this from a Catholic mother of four boys perspective, and she was spot on. I noticed other Catholics on social media comment on this story. This post is about an ignorant response to Maryann White's article by Yahoo's lifestyle editor Elizabeth Di Filippo. 

In the original article, "The Legging Problem" the concerned Catholic mother writes: 
"The emergence of leggings as pants some years ago baffled me. They’re such an unforgiving garment. Last fall, they obtruded painfully on my landscape. I was at Mass at the Basilica with my family. In front of us was a group of young women, all wearing very snug-fitting leggings and all wearing short-waisted tops (so that the lower body was uncovered except for the leggings). Some of them truly looked as though the leggings had been painted on them.
A world in which women continue to be depicted as “babes” by movies, video games, music videos, etc. makes it hard on Catholic mothers to teach their sons that women are someone’s daughters and sisters. That women should be viewed first as people — and all people should be considered with respect." 
"...  I wonder why no one thinks it’s strange that the fashion industry has caused women to voluntarily expose their nether regions in this way. I was ashamed for the young women at Mass. I thought of all the other men around and behind us who couldn’t help but see their behinds."

Any Catholic woman who thinks leggings are appropriate for a Basilica or Mass are either honestly uneducated or selfish, vain and completely self-centered. 

No grown woman is so clueless as to think wearing a garment that molds to every curve of the body is going to go unnoticed by males. Most women who wear tight clothes do it to seek attention. They like to show off their bodies like prostitutes showing off the goods for a price. 

Harsh? Too bad. 

I don't care how many feminist heads explode, women who dress to show off their bodies and draw attention to themselves in skimpy or tight clothes look like whores. 

There. I said it. 

Some feminist ding-bat over at Yahoo Canada Style, Elizabeth Di Filippo, thought she'd teach the Catholic mom a thing or two by tearing her apart on Yahoo Canada Style using the Bible. She failed big time. 

Filippo writes, "It’s not OK to police women’s clothing or suggest that the way a woman dresses invites or warrants male attention of any kind. Whether a woman wears leggings, jeans, shorts or a mini-skirt, the onus for any man’s behaviour rests 100 per cent on the man."

Filippo must be living under a rock to think what a woman wears doesn't "warrant male attention of any kind". The push-up bra wasn't created for comfort.

Seriously, what planet is she from? 

Filippo goes on, "I’ll extend White the courtesy of saying that her letter came from a “good place,” although the lens through which she expresses her feelings is flawed and most definitely anti-feminist. However, what irks me more is the perpetuation of the idea that a person’s faith somehow prohibits them from being a feminist."

Two things here, first the Catholic mother's feelings are not "flawed". She's one hundred percent right. We are NOT to tempt each other or cause another to fall into sin. Showing off our bodies IS a temptation to most because we are sexual beings. Women who dress provocatively are encouraging others to sin. Secondly, what decent Catholic woman wants the sort of "feminism" this woman is pushing? If feminism means painted on pants, skimpy skirts and low cut shirts all Catholic women should be "anti-feminist". 

I suspect Filippo is devoid of any Christian knowledge given her flawed statements and misuse of Scripture. She attempts to justify scandalous attire in Church with Sacred Scripture, all she does is crash and burn. 

Filippo quotes: 
“For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.” (Galatians 1:10)

Clearly, Filippo has no idea that Saint Paul is writing to the Galatians because they were falling away from the Gospel teaching they had been taught. Paul is reinforcing the Gospel and giving a warning not to listen to false religions that are causing confusion and evil among them. This has ZERO to do with what Filippo wrote. 

If Filippo wanted to see what the Bible teaches about proper clothing she should have looked to... 
1 Timothy 2:9-10  (NRSVCE) 
9 "also that the women should dress themselves modestly and decently in suitable clothing, not with their hair braided, or with gold, pearls, or expensive clothes, 10 but with good works, as is proper for women who profess reverence for God."
Leggings are neither "modest" nor "decently suitable clothing" for Church. 

But Filippo isn't finished making an idiot of herself by wrongly quoting the Sacred Scriptures...
"There’s also multiple references to looking past how someone appears (although no mention of leggings) including, 1 Samuel 16:7, “But the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”
This is too much! 😂 1 Samuel 16 is about finding who God wanted anointed as the next King after Saul's death!!

Samuel was looking over Jesse's offspring to find which one would become King. Each one was rejected one by one until Samuel asked Jesse if he had any other sons. There was one last son, the youngest who had been out tending sheep. This son was David. As soon as David appeared before Samuel, God told Samuel that David was the chosen one. So Samuel anointed David. 

This scripture has NOTHING to do with what Filippo applied it to. She is dead wrong again.

The problem (one of them anyway) with Filippo is that she is completely missing the point White is making because White is coming from a decent, God loving Catholic perspective and Filippo is coming from a fallen worldly perspective. 

While White correctly sees the error and sin in women objectifying themselves dressing immodestly, Filippo is completely blind to it. 

Filipoo is so blinded by her upside down ass backwards world view and to her own flaws she smugly finishes her diatribe with: 
"White has an opportunity now to humble herself and the ease in which she passes judgement and do some serious soul-searching for where her own ego and prejudice has taken liberties with her identity as a Catholic.
Work on yourself and what you believe. The rest of us will happily be wearing leggings, and be comfortable AF."
Filippo is completely unaware of how ridiculous and wrong she is. She doesn't even know basic Christian teachings yet she's placed herself as judge and jury against White- a practicing Catholic who clearly has been listening to Catholic teaching on modesty-and placed judgment on White.

Filippo is an idiot. Let's pray she doesn't stay one. 🙏

In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

Quote: 'We read also in Father Nieremberg that a noble lady, who was exceedingly pious, asked God to make known to her what displeased His Divine Majesty most in persons of her sex. The Lord vouchsafed in a miraculous manner to hear her. He opened under her eyes the Eternal Abyss.
There she saw a woman a prey to cruel torments and in her recognized one of her friends, a short time before deceased. This sight caused her as much astonishment as grief: the person whom she saw damned did not seem to her to have lived badly.
Then that unhappy soul said to her: "It is true that I practiced religion, but I was a slave of vanity. Ruled by the passion to please, I was not afraid to adopt indecent fashions to attract attention, and I kindled the fire of impurity in more than one heart. Ah! If Christian women knew how much immodesty in dress displeases God!" At the same moment, this unhappy soul was pierced by two fiery lances, and plunged into a caldron of liquid lead.' Source: Rev. F.X. Schouppe, S.J.[] 

Catholic Catechism

2522 Modesty protects the mystery of persons and their love. It encourages patience and moderation in loving relationships; it requires that the conditions for the definitive giving and commitment of man and woman to one another be fulfilled. Modesty is decency. It inspires one's choice of clothing. It keeps silence or reserve where there is evident risk of unhealthy curiosity. It is discreet.


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Ash Wednesday 2019

Greetings in Christ fellow Catholics!

Every Lent I pick a few new books to read, along with old favorites. This year (as with some years past) I am devoting my reading and prayers to the Poor Souls in Purgatory and the conversion of sinners. After having watched a weeks worth of EWTN's "Women of Grace" featuring the Catholic author Susan Tassone, I decided to read some of her books this year. 

1) "Praying with the Saints for the Holy Souls in Purgatory" 

2) "Day by Day for the Holy Souls in Purgatory" 

3) "St. Faustina Prayer Book for the Holy Souls in Purgatory" 

4) "St. Faustina Prayer Book for the Conversion of Sinners" 

Would love to hear from other Catholics what they are reading this Lenten season. 

God bless!

In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

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