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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Banning Children from Gay Pride Parades

**WARNING: Adult homosexual content – GRAPHIC GAY PRIDE PARADE PHOTOS**

Should children be banned from gay pride parades?


Before I start: To my sensitive readers I apologize if this post offends you (it offends me), but its something I have been struggling with voicing for a long time now.  To truly tell the story, I felt it was necessary to SHOW what is happening at these "pride" parades.  Sometimes words just aren't enough, and this was one of those times.  I debated writing this and sharing the images, but in the end, if it helps open the eyes of ANYONE who once supported these parades or if it pushes someone to action to ban children from gay pride parades then it is worth it to me.  I hope this article sparks a discussion on this subject at the very least.  We can't remain ostriches any longer, children are being harmed by these parades and someone needs to stand up for them.
Douay-Rheims Bible 
 "Open thy mouth for the dumb, and for the causes of all the children that pass."
[Proverbs 31:8]

In my opinion, Gay Pride parades are nothing more than public depravity and perverse sexuality celebrated in the streets.  These parades are vile, morally corrupt and completely EVIL.  Children should be protected (as well as adults) from the filth and depravity that goes on at gay pride parades across this country (and others).  Certainly NO Catholic (or any Christian) should participate or support this modern day Sodom and Gomorrah!  This is NOT about the "freedom" to BE homosexual.  This is about obscene public displays in front of children!

To the Catholics out there who think these parades are harmless I ask, have you SEEN what goes on at these parades?  The mainstream media won't show you the truth because they FEAR homosexual activists or being called "homophobic" if you say a single word against anything that occurs at these parades.  Don't believe me?  Do some image searches on Google or Bing put "pride parade" in the search engine or check out gay pride parade videos on Youtube - but make sure no children are around. Open your eyes to the horrors that are going on LEGALLY in our streets in front of our nations innocent children!

Some of the things that occur at these parades are SO OFFENSIVE AND DISTURBING that the media CANNOT legally show it on television!! Yet that doesn’t stop people from bringing their innocent children to these parades to witness and be corrupted by the depravity.

This is CHILD ABUSE and it needs to be BANNED

Who will go up against the pro-gay agenda and defend innocent children?  Which politicians are WILLING to say “NO MORE!” to this filth?

The United States desperately NEEDS moral people to stand up and say “NO MORE!” and put an end to these public displays of depravity.  I want to know who you are so I can support you and spread the news that YOU are willing to do what no one else has yet done- protect children from gay pride parades!

 “anyone violating indecency laws in front of children could be charged with a felony.
But gay activists fought back in the media because they WANT no limits on their public depravity. If you suggest toning it down you are “homophobic” or somehow depriving them of their “right” to be indecent and lewd in public.  They seem to LIKE debauchery and children watching them.  They do NOT want to be “family friendly” unless your family is depraved and into perverting children.
"To make the parade more `family friendly' and to accommodate comfort for the increasing number of attending heterosexuals and corporate sponsorship, participants are being asked to cover up!" activist Daniel Scott Cates wrote on his Facebook page. "The `queer' is effectively being erased from our pride celebration."
He sounds shocked that gay pride parade participants would be asked to "cover up" their exposed genitals in public! 
Another activist, Hardy Haderman, wrote an aggrieved column for the Dallas Voice, a weekly serving the gay community.
"The assimilationists insist we tone down and throw away all our joyous sexiness," he wrote. "Why? To do that turns the Pride Parade into a We-Are-Ashamed parade, and I refuse to be part of that."
And yet another gay activist demands he be a depraved and perverse in public in front of children as he wants to be…

Michael Diviesti of Austin, Texas – leader of the state branch of the gay-rights group GetEQUAL – said pride parades were in danger of losing their essential character.
"This is my celebration of myself," he said. "Why should I have to tone that down because someone else might be looking? It's like putting yourself back in a closet."
Right.  Again, another gay activist shocked to be asked to cover up erections, exposed genitals and graphic images in a public street.

Wouldn’t want to “lose their essential character” by shielding children and protecting them from perverts.
 “A gay father, Chase Lindberger, who recently married in Minnesota, said he and his husband had no qualms about taking their two young children to the Twin Cities Pride Parade this summer. "It's an important event for the community that my children are a part of," Lindberger said. "They see people being very dramatic and colorful, and I think that's wonderful."
Another good reason the Catholic Church does NOT support or allow gay adoptions- the corruption of innocent children is a GREAT SIN (Matthew 18).

So while Dallas, Texas is attempting to enforce stricter decency laws at these “gay pride” parades, what about other states?  What are children seeing when their parents (homosexual and heterosexual parents) drag them along to view the debauchery?

This is what innocent children are forced to witness in the United States at gay pride parades…


The following photos are from gay pride parades in New York, San Francisco, Portland, West Hollywood and Chicago.  Remember, there are CHILDREN watching these parades. 

*******WARNING: GRAPHIC*********

This child is clearly disturbed by what he is FORCED to witness!

So, where are the RIGHTS OF CHILDREN?

How is it that pornographic magazines in stores are RIGHTLY required to be out of reach of children and their covers covered to protect minors from seeing nudity, but yet gay pride parades are perfectly legal and children are allowed to participate and view the obscenity that is always part of these parades??

Why are decency laws, public lewdness laws, obscenity laws and yes, CHILD ABUSE laws NOT being enforced at gay pride parades?  Do such laws even still exist in these cities and states? 

What can any decent and moral citizen do to combat the debauchery filling our streets and help protect children from such obscenity?  We now have Girl Scouts marching IN these parades!


May God help us all.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner



  1. Thank you Joe, now if we can just find the right politicians to do what needs doing!!

    Pray hard for the protection of our children - and for all of us. NO ONE should witness these vile displays - it damages the soul.

    In Christ,

    Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

  2. Interesting how you justify banning gay couples from adoption based on an account of a gay man's trip to a parade with his child. I agree that much of the happenings should not be allowed and should be curbed. However, calling a pride parade evil is pretty laughable.

  3. I made a statement in the on-line Orgonian (portlands newspaper)

    it said: the gay parade offends me more than the confederate flag

    the O mgmt deleted that comment - the gays are nazis and will not stop until everyone is converted to their gay religion

    we need direct democracy so we can vote on banning these horrible acts in public

    or -- we need a website to out these freaks - so their bosses and co-workers can know what kind of dangerous sexual predators they have in the office.

  4. Hey, hey, . . . how do you like your chances? BWAHHH-hahahahahahaha.

  5. I was going right along with these remarks for the longest time. The beginning statements seemed so clean, moral, pristine and rational.Then suddenly it took a very sharp u-turn and the hate simmered to the top. I the actual rational and moral answer is somewhere in the middle but i've said this 1000 times now in virtually every topic or debate i've been involved in and it seems impossible for any of us to search for middle ground on anything. We're basically 2 groups of sheeple, those on the far right and those on the far left. It was designed that way just b4 they stripped apart a half decent education system so that very few are capable of critical thinking and so we'll simply argue and fight and sleep and get frustrated that it's all going to crud and no one has the ability to stop it.

  6. I... The pictures shown are distasteful, but so is the subject. A child should be no more banned from attending a sermon then a TACTFUL pride parade. Whilst I do not belong here, Catholic born, but hippie raised, the examples given are extreme, and, frankly, I wish I had no idea why you sought them, over others. I wear pants, as do all my compatriots. What you show Is fetish wear.

  7. yes I see where you come from but its such a wonderful celebration. Maybe not showing nudity would be better, I agree with you there but its such a fantastic celebration and has a lot of heart go into it. People want to show their pride. If jesus required you to do something similar, well most likely you would do it. So this is like another religion who has the freedom to express and show what they believe in. They said Jesus loves everyone but as society built on everyone became everyone whos not: gay, bi, trans, of another religion, different sexuality, having sex at an early age, etc. So why does society change these rules. I do see your point, 100%, maybe making it like a convention and hosting it in a convention center would be great. When someone wants them to "tone it down" theyre hurt by it. Parades are like Christmas for people. Its a holiday and it can be expressed through their views. Would you listen to someone who said "Tone it with you decorations or celebration" it would suck, so I do see that they should maybe have the option to cover up areas and MAYBE holding it in a convention center but being gay, is not a crime and should 110% be celebrated, just like Christmas.

  8. Thank you for your point of view about this devisive modern topic. I can appreciate your point of view, although I would disagree with your conclusions as to the effect attendance at a Pride Parade would have on children when accompanied by responsible parents.

    Regardless of my point of view or my disagreement with your point of view, I HEREBY DECLARE THAT YOU CEASE AND DESIST USAGE OF MY DAUGHTERS PICTURE/IMAGE AND ANY REFERENCE TO SAID IMAGE OR SAID CHILD that you have referenced at the top of your blog. You may have your point of view, but you are to NOT use the image of my child to propagate your personal opinion(s). She was in no way harmed or distressed in attending the 2013 Alan Ross Gay Pride Parade as you would like your readers to believe.

    I would hope that you realize that the extremes make the news. My wife and I are raising two well rounded and successful children. We do our best to protect them from the extremes of the modern world including the minority of Pride Parade participants that you describe to those that would condemn parents who love their children and strive to provide the best life for them but don't fit into your idea of a Utopian society. But we realize that at some point our children will encounter people who cannot see outside a label and will openly shun them and ostracize them because of who their parents are. People who are willing to sabotage and undermine our parenting and destabilize our children's future by casting fear and doubt because your point of view differs from ours.

    I hope you look into your heart and ask how you can positively impact a child's life rather than use them for negative propaganda.

    Again, to be clear, YOU ARE TO CEASE AND DESIST ANY AND ALL USAGE OF IMAGES AND REFERENCES TO MY DAUGHTER in your blog dated January 16, 2014 and entitled "Banning Children from Gay Pride Parades".

  9. I don't know which child you are referring to, but I am guessing it is the child featured in the Dallas News article?

    Shame on you! You are harming your child and your own soul.
    God help you if you don't repent.

    In Christ and praying for your child,

    Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

  10. I am homosexual myself and I attended pride parades and I as well agree with not allowing children to pride parades due to unfortunate amount of sexual content displayed during the events

    That being said I noticed you have many link,s but not the MAGIC one . after you file it on change . org email it to everyone and get donations as well to continue the fight( you will see how ) PLEASE send these petition votes to all state politicians after you collect them all ESPECIALLY CALIFORNIA . send it to me i will sign it . change .org is your platform you need check it out thoroughly ! ALSO KNOW YOU ARE DOING GOD,S WORK . U KNOW AS WELL AS I DO MAN SHOULD NOT LIE WITH MAN etc etc , and the reason these people have so many personality disorders is simple when you break God,s law you open the door for Demonic activity In plain English they have sexually Transmitted Demon,s . The world’s platform for change

  12. Hello Julie,

    I have commented on your anti-gay blogs before, and I will do it again

    While I agree that children should not be subjected to sexual acts/content...The way you word this is far too harsh and far too OPINIONATED.

    You have no clue what the kids were thinking and doing, you obviously weren't there. So why are you saying these things??

    There are plenty of homosexual Catholics and Christians, you are entitled to your opinion, but I pray that you find a more civil way to express it.

    We should not be shaming those that choose homosexuality, rather, we should fear those who worship the dark one, set your sights on something worth all of our time, please do not waste it here.

    God Bless You.

    -Anon 606


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