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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

EWTN takes on the Pope Francis problem

Kudos to EWTN!  It is refreshing to see EWTN addressing the scandalous statements made by Pope Francis that have caused so much confusion among the laity. Hearing this report from EWTN, a most trusted source for Catholics around the world is soothing. It means we aren't going crazy, the pope said some things that truly are bothersome and must be addressed honestly by Catholic media. I think Mother Angelica would be proud.

EWTN's National Catholic Register recently published an article by Msgr. Charles Pope on the confusing, hurtful and chaotic things Pope Francis has said, if you haven't read it yet, please do.  It's an excellent article. I am going to quote a few parts here that stood out to me.
quote(in part): I write these remarks simply as a parish priest. I am not a canonist and certainly not a reporter. I react simply as a priest to what has been reported all week, and write here the reaction of one man and priest—me.
First, it is reported that the Pope said pastors should not be “putting our noses into the moral life of other people.”
Permit me to state my utter bewilderment at such a notion. As a priest, and especially as a confessor and spiritual director this is my duty! It is true that I am not to unnecessarily pry into the private lives of parishioners. But surely there is a requirement that as a confessor and a pastor I have some sense of the moral life of those to whom I minister.
quote(in part): But it is beyond lamentable that the Pope, as initially reported, should have called priests (or any human being for that matter) “animals.” Such a word should never have come out of his mouth, and I would hope for an apology for this offensive characterization, not merely a Vatican “clarification.” I certainly have some differences with brother priests, I would call my differences with dissenting priests significant. But this does not permit me to call them animals, and the Pope, who seems to have done so, has no business doing it either. Admittedly the recorded comments are hard to follow, but the cleansed Vatican transcript is more in the mode of “Let’s pretend this was never said as recorded” rather than a clear denial—“The Pope wants to say he not consider priest animals, even though he thinks some are too hard-lined on this matter.”
It will be admitted that Pope Gregory (in his Pastoral Rule) once said that silent priests who failed to rebuke sinners were like “dumb dogs that cannot bark.” But he was using a metaphor, and quoting Scripture. He did not univocally call them dogs, he said they were “like” or in the mode of dumb dogs that cannot warn of danger. But there is nothing in this recent Pope’s comments that suggests metaphor or simile. He just outright called priests whose prudential judgments he doubts “animals”. “They’re animals” he said.
I pray that never again will we hear reported such a rude and unnecessary remark from this pope or any pope. No human person should be called an animal by a pope or any anyone, for that matter. Metaphors and similes have their place in human discourse, but to univocally call a fellow human being and animal is out of line.
quote(in part): Please, Holy Father: Enough of these ad hoc, off-the-cuff, impromptu sessions, whether at thirty thousand feet or at ground level. Much harm through confusion has been caused by these latest remarks on marriage, cohabitation, baptism, confession, and pastoral practice. Simply cleaning the record in the official transcript is not enough; this is an era of instant reportage and lots of recording devices, tweets, and Instagrams.
Just this priest’s perspective. But I can assure you, dear reader, that the impact hits priests hard, and I cannot deny a certain weariness and discouragement at this point. I realize that such remarks of the Pope are not doctrinal, but just try and tell that to gleeful dissenters and the morally confused or misled in this world.
Please read the entire article at EWTN's National Catholic Register.

It didn't stop there, EWTN's Raymond Arroyo gathered together his "papal posse" to address the problems with what Pope Francis has been saying.

I think Raymond's interview taking on these scandalous statements by Pope Francis was excellent. No head in the sand, pretending to be ostriches and no excuses. What the Pope has said is WRONG. Period. 

There was a particular story Raymond tells about a friend who heard the Pope's words on shacking up in fornication and wanted a Catholic priest to "bless" his fornication because that is what he heard the Pope say. This confusion has spread around the world and the Vatican hasn't cleaned it up-yet (I believe they will).

It is extremely bothersome to me (and I am guessing many others) that every time Francis speaks his mind, the Vatican has to jump up and say "Wait a minute! The Pope didn't mean that, he meant...".  I thank God that the Church is always there to correct the Pope, but I think its horrendous that this has to happen every time Francis speaks his mind. We are seeing what Pope Francis truly believes- and it doesn't match authentic Catholic teaching.  This is a problem. 

Great work EWTN for facing this problem and not pretending it doesn't exist.

God bless! 

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


Monday, June 27, 2016

Catholic bloggers get chastised by Church Militant

The pope spoke from his heart (A.K.A. "off-the-cuff" as opposed to pre-approved Vatican speeches) on a plane, and the usual chaos, confusion and mayhem ensued. From apologizing to gays for "offending them" with the faith, to calling priests "animals" the chaos continues. 

Most Catholics are used to this by now, we don't like it, but it is to be expected coming from Francis.  No surprise, just disappointment.

So Catholic media outlets (clergy and laity) opine their opinions, thoughts and feelings on what Francis has just said or done.  That's the point of opinion editorials, blogs, etc. 

For example: 

1) EWTN National Catholic Register (Msgr. Charles Pope): One Priest’s Concern About Recent Remarks by the Pope (*recommend)

2) LifeSiteNews: Pope Francis misrepresents the Catechism on homosexuality

3) The Catholic Thing: Francis Fatigue

4) Hilary White: Ho hum… another plane presser, another “SHOCK!! HORROR!!!”

5) Creative Minority Report: Ugh. What Did Pope Francis Say Now?

6) OnePeterFive: Pope Francis Doubles Down on “Who am I to Judge?”

7)  Re-Store DC Catholicism: From The Flighty Interview Department: Pope Says Christians Should Apologize To Gays For Not Coddling Them

8) Vox Cantoris: Jorge Bergoglio - You are a malefactor and unfit as Vicar of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for what it is worth, I denounce you!

9) Catholic Family News (J.Vennari): The Last Straw: Pope Says Christians should apologize for helping to marginalize gays

10) And my own post: Pope Francis on another plane answering questions...what could go wrong?

Today Church Militant has decided to teach us all a lesson in the First Cardinal Virtue: Prudence.  (*Note: No Catholic blog/website was called out by name by anyone on the panel*)  And to be clear about where I stand with Church Militant, I absolutely love CM's The Download and I respect the folks at Church Militant even when I disagree with them. Today is just one of those days. 

The first part of their show was very good, it was at about the 9:00 mark that things changed.  Christine Niles began by pointing out how lacking so many Catholic bloggers and Catholic website owners are in prudence because we don't wait (like CM) for the Vatican to clear up and clean up Pope Francis' statements.  

She says "there is a lot of zeal out there, but very little prudence" and "these Catholics are totally lacking in prudence"..."they don't wait until the dust settles to see, well does the pope change what he...correct himself", though she made it clear she believes we are "orthodox Catholics" and we "care about the Faith".  Michael excuses the pope by saying "he's a man and can make all kinds of goofs". 

Really Michael, "goofs"?  :/ 

The panel then moved on to question Catholic bloggers, asking what is your goal in having a blog?  They say they assume Catholic bloggers blog to share the Faith, but they question some Catholic bloggers intent because we "place doubt" in peoples minds about the pope. 

Some do have blogs to share the Faith.  Others just want to share thoughts and opinions on things- including the pope.  And still others just want to vent and there are probably many other reasons a Catholic creates a Catholic blog. 

Personally, I created this blog to battle the lies told about the Catholic Church and the Faith (see HERE and HERE and HERE).  Because I was a convert and once believe these falsehoods I wanted to be a voice out there telling people (protestants mostly because I came out of that) the Truth.  

And I think I still do that, but what I didn't expect when I began this blog was that I would be continually scandalized by Catholic clergy!  So my blog expanded to not only share the Catholic faith, but also to point out the errors that some clergy were clearly promoting (see HERE and HERE and HERE). 

Now here is where the irony sets in.  This is exactly what Michael Voris went through when he began his apostolate!  He's told the story many times.  Voris started out wanting to share the Catholic faith and teach people, but quickly he discovered corruption and errors and generally a mess inside the Church, so his apostolate evolved to exposing these stories- hence his motto "The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed".  

So while CM refuses to publicly criticize a sitting pope (I respect their right to draw the line for their apostolate where ever they want) many other Catholic media outlets and blogs don't hold that same view. 

And for that, I guess we are labelled "totally lacking in prudence". 

If that is CM's opinion, that is fine with me.  We see things differently when it comes to the pope. 

In fact, I would say it is Pope Francis who needs the lesson in prudence... 
2088 The first commandment requires us to nourish and protect our faith with prudence and vigilance, and to reject everything that is opposed to it. There are various ways of sinning against faith:Voluntary doubt about the faith disregards or refuses to hold as true what God has revealed and the Church proposes for belief. Involuntary doubt refers to hesitation in believing, difficulty in overcoming objections connected with the faith, or also anxiety aroused by its obscurity. If deliberately cultivated doubt can lead to spiritual blindness. [Catholic Catechism]
I guess you could say I also take my cues from some very wonderful Saints in the Church, like St. Robert Bellarmine.   

I honestly believe Pope Francis (and yes, as Hilary White wrote at The Remnant, he is our valid pope unless a future pope says differently: more on that HERE) is "a Ponfiff who attacks the body" and is in fact trying "to destroy the Church" with his bizarre proclamations- I really don't think I need to list them again.  I believe what Francis truly believes and thinks is what we get when he speaks "off-the-cuff", everything else is pre-written and pre-approved by the Vatican for him to say to make sure he says something authentic and orthodox.

That said, I want to be clear, I do NOT like having these thoughts, opinions and views on the pope.  I hate it. I want so much to love and trust this pope, but I do not.  And the sad truth is, I didn't from the moment he walked out on the balcony.  I knew nothing about him at all, but felt...something wrong from day one- my friends were very upset with me for daring to voice my unease about this pope- but that is another story for another time.  That first Holy Week, and those that followed, just reaffirmed my discontent with this pope and it continues today. 

I pray for the pope and I hope that one day I won't feel like this, but right now I do.  And I will use my Catholic blog to share not only the authentic Catholic Faith, but also my opinions and feelings on this (and any other) pope- even if that makes me "totally lacking in prudence". 

May God bless us all and give us strength.

In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

Catholic Catechism: Prudence

1788 To this purpose, man strives to interpret the data of experience and the signs of the times assisted by the virtue of prudence, by the advice of competent people, and by the help of the Holy Spirit and his gifts.

1806 Prudence is the virtue that disposes practical reason to discern our true good in every circumstance and to choose the right means of achieving it; "the prudent man looks where he is going." 65 "Keep sane and sober for your prayers." 66 Prudence is "right reason in action," writes St. Thomas Aquinas, following Aristotle. 67 It is not to be confused with timidity or fear, nor with duplicity or dissimulation. It is called auriga virtutum (the charioteer of the virtues); it guides the other virtues by setting rule and measure. It is prudence that immediately guides the judgment of conscience. The prudent man determines and directs his conduct in accordance with this judgment. With the help of this virtue we apply moral principles to particular cases without error and overcome doubts about the good to achieve and the evil to avoid.

1834 The human virtues are stable dispositions of the intellect and the will that govern our acts, order our passions, and guide our conduct in accordance with reason and faith. They can be grouped around the four cardinal virtues: prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance.

1835 Prudence disposes the practical reason to discern, in every circumstance, our true good and to choose the right means for achieving it.

Church Militant's The Download link:

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pope Francis on another plane answering questions...what could go wrong?

Quote: In an hour-long conversation with reporters on the plane taking him back to Rome from Armenia,the pontiff was asked if he agreed with recent comments by a German Roman Catholic cardinal that the Church should apologise to gay people.
The pope recalled Church teachings, saying: “[Gay people] should not be discriminated against. They should be respected, accompanied pastorally.
“I think that the Church not only should apologise … to a gay person whom it offended but it must also apologise to the poor as well, to the women who have been exploited, to children who have been exploited by (being forced to) work. It must apologise for having blessed so many weapons.”

How exactly has the Church "offended" gays?  By stating Catholic teaching?  
2357 Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex. It has taken a great variety of forms through the centuries and in different cultures. Its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained. Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, 141 tradition has always declared that "homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered." 142 They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.
2359 Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection.

Too freaking bad! 

I think I have a better idea Holy Father... 

How about the gays apologize to Catholics for pushing their wicked, abominations on us and our families in politics, schools and work places? 

How about these homosexuals apologize to us for demanding we bake them cakes, photograph them and do their flower arrangements for their abominable homosexual unions they are call "marriage"?  

How about they apologize to us for suing us when Christians don't want to cooperate with such evil?  

How about we tell these prideful gays what the Saints have to say about homosexuals in sexual relationships? 

How about that Holy Father?

*On a side note, I am very interested to see which Catholic media outlets do as the pope says and offer apologies to the gays they may have offended and ask for forgiveness from these gays. 

Who will do as the pope asks?  EWTN? Catholic Answers? Catholic Digest? Church Militant? Aleteia? Our Sunday Visitor? Patheos? The Remnant?  The Wanderer? Catholic365? Will any Catholic media outlet offer an apology? (vote in my sidebar poll)

In Christ and NOT apologizing for my Faith, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Song sung at Vatican: "bend over, let us see you shake your tail feathers"

I'll let this speak for its self...

*note the 2:23 mark

Nothing like hearing "bend over, let us see you shake your tail feathers" sung at the Vatican for our Holy Father who then tells them "you are doing great things".  

Hey, I'm all for wanting people to smile, but where is the DIGNITY and REVERENCE once known to the Vatican?  

I expect better from Christ's Holy Catholic Church.  Perhaps I have my standards set too high for this papacy.

God give me strength. 

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Can't say it better than Christopher Ferrara

I read a very good article today, by Christopher Ferrara over at Fatima Network.

Since I can't possibly say it any better than Mr. Ferrara, I will simply offer a quote (emphasis mine) and link to the full article.  

quote: "It seems that Pope Francis is determined to be more and more provocative with each passing week, as if to reveal deeper and deeper layers of what appears to be a liberal, seventies-era Latin American Jesuit’s constitutional disdain for the supposed “rigidity” of orthodox Catholicism. 
By now the whole world knows that on June 14, during his customary rambling remarks, this time at a “pastoral conference” at Saint John Lateran, Francis declared that “the great majority of our sacramental marriages are null” because the spouses “don’t know what they say” when they say “Yes, for life.” He also dropped the bomb that in his view couples in the countryside of northeast Argentina who cohabit out of the husband’s superstitious fear of marriage vows, avoiding Catholic nuptials until they are grandparents, have “a true marriage, they have the grace precisely of marriage, because of the fidelity they have.”
In other words, according to Francis, it is quite literally the case that among Catholics most marriages are not really marriages, whereas many non-marriages are.  With these remarks, Francis simultaneously undermines confidence in Holy Matrimony while legitimating unholy relationships which the Church, following Our Lord Himself, can only view as adultery or simple fornication. The Vatican’s frantic post-conference “correction” of the transcript of Francis’ remarks changes “great majority” to “a part,” but it leaves unchanged Francis’ mind-boggling and really quite nonsensical assertion that cohabiting couples afraid to marry can have a “true marriage.”
Changing the transcript of this particular outburst of heterodoxy does not change what Francis actually believes. For as he declared without correction in September 2015, during the flight back to Rome from the “beach party Mass” in Rio (citing his predecessor as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Quarracino): “half of all marriages are null…. Why? Because they are married without maturity, they get married without realizing that it’s for an entire lifetime, or they are married because socially they must get married.”  That is what Francis really thinks." [end quote]

Please read the full article HERE.  Mr. Ferrara is spot on. 

In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pope Francis Voter Guide 2016 elections

Just what we need, another progressive voter guide for liberals to push their anti-Catholic agenda's on stupid Catholics voting in this years Presidential election. 

This "guide" is a little different from the previous progressive "Catholic" guide because it is using Pope Francis as its source for [get this] "…a new community with new rules is established…hierarchies are subverted, concentrated power is decentralized, and prodigal children are welcomed home." 

Oh yes!  Out with the old (2,000+ years of Catholic teaching) and in with the new!  New things like the mortal sins of abortion and euthanasia are now equal with being poor!  Imagine that? Being poor is now a sin! 

**(On a side note: this reminds me of another article I highly recommend all my readers read on Pope Francis' latest comment that Jesus was stained with sin- click HERE to read)

Here is a quote from the Pope Francis Voter Guide:
quote: "In this new place of mercy, the last are first, the poor are blessed, and enemies are loved. Black lives matter here. LGBTQ lives matter here; and so too do the lives of refugees, the imprisoned, the unborn, and anyone else who suffers dehumanization, exclusion, and injustice…. Today, human dignity and life is degraded by racism, violence, abortion, war, the death penalty, euthanasia, human trafficking, torture, environmental damage, and poverty." 
To read more of this rubbish, go HERE

Just wondering...does Pope Francis approve of his name being used on a progressive Catholic voter guide that places abortion on the same level as "environmental damage and poverty"?  Again, just when did being poor become a sin? 

Will the Pope tell these progressives to "stop" or will he continue to allow them to use his name for such scandal?

In Christ,

Julie @Connecticut Catholic Corner 


Jesus stained by sin:

Friday, June 17, 2016

How do you stop a pope who has gone off the rails?

"If the faith is in imminent peril, prelates ought to be accused by their subjects, even in public." -St. Thomas Aquinas 

How do we stop a pope who has clearly (for a while now) gone off the rails? 

No, seriously.  What do we do?  Sit by and watch as Pope Francis continues the downward spiral of spouting heretical ideology that is causing chaos and mass confusion in the world?

We do nothing?  Just stand by and watch people go to hell with a helping hand from the Vicar of Christ? 

How long do we keep saying "He hasn't officially changed Church teaching" to comfort ourselves when we've got a pope saying things like fornicators have "real marriages" because of their "fidelity to each other"? 
Quote: He [Pope Francis] said that in Argentina’s northeast countryside, couples have a child and live together. They have a civil wedding when the child goes to school, and when they become grandparents they “get married religiously.”
“It’s a superstition, because marriage frightens the husband. It’s a superstition we have to overcome,” the Pope said. “I’ve seen a lot of fidelity in these cohabitations, and I am sure that this is a real marriage, they have the grace of a real marriage because of their fidelity, but there are local superstitions, etc.”

When did fidelity fornication become sinless?  Is this not a "new teaching" by a Catholic pope?  How many people living in the mortal sin of cohabitation will now not even consider an actual valid marriage because Pope Francis has just made this latest SCANDALOUS statement?

So go ahead and fornicate folks, if you are loyal to each other Pope Francis "is sure" you have a "real marriage" even though you've never gotten married.  Pope Francis has just redefined the word "fornicator". 

Can the rest of the Catholic world now call Pope Francis' ideology heresy? 

What else will it take before we collectively call a spade a spade? 

When our first pope, Saint Peter was wrong about his treatment of the Gentile converts nearly everyone was silent.  It seemed no one was willing to step up and tell the pope he was wrong- then Saint Paul stood up and opened his mouth and corrected Saint Peter.  Peter accepted the correction and world didn't end.  Should it be any different today? 

I don't have to list all the things this pope has said and done over the last few years - you all know what I am talking about.

Is there no one at the Vatican willing to correct Pope Francis?  No one? No backbones to be found among the clergy?  What a disgrace!

Is it to fall to the laity here and there around the world, whom the pope probably doesn't hear and wouldn't listen to anyway, to speak up?

I know everyone sees it - including clergy, too many simply will not tell the truth about what we all see happening. 

Shame on you for your silence, souls are being lost and you sit by and do nothing to stop it!

In Christ and weeping, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


Catholic Church teaching (before Pope Francis): 


2353 Fornication is carnal union between an unmarried man and an unmarried woman. It is gravely contrary to the dignity of persons and of human sexuality which is naturally ordered to the good of spouses and the generation and education of children. Moreover, it is a grave scandal when there is corruption of the young.

2396 Among the sins gravely contrary to chastity are masturbation, fornication, pornography, and homosexual practices.

Fox News article asking for Pope Francis to resign:

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Diocese of San Jose video

Anyone else think this video shouldn't be on the Diocese of San Jose, CA's website because its misleading?

(*note what is said at the 1:33 point*) 

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Catholic Priest doesn't like Catholic teaching on sin

Father Michael Crisostomo
Here we ago again, with yet another Catholic priest who says the Catholic Church is "hurtful" to people (specifically homosexuals) because the Church teaches that homosexual acts are sinful and that there is such a thing as "damnation". 

He states he simply does not like Catholic parishes that talk about "damnation and that homosexuality is a sin".  It's "hurtful" for the laity to hear about such things, in his opinion. I have to wonder what exactly does he say in his homilies that never mention sin or damnation? 

So after hearing about the shooting in Orlando, Florida at the gay nightclub, Father Michael Crisostomo (A.K.A. "Pale Mike" and nominee for the 2016 Lumen Christi Award) along with the local LGBT groups and "Miss Pacificana Guam" (transgender) will work together to promote a vigil Mass for the LGBT community - making sure not to mention sin or the Church's authentic teaching on homosexuality so no one is offended or hurt by Catholic teaching at a Catholic Mass. (Where is the worry for souls being lost?)

Quote: "Crisostomo acknowledged that many members of the LGBT community have strayed from the church because of its anti-gay teachings. While he has personally reached out to many of them, he said he doesn’t blame them for not coming to the church they were baptized in.
It is hurtful when you hear a parish talk about damnation and that homosexuality is a sin,” he said.
His hope is that the church can rebuild and regain the credibility of the church.
“Many of them feel a separation and many of them even feel a rejection,” he said. “These are words many of them share with me, that they’ve been rejected by the church and I acknowledge that.” [end]

Anyone else wondering why our Catholic priests are apologizing for God's Laws? 

If Father Pale Mike doesn't like the Catholic parishes speaking about "damnation and that homosexuality is a sin" what's he doing as a priest in the Holy Catholic Church? 

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


Monday, June 13, 2016

Catholic Bishop blames Catholic Faith for Orlando shooting

I can't believe I am even seeing this, let alone writing a post on it. 

Florida Bishop Robert Lynch, wrote a blog post today entitled "Orlando, Orlando, we love you" and then he went on to say that the Catholic Faith is to blame for a radical Muslim terrorist killing 49 gays in a gay bar because Catholicism "targets" homosexuals. 

quote:   "Second, sadly it is religion, including our own, which targets, mostly verbally, and also often breeds contempt for gays, lesbians and transgender people. Attacks today on LGBT men and women often plant the seed of contempt, then hatred, which can ultimately lead to violence. Those women and men who were mowed down early yesterday morning were all made in the image and likeness of God. We teach that. We should believe that. We must stand for that. Without yet knowing who perpetrated the PULSE mass murders, when I saw the Imam come forward at a press conference yesterday morning, I knew that somewhere in the story there would be a search to find religious roots. While deranged people do senseless things, all of us observe, judge and act from some kind of religious background. Singling out people for victimization because of their religion, their sexual orientation, their nationality must be offensive to God’s ears. It has to stop also." [end] 
How does such a man become a Bishop? 

The statements by the Church and the teachings on homosexuality in our catechism do NOT "target" homosexuals to be gunned down or hated. 

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


What's up with the Daughters of Isabella Catholic women's organization?

Some things I just don't understand.  This is one of them.

Why would a Catholic organization... 

...want to use this image on their Twitter page? 

Yeah, that is protestant televangelist Joel Osteen who believes in more heresies that Martin Luther did! 

I just don't get it.  Did Catholics suddenly run out of Catholic Saints for role models and inspiration? 

Come on ladies of the Daughters of Isabella, you can do much better than that! 

If you're a Catholic organization you can certainly do better than protestant televangelist Joel Osteen who rejects authentic Catholicism and promotes heretical beliefs contrary to the Catholic Faith. 

The Catholic Church has a rich history of amazing Saints, try one of them for your social media outlets.

The "Daughters of Isabella" apparently support gay unions/'marriage' (note the "love wins" hash tag with rainbow heart- this is the hashtag for "gay marriage" something the Catholic Church opposes): 

For those who call themselves "Catholic"...

In Christ and baffled, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Florida Iman: Out of compassion lets get rid of [gays] now

Politico decided to point fingers at Trump making him the center of the tragic shooting overnight in Florida...

...instead of the real center of these types of terrorist attacks.  Radical Islam.

In April, a Florida Iman spoke to a group of Muslim's telling them that "death is the only sentence" for LBGT people.  That it is "out of compassion" that Muslims must kill gays. This IS their teaching...

Why is THAT not the story here? You have a religious leader in Florida calling for the murder of gay people as the Muslim "death sentence" for gays and the media basically ignores it, but jumps on Trump for seeing radical Islam as the threat it is.  

Only liberals could be so blind.

Trump's twitter responses to the Florida shootings were spot on...

When people on Twitter began congratulating him for his insight into ISIS coming to the United States with lone wolf attacks, Trump responded with...


In Christ praying for the victims & their families,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 



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