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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Long Island Medium (Theresa Caputo) works for Satan

She’s charming, she’s whacky, and she’s got funny hair and crazy fingernails- she’s also working for the devil.
Sound harsh?  Good.

Theresa Caputo
Theresa Caputo, AKA “The Long Island Medium” seen weekly on the TLC cable channel, is the devil’s own Pied Piper leading people along the devil’s path.  Does she know it?  Probably not, but she should. 
Caputo is a psychic- yes they do exist.  I am not talking about the “Miss Cleo” types who randomly make up anything to make a billion (yes, that’s right) dollars.  I am talking about the psychics who actually do see and hear things.  They exist.  The trouble is not that they see and hear things per se (many Saints had that gift), it’s who is behind what they see and hear and the fact that Caputo does not have the discernment to know its evil.
What do I mean by ‘evil’?  I mean anything that is against God’s Will is evil.  You might be a fan of Caputo’s who watches the shows and say to me: “She helps people by making them feel better!”   I bet a lot of pot smokers out there would tell you the same thing about pot – yet it would remain damaging to your lungs no matter how good it might make a person feel.
Associating with psychics is damaging to a person’s soul.   It jeopardizes a person’s salvation.  How?
First of all, what Caputo is teaching from her television show is heretical to Catholic teaching- to ALL Christian teaching. 
Sunday, May 26th, the “Long Island Medium” told her audience that she had lived past lives when she went into a ‘past life regression’ session to find out why she was ‘chosen’ to be a psychic.  Any Christian worth their salt will tell you the bible flat out refutes ‘reincarnation’ completely…
Hebrews 9:27  And just as it is appointed for men to die once, and after that comes judgment"

In another episode, Caputo told a woman her dead daughter’s soul was now “reborn” into the body of her newest grandchild.  Poppycock!
Reincarnation comes from Eastern religions like Buddhism- it is a heresy to ALL Christian groups, Catholic and Protestant alike.  A person is ONE soul and ONE body together.  A person dies when the soul separates from the body.  The Resurrection is about the soul reuniting with the body for eternity- in Heaven or Hell, at Judgment Day.
That is the basis of Christian belief in the Resurrection (yes, some Christians believe in ‘soul sleep’ but that is for another discussion).  The “Resurrection of the Body” is not about an animated corpse because the soul has now been placed into yet another body and another and another.  There is ONE soul for ONE body.  That’s it.  Period.
So what about Caputo’s “gift”?  Is she making it all up?  Is it a hoax?  Why is it wrong to hear what a psychic has to say if it makes you feel better?
It’s the devil’s path.  The spirit world exists; there is no doubt about it.  Christians know there is life after death- heaven or hell, are our final destinations, its one or the other for eternity (Matt. 25:46).  We know there are angels and demons.  We know there are people in Purgatory.  Some people can see them – numerous Saints have seen them and wrote about them – they are often called ‘ghosts’. 
St. Bernard, in his life of St. Malachy shares this case…
     This saint relates that one day he saw his sister, who had been dead for some time.  She was doing her purgatory in a cemetery.  On account of her vanity and the attention she had devoted to her hair and body, she had been sentenced to live in the very grave where she had been buried, and to witness the dissolution of her body.  The saint offered the Sacrifice of the Mass for her for thirty days; at the end of this period he saw his sister again.  This time she had been sentenced to complete her purgatory at the gate of the church, doubtless because of her irreverent demeanor in the holy place; perhaps she had distracted the faithful from the Sacred Mysteries in order to draw eyes and appreciation to herself.  She was exceedingly sad, wearing a mourning veil, and was in extreme anguish.  The saint offered the Sacrifice once more for thirty days, and she appeared to him for the last time in the sanctuary, with unruffled countenance, radiant in a white robe.  The Bishop knew by this sign that his sister had gained her deliverance.”  [Source:  “The End of the Present World”, written by Father Charles Arminjon.  Page 153]
Even Jesus Christ was mistaken for a ghost, not once but twice in scripture.
Matt. 14:26 “When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. “It’s a ghost,” they said, and cried out in fear.”
Luke 24:39 “Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself! Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have.”

Here in Luke 24, Jesus clarifies that ghosts do not have bodies, they are spirit only.  He tells them He still has his body.  The body and soul are RESURRECTED together.  This is as it will be for all of us.  ONE body and ONE soul.
What psychics are doing is allowing (encouraging) their “spirit guides” (as Caputo and others call them) to show them things and let them hear things.  These “spirit guides” are demonic.  Guardian Angels from God would NOT direct people to believe in heresy, nor would they direct people to go against the Word of God in Scripture or against Church teaching.  The “angels” who do this are FALLEN angels- demons.  They WANT people to be deceived and to believe in the devils powers, this is how they win souls for hell.
The devil has power – for now.  And he uses it to deceive, trick and lead people away from God and the Truth of Christianity.  This is where Caputo is leading people astray.  She’s been deceived by the devil and her “spirit guide” to go AGAINST the Word of God.  She’s been deceived into believing she’s lived passed lives. 

The demons (AKA "spirit guides") are showing her these things and she’s fallen for their deception hook, line and sinker.  She actually thinks what the demons show her, are lives her soul has lived in the past- no such thing!  She’s been deceived and she is spreading that deception to others.  A quick look at her "Long Island Medium" Facebook page shows the horrid ripple effect of her deception spreading worldwide to ignorant people.  People pleading with her to please contact the dead for them.  It's retched.
I don’t doubt that Caputo and others like her actually believe what they are doing is ‘good’ and even helpful to people, but it’s not.  Her "well intentions" aren't really helping anyone, it's harming people.  It is jeopardizing the souls of thousands of people.  It is deceiving people from the Truth, into heresy and perhaps even into occult and demonic practices. How?  This stuff is addicting.  It’s like a drug. People go to one psychic then another, then another.  They begin to want to see what they can do, so they play with Tarot Cards or Spirit boards (Ouija board) and CALL “spirits” to them.  The spirits who answer are demonic.
The devil doesn’t show himself as gruesome with horns, hooves and forked tail – who would listen to or follow that?!  The devil appears as “an angel of light” according to the Bible.  This is how he tricks people.
2 Corinthians 11:13-15
Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSVCE)
 13 “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 15 So it is not strange if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.”

Now who does that sound like to you? 

In the book “An Exorcist Tells His Story”, Father Gabriele Amorth, an exorcist priest in the Catholic Church tells about the power of the devil and exorcism’s he performed to release people from the power of the devil.  On pages 40 and 41, Father Amorth shares a story of a witness who calls himself “Erasmus of Bari” (as published in the magazine “Rinnovamento dello Spirito” in September 1987).  Erasmus of Bari tells how he was given gifts that he at first thought were from God- amazing gifts.  

The gift of [page 40 – direct quote] “clairvoyance, mind reading, medical diagnosing, reading of hearts and lives of people both living and dead, and other powers.  A few months later I received another faculty; the ability to take away pain merely by the imposition of hands.  I could eliminate or alleviate any sort of suffering…”  

He goes on to say that he knew it was off because it wasn’t from God.  He wasn’t living a changed life for God.  He was “quick to anger, slow in pardoning, easily resentful, and given to take offense at nothing.”  Realizing he wasn’t being gifted by God with abilities, he knew the only other source was the devil himself.  His “gifts” were not divine from God to do ‘good’ but rather diabolical and from Satan!  He'd been deceived!  As soon as he was prayed over and asked God for help the “gifts” disappeared.
Now how many people would think the devil would “do good” by giving gifts to take away people’s suffering?  This is the deception!  This is what the Bible means when it says the devil APPEARS as an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:14).  It’s a deception and people need to be ALERT all the time.
Caputo probably honestly believes she is doing good (see her Facebook page) and that God gave her this “gift” – she is wrong just as “Erasmus of Bari” was wrong.
Don’t be deceived by psychics who themselves are deceived.  Some psychics are in it for the money (Miss Cleo), some for the fame (Sylvia Browne) and others like Caputo who seem to believe they are helping people, but what they are all doing is spreading deception and doing the devil's work.
Don’t be led down the devils path by anyone.  Trust in God.  Don’t go looking for answers from anywhere else.  God loves you, all of you, even the psychics and He wants you to reject the temptations of the devil and put all our trust in Him.  You don’t need to contact anyone dead.  You’re alive, live that life for God so that one day you will be resurrected, body and soul together for eternity in heaven.

Pray for Theresa Caputo, others like her and all who've fallen for the devil's trap.  Most of these people are GOOD people who have been deceived, don't hate on them, just love them, pray for them and TEACH them the Truth before it's too late.  And please, please, please DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS WATCH THIS STUFF!

God bless.


Catholic Catechism: #2115 God can reveal the future to his prophets or to other saints. Still, a sound Christian attitude consists in putting oneself confidently into the hands of Providence for whatever concerns the 305 future, and giving up all unhealthy curiosity about it. Improvidence, however, can constitute a lack of responsibility.

Catholic Catechism: #2116 All forms of divination are to be rejected: recourse to Satan or demons, conjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to "unveil" the future.[48] Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance, and recourse to mediums all conceal a desire for power over time, history, and, in the last analysis, other human beings, as well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers. They contradict the honor, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God alone.

Catholic Catechism: #2117 All practices of magic or sorcery, by which one attempts to tame occult powers, so as to place them at one's service and have a supernatural power over others - even if this were for the sake of restoring their health - are gravely contrary to the virtue of religion. These practices are even more to be condemned when accompanied by the intention of harming someone, or when they have recourse to the intervention of demons. Wearing charms is also reprehensible. Spiritism often implies divination or magical practices; the Church for her part warns the faithful against it. Recourse to so-called traditional cures does not justify either the invocation of evil powers or the exploitation of another's credulity.

Catholic Catechism: #1013    Death is the end of man’s earthly pilgrimage, of the time of grace and mercy which God offers him so as to work out his earthly life in keeping with the divine plan, and to decide his ultimate destiny. When “the single course of our earthly life” is completed,586 we shall not return to other earthly lives: “It is appointed for men to die once.”587 There is no “reincarnation” after death.

***Theresa Caputo photo found on Google Images from:

Thursday, May 23, 2013

EWTN Press Release: Honoring Our Military

EWTN: Honoring Our Military

Sisters With A Record Topping Music CD, Catholic Summer Reading Picks, The Saint Who Sheltered Persecuted Priests & More

Irondale, AL – Music like “nun” other! Host Fr. Mitch Pacwa chats with Guests Kevin and Monica Fitzgibbons, who are presenting the latest CD “Angels and Saints at Ephesus,” from the chart topping Benedictine Sisters of Mary, Queen of Apostles.  Keep your eyes (and  ears) open for  “EWTN Live!” Airs 8 p.m. ET, Wednesday, May 22. If you like what you hear, you can purchase the Sisters’ CD from EWTN Religious Catalogue here:
Be sure to salute our guest, Fr. Brian Kane! Fr. Kane joins “Life on the Rock” Co-hosts Fr. Mark and Doug Barry to talk about his vocation as a U.S. Military Chaplain.   Don’t miss “Life on the Rock” LIVE at 10 p.m. ET, Thursday, May 23—only on EWTN! Find EWTN at
The story of a courageous mother turned martyr! Former Protestant Margaret Clitherow harbored Catholic priests in her home in England during the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I—on offense that was punishable by death at the time!  Watch as  this convert’s courage in the face of persecution comes to light when “St. Margaret Clitherow” airs at 2 p.m. ET, Thursday, May 23—only on EWTN! Find EWTN at
In need of some summer reading ideas? Get fired up for “EWTN Bookmark” Host Doug Keck’s interview with Publisher Claire Cannon as she discusses the latest additions to her book company, “Portico Books.” Hear about the latest Catholic Books before they’re hot off the presses on  “EWTN Bookmark!” Airs 9 a.m. ET, Sunday, May 26—only on EWTN! Find EWTN at
Can our canines teach us about Fur-giveness? Fr. James Mallon  thinks so! He and his furry friend Monsi have dug up a new inspiring lesson on accepting God’s mercy when we’ve “been in the doghouse!” You won’t want to miss a lick of “Dogmatic Theology” when it airs at 10 p.m. ET, Sunday, May 26—exclusively on EWTN! Find EWTN at
In times of war, they bring hope: Follow in the footsteps of these soldiers of Christ as they devote their lives to administering the Sacraments to soldiers serving their country. Find out how these military chaplains remind us that we’re “Never Far From Home,” even overseas. Airs 6:30 p.m. ET, Monday, May 27—only on EWTN! Find EWTN at
He served God and his country: Discover the inspiring Faith of Fr. Al Schmitt, the first Catholic Chaplain casualty in World War II. Watch this documentary and see how Fr. Schmitt lived and died “For God and Country;” Airs 6:30 ET, Tuesday, May 28—only on EWTN. Find EWTN at
Pray for our Troops! Archbishop Timothy P. Brogilo of the Archdiocese of the Military Services celebrates Memorial Day Mass in honor of the men and women who are now or have been in the armed forces. Join in celebrating their courage at 12 p.m. ET, Monday, May 27—only on EWTN! Find EWTN at

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

EWTN Press Release: "Joan of Arc: Maid for God"

Don’t Miss This EWTN Exclusive:
‘Joan of Arc: Maid for God’

Irondale, AL – Recent movies have depicted St. Joan of Arc as her enemies once branded her – as a heretic and a witch. But in a new EWTN Original Docudrama, “Joan of Arc: Maid for God,” EWTN Producer Daniel Rabourdin says St. Joan is a woman for our times. (In the U.S., ‘Joan of Arc’ airs 6 a.m. ET and 6 p.m. ET, Thursday, May 30, her feast day in the Catholic Church.)

“The life of Joan is such a lesson in the social teachings of the Church,” says Rabourdin, who also wrote and directed the piece, which was filmed on location in France. “As the patron saint of militants and people ridiculed for their faith, she is a saint for these times of Catholics being active politically. It’s not unchristian to be firm and to stand up – until martyrdom.” (See the trailer here,
Many people know that Joan of Arc was burned at the stake, but they probably don’t know why. “We love her, but we know almost nothing about her,” said Rabourdin, who spent four years bringing this piece to life.

Joan of Arc fought for a free France against the English, who were invading her country. It was the English King at the time who called Joan a witch and a heretic. Why?
“To be a King at that time was a Christian happening,” Rabourdin explains. “Since Joan was the major actor in the making of the French King, if he could brand her as a heretic and a witch, then he could say that the French King could not be legitimate.”
But wasn’t Joan burned at the stake by a bishop of the Catholic Church? “Yes,” says Rabourdin. “He had been nominated a year earlier as bishop by the occupying force – the English, who were taking over France at the time, and was promised a promotion. He would not even allow Joan to appeal her case to the Pope. Joan was only 17-years-old at the time, but she refused to deny the Divine origin of her mission even though the Bishop repeatedly told her, ‘Do you know you could be burned at the stake?’”

Many young people in America and the world are taking Joan of Arc as their model. Rabourdin’s job was made easier when professional actors in that country, out of love for this saint, volunteered to be in the film. He also mentions that he was inspired by the fact that more than 1 million of the French people recently took to the streets to protest the legalization of gay marriage. “They are the same as pro-lifers here,” Rabourdin said, “and Joan is a perfect role model for them.”

“Joan of Arc: Maid for God” will be aired worldwide as well as online,  (, at the following times: U.K./Ireland will air at 17:00 Wednesday, May 29 and 11:00, Thursday, May 30; Continental Europe will air at 18:00, Wednesday, May 29, and 12:00, Thursday, May 30; Asia Pacific will air 12:00 a.m. and 2 p.m. Thursday, May 30 (Sydney Time), and 10 p.m., Wednesday, May 29, and 12:00 a.m., Thursday, May 30 (Manila Time); Africa/South Asia will air 2:30, Wednesday, May 29 and 14:00, Thursday, May 30 (IST Time) and 21:00, Wednesday, May 29 and 8:30, Thursday, May 30 (GMT Time).
EWTN Global Catholic Network, in its 32nd year, is available in over 225 million television households in more than 140 countries and territories. With its direct broadcast satellite television and radio services, AM & FM radio networks, worldwide short-wave radio station, Internet website, electronic and print news services, and publishing arm, EWTN is the largest religious media network in the world.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

EWTN Press Release

EWTN: Senator Discusses the Kermit Gosnell Trial; A Father Whose Child Was Born With A Serious Birth Defect; Hope for Sri Lanka; Remembering the Messages of Fatima -- and More!

Irondale, AL – Louisiana Sen. David Vitter visits “The World Over” with Host Raymond Arroyo to discuss controversies surrounding the Kermit Gosnell trial and access to the Plan-B abortifacient by minors, immigration reform and gun-control, and his important bill on water development. Airs 8 p.m. ET, Thursday, May 16 – exclusively on EWTN. Find EWTN at

What would you do if you discovered your child was born with a serious birth defect? Author and Father Chad Justice talks to Host Raymond Arroyo about his new book, “Waiting for Eli: A Father’s Journey from Fear to Faith.” His is an inspiring story of faith, hope and the power of prayer! Airs 8 p.m. ET, Thursday, May 16 – exclusively on EWTN. Find EWTN at
Do you remember the messages of Fatima? Are you heeding Our Lady’s warnings? Are you helping others to do the same? Remind yourself of the spiritual significance of what some call the most important Marian apparition of our time. “Fatima: our Hope” is a one-hour documentary filmed in Portugal. Airs 5 a.m. ET, Saturday, May 18 – exclusively on EWTN. Find EWTN at
Sri Lanka has become known for its serious human rights abuses and war crimes. But there is a ray of light. Follow a Catholic missionary team as they visit, for the first time, those areas most punishesd by the 1985 civil war, and efforts of the local Church to rebuild not only structures, but lives. Watch “Sri Lanka” at 3 a.m. ET and 6:30 p.m. ET, Tuesday, May 21 on EWTN. Find EWTN at

They’ve appeared on “Oprah Winfrey” and “The Great American Bible Challenge.” This is obviously not your ordinary order of Dominican sisters! Find out what they’re all about in “Greatest Love Story.” Airs 3 a.m. ET and 6:30 p.m. ET, Thursday, May 23 on EWTN. Find EWTN at
Celebrate Pentecost with Pope Francis in Vatican City! Solemn Mass of Pentecost airs live at 4 a.m. ET, Sunday, May 19, with an encore at 11 a.m. ET on EWTN. Mass will be followed by the Regina Caeli. Find EWTN as
France was once as much a center of Catholicism as Rome. Explore the stories of some of France’s greatest saints, including St. Therese, St. Joan of Arc, and St. Dionysius when EWTN airs Part 3 of “Eldest Daughter of the Church.” This 90-minute episode airs 2 a.m. ET, Sunday, May 19, and 5 p.m. ET, Saturday, May 27 -- exclusively on EWTN. Find EWTN at
See the Ascension through the eyes of a  fictitious soldier! “The Acension” airs 10 p.m. ET, Sunday, May 19 and 5 a.m. ET, Thursday, May 23 – exclusively on EWTN. Find EWTN at
Our Lady of Fatima appeared to three children in Portugal in 1917. She came there to warn us of the harm we would inflict upon ourselves as a result of our sins: wars, famines, plagues, persecution of the Church and the loss of many souls in Hell. God, in His great mercy, wished to save us from these miseries through the Immaculate Heart of His Mother. Our Heavenly Mother revealed at Fatima a plan of hope for this world which continues to plunge headlong toward its own destruction. Read more:

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EWTN is hosting a Family Celebration in Birmingham and you are invited! Hear talks by EWTN Hosts like Marcus Grodi, Bob and Penny Lord, and  Fr .Mitch Pacwa; be part of a special “Women of Grace” Live Show with Johnnette Benkovic,; get the scoop at a special Religious Liberty All-Star Roundtable Discussion with Birmingham Bishop Robert Baker, EWTN President & CEO Michael P. Warsaw, and more! You’ll also have the opportunity to go to Mass and Confession, and spend time in Adoration – and there’s plenty for the kids to do as well. Save the dates – Aug. 17 and 18. Get the details –

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Belated Thoughts on Mother's Day...

Written by Contributor: Doug Wrenn
“…Eleanor Rigby, died in the church and was buried with her name. Nobody came. Father McKenzie, wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave. No one was saved. All the lonely people, ah, look at the lonely people. Where do they all come from? All the lonely people, ah, look at the lonely people. Where do they all belong?”
(“Eleanor Rigby,” from The Beatles)
Some years back, a priest told me that he long ago ceased wishing everyone a “Merry Christmas,” and instead wished them a “peaceful” Christmas because for many people, estranged from their loved ones, be they deceased, or even still alive, Christmas, for some, is not a joyful holiday, but a dreaded one, worsened by the constant reminders from every conceivable venue of communication from about Thanksgiving on.
I have adopted much the same practice, including with holidays like Mother’s Day, equally joyful in intent, yet also equally commercialized, and for those suffering the loss, of whatever reason of their mothers, the incessant reminders are like continually pouring lemon juice into a gaping and already painful wound.
As I write to you now, today’s brilliant and bountiful sun has now slipped into a slumber of darkness, and only but a few scant hours remain to this year’s Mother’s Day. My mother is still alive and I spent time with her today, but Father’s Day is just around the bend, and as both my father and only child are deceased, it’s hardly a holiday I rejoice in. But truth be known, I can’t wait for many of these commercially commandeered holidays to pass, more so because I just soon tire easily of hearing their names incessantly regurgitated no matter where I am.
Many if not most of us have images embedded in our heads since childhood of what Mother’s Day should look like: candy, flowers, presents, families, children, grand children, raucous jubilation, dinner or brunch out in a noisy, congested restaurant perhaps, etc…
During the course of Mother’s Day today I had to do some traveling and as I gazed out the car window, one image after another struck me in my gut and one message after another rang like a chime in my head, and each drove home Mother’s Day to me in a most unorthodox way, and yet, oddly enough, in most of these instances, “Mom” was no where to be found.
I passed a middle-aged, disheveled looking woman in dirty clothes under a highway overpass in an urban area, pushing a shopping carriage along the litter strewn sidewalk and bending down to pick up a bottle and can to add to this day’s “treasure.” Clearly, she was completely alone, despite being in the middle of a very densely populated and bustling area. In a former parish, every week in our prayers of intentions during Mass, one of the intentions listed was to pray for people for whom no one prays. Very possibly, this woman was one of them; the forgotten, the “unimportant.” Where was her Mom? Or was she a Mom? And if so, where are her kids? How did she wind up under this overpass, plying her feeble trade on what should be such a joyous occasion, while directly above her, hundreds of cars speed by, making a non-stop thunderous and intimidating racket, rushing off on their own personal missions, clueless and careless as to this lone, vulnerable woman so directly under them under the tons of violently vibrating steel and concrete.
I got off the highway there because I was detoured by a crash and subsequent traffic jam on the opposite side. I opted for a shore route, and made a quick detour to a little dead end street along the water. It had rained this morning, but much like on the day of President Kennedy’s assassination (and my wedding day), the rain subsided, and bright blue skies appeared, checkered with big, white puffy clouds, a warm, radiant sun, and a gentle, subtly cool breeze off the water. A metropolitan skyline magnificently loomed beyond, while closer to me was a father (presumably), with his young children, one in a wheel chair, contently feeding the ducks and swans. Where was Mom? Was Mom still with this world? Or perhaps, with boyfriend and his family, and she and (divorced) Dad will switch off the kids later as routinely exchanging cash register keys between clerks in a retail store at shift change. Then I gazed at more of God’s creations, the ducks and swans just below the pier. How many of them were Moms? Or have they flown the nest, or perhaps been killed off by predators, sickness, or man’s unknowing, if not callous or cruel, and never ending rape of our precious and fragile environment and ecology?
I sat there for a while, just taking in the whole scene. The only thing I like better than watching people is watching nature, and especially when animals and /or water is involved.
Then after my respite from driving, I continued further down the shore. I saw a father (again, presumably), walking, hand in hand along a sidewalk of a busy divided boulevard with his little girl, cute as a button. The little girl was holding a bag. Where was Mom? Did they buy Mom something special together, and were now bringing their surprise home? Or is Mom somehow out of the picture, and maybe Dad bought his little girl something special to help distract her from what was so unnatural and perhaps painful about this very famous and supposedly special day?
Further down the road, I was still in a busy traffic area and as I rounded a dangerous and blind bend, I saw an elderly man to my right, also dressed quite shabbily, standing at the side of the road, looking forlorn and leaning on his walker, hoping for traffic to cross so that he could pass from the elderly housing complex on the hill above, where he probably lived, to the shopping area across the street. I stopped, blocking traffic in my lane, hoping that I would not get rear ended and also that this poor old timer, now frantically and awkwardly trying to hobble with his walker across this busy road, bereft of crosswalks, would not get mowed down by rapid and menacing on-coming traffic opposite the median. It was rather apparent that he most likely did not have a Mom any more, and very possibly, no one else, either. Purveyors of candy, flowers, and sugary, flowery, almost nauseating greeting cards would all like us to believe that today was Mother’s Day. But clearly, for this old, gent, who almost seemed to disappear, rather than blend into the surrounding scenery, it was just Sunday.
Shortly later, a friend of mine told me she was celebrating Mother’s Day with only her kids today. Dad wasn’t around. Dad was too busy. Dad had to work. But that’s OK. Because Dad was making sure that everybody else had a safe Mother’s Day. Dad is a firefighter, and fires, catastrophes, and medical emergencies very rudely lack the word “holiday” in their lexicon. Clearly, Dad had to sacrifice today. That’s what first responders do every day, because they’re first responders, and as every first responder’s family knows, the job infiltrates the home, like it or not. It’s just the nature of the beast. So Mom was around for the family, but Dad was not, because of his sacrifice, yet Mom made the best of it, because that is also what Mom’s do: they sacrifice, too, yes, even on Mother’s Day.
As I have lost my father and my son, I have friends and loved ones who have lost their mothers. As best I could see, they were holding up OK for the most part today, but contrary to popular belief, time does not heal all wounds. It just makes them a little more tolerable.
That priest opened my eyes, and kind of gave me my own sort of “Epiphany,” so to speak. Now I actually get kind of angry when I see and hear all the cheesy, shallow and tediously annoying commercials, ads, and signs, not just promoting Mother’s Day, but immersing us all into it, as if the joy is blindly and robotically painted upon everyone with the same broad brush. Yet at the end of the day, Mom is used as nothing more than a lure to reel in big bucks in a short amount of time. Next month, it will be Dads. In six months, the Savior of all mankind, and two months after that, romantic lovers.
Somewhere amidst all the glitz, sugar, vibrant flowers, fancy meals, loud babbling and laughter is a small dark, almost indistinguishable shadow lurking behind. And buried in that shadow is the collective anguish of the forgotten, the homeless, the elderly, a Dad, trying to be a Mom, a Mom, trying to carry on without Dad, a scared, hungry duckling in a vast, cold harbor, desperately seeking Mom and not finding her, or a little girl, trying not to let Daddy see the tear streaming silently down her cheek, because deep inside, she so yearns Mommy, especially on this day, that it hurts more than she can describe, yet she tries to be a big girl because she knows Daddy is hurting, too. He’s not fooling her.
Or maybe, Mom has departed this Earth. Or maybe, Mom is in a far away land, wearing a uniform, and protecting her country, as well as her family. Or maybe she just moved, or her loved ones did. Maybe Mom has to work, or we are, because lives depend on it while everyone else gets to party and relax. Or maybe Mom is still very much within the sweet sound of her dearly loved ones voices, yet separated for years now, and infinitely onward, because of very bitter words uttered in anger by those same sweet voices so long ago that the excuse (not the reason) has long since passed everyone’s memory. Yet the needless division remains and continues, as does the languishing from the bitterness, the emptiness, the loneliness, and the deep, gnawing stubborn hurt that refuses to let go of its grasp.
For that matter, maybe the unthinkable occurred: Mom is still around, but her child has left this Earth.
Yes, by all means, as one friend of mine said earlier today, “Squeeze ‘em if ya’ got ‘em.” She should know. She lost hers years ago. I know. I remember when she did. Moms touch our lives. That’s what Moms do. But look beyond the all the legitimate joy, and then beyond all the joy we’re told we’re supposed to have. And where you can’t wish a “Happy” Mother’s Day, simply offer a peaceful one.
Then both remember, and pray for those disconnected, abandoned, forgotten, those for whom no one prays, and those without mothers for whatever reason, be they human or animal. Because on our Mother’s Day, for these still all very dignified beings, deemed “unimportant,” either by design or by neglect in our so-called modern day society, it’s still just Sunday, and that’s just not right.
Because they are all far too important.
Wherever applicable, Happy Mother’s Day. But to all, I wish you peace.
Well…at least until Father’s Day.
“Humility is the mother of salvation.”
(St. Bernard)
Doug Wrenn

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

EWTN Press Release: Canada's March for Life LIVE

EWTN's Compelte Live Coverage of the
National March for Life Canada

Plus EWTN on Pinterest, the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast
& More

Irondale, AL – “It’s a Girl!” should not be a death sentence! The National March for Life Canada 2013 is spreading awareness on how “a woman’s right to choose” is actually destroying the very people they’re supposedly trying to protect! Watch this video and watch EWTN’s coverage of the March for Life Canada, starting LIVE at 11:30 a.m. ET, Thursday, May 9—only on EWTN!
The most important meal of the day just got more important—Join EWTN for the “National Catholic Prayer Breakfast” in Washington, D.C.  Watch inspiring talks led by Associate Professor of Law Helen Avare, JD, and Bishop Michael Sheridan. Wake up and satisfy some of your spiritual and physical hunger with the “National Catholic Prayer Breakfast!” Airs 9 a.m. ET, Friday, May 10—only on EWTN! Find EWTN at       
This volunteer has no fear that the Church’s future is in good hands! “Life on the Rock” Guest Michelle Hatfield talks about her experiences as a World Youth Day volunteer and explains to Co-Hosts Fr. Mark and Doug Barry how one of the largest Catholic youth events in the world impacted her. Don’t miss her testimony! Airs 10 p.m. ET, Thursday, Mary 9—exclusively on EWTN!   Find EWTN at       
Meet the Catholic “Homecoming King!” Author Tom Peterson has helped numerous Catholics find their way back to the Church and now shares what inspired him to found the organization which shares the title of his book, “Catholics Come Home!” Don’t miss Host Doug Keck’s exclusive interview on “EWTN Bookmark.” Airs 9 a.m. ET, Sunday, May 12—only on EWTN!  “Catholics Come Home” is now available from EWTN Religious Catalogue:
Live chastely with courage: Fr. John Harvey reminds Catholics that all are called to live chaste lives! He created the organization, “Courage,” to encourage our brothers and sisters with same sex-attraction to live safe, chaste lives.  Discover this priest’s “Profile of Courage” at 5 a.m. ET, Saturday, May 11—exclusively on EWTN.  Find EWTN at       
A film that features a friendship against the odds! Despite pressure from his family and his community, a young Muslim boy continues to visit his friend, a Catholic priest, and to assist him with Church preparations.  Discover a unique friendship that defied the social norms in “Son of Maryam;” Airs at 1 a.m. ET, Sunday, May 12—only on EWTN! Find EWTN at       
EWTN is now on Pinterest! Right now, EWTN’s board has some inspiring Mother Angelica and Pope Francis quotes, and some delicious recipes from “Savoring our Faith” but we want YOUR opinion! Comment below and suggest some of the Pinterest boards YOU would like to see EWTN create.
Please join EWTN in praying for the repose of the soul of Rev. Joseph P. McFadden, Bishop of the Diocese of Harrisburg, PA.  Funeral Mass from  Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church airs live at 10:30 A.M. ET, Wednesday, May 7. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and all of the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Screams From The Womb; Regrets From The Tomb

written by Doug - Connecticut Catholic Corner Contributor
I am nestled and nurtured, warm and content, within the safest place on Earth, where no foe can make a dent, my beloved mother’s womb.
And who on this Earth, or even in Heaven or Hell, could ever predict, or dare tell, that this place would become my trap and my tomb?

image from Google Images

Why are you doing this to me? And for help, to whom shall I call? What did I do to you to deserve this? This shock, anguish, agony, and all.
My panicked screams are fervent, even strident to my protector, my beloved and nurturing mother dear. Yet they pierce through my surrounding darkness only to vanish unanswered in the outside air, as if no one is there, capable, or perhaps even willing to hear.
In a foot race, my now rapidly bounding and terrorized heart could easily beat us. Yet I am but a mere lump of internal tissue to be vanquished and wasted. I have a name, but they insist on calling me “fetus.”
They invade and violate me, my tiny limbs broken, my tender pink flesh torn. I can fully feel pain, but this overpowering agony I am defenseless to stop, I think because they also call me “unborn.”
I was once so loved, and peaceful, snuggled safe and warm. I gasp and grimace as if my seemingly unending torture only continues, stretching all of my sinews, with more of my skin torn. My confused and bedazzled young and defenseless heart pleads for mercy, now feeling as so very alone, as betrayed and so bitterly forlorn.
I am too young to process, but old enough to sense, I beg someone out there to hear me, to intervene and please stop this now, and explain what is happening to my now haven, turned torture chamber, where I am entrapped, shocked, and confused, and where sudden suffering is so indescribably intense.
I feel cold, hear noise and am blinded by a blinding beam of light. Burning tears stream down my innocent cheeks, my remaining arm outstretched, trying to ward off this inconceivable fight. Where once I ingested and grew to better thrive, my little fingers are reaching for anything to hold on to, as I now struggle, just to so desperately survive.
My last tormented memories of my once cherished and beloved home will be of strange objects, sensations and horrific turmoil, and my uncomforted wincing with the harsh snapping of my little bones.
The clinging remains of me will be treated, lest mother bleed. I still do not know why I was so reviled and expelled from her, never again for her to love, and to internally feed.
The area will be sanitized to supposedly cleanse that which was demonized, but scant memories too painful to bear will be suppressed as she is later told to dress, as if I had never lived and dwelled there.
Up from high in the air, I look down upon my mother, alone with her thoughts and feelings, as she silently weeps while clearing from her eyes her frazzled and tear-matted hair.
Between sobs in her desolation and despair she so bitterly whispers, “Oh my precious one…” and I know she is referring to me. Why, oh why then, my maternal guardian, did you condone this unprovoked punishment that in both of us has now caused such deep and stinging agony?
If you are so conflicted, why then did you make this choice? When at the end of nine months, you could hold me close to your breast, and in our natural bonding, we could both so unabashedly and freely rejoice?
What then changed this natural course of events? What influenced your mind and froze your once warm, loving motherly heart? What was it that so overpowered your maternal instincts, what was it that was so powerful and immense?
Was it despair, despondency, financial woes, fear, drugs, or an excess of imbibing booze?
“No,” as in her loneliness she loudly and angrily exclaimed in the cold solace of her room, as she reflected and recalled my peril, anguish and doom. She pondered and soon knew what was the cause and what ended it all.
“Twas simply the common trap she, and others had been deceived and led astray into. An empty promise, a quick fix, with supposedly no strings to cling to.
The cause was not feelings, finances or fear, nor impairment from drugs or even an excess of booze. Just the haughty and insidious excuse, the one too often and too simplistically called “the right to choose.”
And so now in this room, so white, cold, sterile and smelling medicinal, did my grisly demise occur, simply because of a choice, and nothing at all even remotely hateful or visceral.
Of me, there are only left parts, some indiscernible, and none deemed worthy to save. Had they collected them, they would be hard pressed to fill my tiny, unnaturally sized grave.
What was once a warm, radiant sunny day is now silent and dismal, as the sun recedes and the day succumbs to dark.
My mother goes home and takes a pill from her “healthcare” practitioner, who recommends it to help her sleep soundly and well.
But in the blackness of night for her, there will be no bliss, just loneliness, regret, and unquenchable emotional Hell.
If only I could have spoken before that mother/child bond was broken, I would have pleaded, and if she could have heard, she would most likely respond lovingly to my cry and call.
Instead, she drank of the modern secular elixir, the Siren’s alluring trap which all promised would fix her.
Now I am gone and she, in her new found Hell, lies anxious and awake, as the clock slowly ticks down to dawn. Where are all her friends and advisors now? The ugly deed is finished, and they are suddenly gone.
No one was saved and no one was fixed. I was killed and she was tricked.
Now she lies awake, tormented through the night, which nothing to hold or coddle, but the regret of her “choice.”
And now, also the sudden and sickening realization, that God saw it all.

(Pregnant and scared? Abortion is not your only "choice." Need help for both you and your child? Contact Birth Right at 1-800-550-4900, or Are you suffering from an abortion you have had? There is help available for you, too. Contact Project Rachel at 1-888-456 HOPE (4673), or at God bless!)
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