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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Victims of Choice

Where do you stand on abortion? Before you answer, there are some things you should know. Everyday 3,500+ babies are aborted, that's 1.3 million children a year! Think about that for a moment. Whole generations are being disposed of. How can we let this inhumanity continue? Lets take an up close look at abortion today before we answer those questions.
During a trial in Missouri last year, Planned Parenthood abortionist Robert Crist gave a chilling testimony to the St. Louis Circuit Court. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch (a local paper) covering the story quoted Crist, in part, saying " is not uncommon for second trimester fetuses to leave the womb feet-first, intact and with their hearts still beating. He sometimes crushes their skulls to get the fetuses out. Other times, he dismembers them." (The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, May 25, 2,000).
Over the years abortionists have come up with numerous grisly ways to kill the pre-born. There's the 'vacuum method', that literally sucks the tiny infant through a tube and into a canister, often times while the child's heart continues to beat for several agonizing moments. There's also the 'evacuation method'. During this brutal procedure the woman lies on a table while the doctor/abortionist cuts the child into small pieces before removing the body parts from the womb. Then there is the 'partial birth (infanticide) method', where the child is killed during the birth when the doctor pierces the back of the infant's skill after the torso has been born and the head is still in the birth canal.
The inhuman madness continues with a weapon relatively new to America. The drug RU-486, also known by the pharmaceutical name "mifepristone", is a chemical killer. Once this fatal chemical has attacked and killed the child, it's now up to the mother's body to expel her dead baby on it's own. Sometimes the womb will not give up the precious infant. At this point the mother could undergo a surgical procedure to "clean out" her womb, or she might be given a drug called Cytotec (or misoprostol). Cytotec forces the woman's body to expel the dead child. There are some known and probably many unknown side effects with this drug. And there have been no extensive long term studies on Cytotec. Side effects we do know include severe cramps and heavy bleeding that at times have women ending up in an emergency room. The manufacturer of Cytotec (the Searle firm), lists a potential side effect as death! Searle goes so far as to state that Cytotec should NOT be used for abortion.
The reality of RU-486 and Cytotec is that they are an "at home abortion kit" (correctly named by Pro-lifer Judie Brown, President of American Life League). This is how your abortion kit works. The pregnant woman fills her prescriptions for RU-486 and Cytotec. She then goes home and swallows the fatal drug RU-486 and waits for the death of her child to occur. Then later she swallows Cytotec to discard the infant. (Note: It may take several pills to completely kill the child. A doctor will confirm the infants death.) She then endures hours of severe cramps and heavy bleeding until the child is dead and begins to pass. Some doctors have advised these women to sit on the toilet during this time and not to look closely in the toilet before flushing! Which means the woman sees her child being aborted then discarded like waste into the sewer. If the woman survives the chemicals and doesn't bleed to death or have any other abortion related complications she then has to live with what she has just witnessed (by choice). By that same choice, she has now made her home the place in which she committed 'legal' murder. This memory will never leave her. Simple everyday things like swallowing an aspirin or cleaning the toilet will trigger the horrid memory of the day she aborted her child. She won't forget the child she flushed. The child who's bones are now in the septic tank. Her baby's final resting place. How could anyone forget that? These women will suffer emotional agony, severe depression and are at a risk to commit suicide. This is called "Post Abortion Trauma" and it happens to thousands of women. Despite all of the above, the Pro-choice movement still insists abortion is good for a woman! What part of abortion benefits a woman? How is she better off after having gone through any of these tragic experiences? The only thing the Pro-choice movement has ever accomplished in its entire history is to have the largest victim tally known today from one single 'choice'.
There's something else you should know. The abortion industry is a multimillion dollar business. And our governments investing your tax dollars and mine to fund this bloodstained market. During the fiscal year 1998-1999, our government gave Planned Parenthood $176.5 million taxpayer dollars. Last years "family planning" fund was $372 million dollars. This program gave out tax dollars to overseas' organizations to perform and promote abortion in other countries.
So where do you stand on abortion? Become active in the Pro-life movement and help end the senseless suffering and growing number of victims. Remember, your silence is costing 1.3 million babies their lives a year.
(**article originally written in 2001**)

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