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Monday, January 19, 2015

A Father/Daughter Incestuous 'Marriage'


I’ve tried writing this article several different ways - because it’s so graphic and disturbing I keep second guessing myself on how much to actually show and discuss here, but the truth is, there is no way to clean this up.  There is no way, this topic isn’t disturbing- to most of us. 

A few days ago, NY Magazine published an interview (that some people believe might be a hoax- I certainly hope it is) with a young 18 year old woman who depicts her sexual relationship with her father- whom she is now planning to “marry” in a paperless ceremony (because no state will as yet legally marry them).  The article is GRAPHIC and unbelievably disturbing.  The article is called “What it’s like to date your Dad”- though it’s really about having sex with your biological father and the physical sexual attraction they have to each other.  Again, a very disturbing topic and very graphic article by NY Magazine- be warned.

So you might wonder why even mention it on a Catholic blog… because years ago most of the population thought gay “marriage” was disturbing and immoral and yet today, it is more acceptable than many thought possible.  And years before that, adultery and living with people outside of marriage was believed immoral and wrong, yet today…it’s typical in our society.  Discussing this disturbing case of father/daughter incest is important because I believe that inside of a decade, incest will be not only legal, but also acceptable in our secular society. 

We are a deranged immoral society driven by lust, sex and greed.  We want what we want and we don’t want anyone to tell us we are wrong.  The comments at the end of the incest article were mostly supportive that the female was in desperate need of therapy and her father should be locked up.  But not all those who left comments thought a father having sex with his daughter was a bad thing.  Many people had the “who am I to judge” mentality.  They expressed their opinion that if two consenting adults (the woman is now 18, but was a minor when the sexual relationship began) want to have sex and get married it was “no one else’s business” and they should not only be allowed to legally have a sexual relationship, but also should be allowed to get married and have children. 

The interview is EXTREMEMLY GRAPHIC – so be warned.  This will be disturbing.  I am showing what was actually said because I want you to SEE the sick thinking that attempts to justify incest as “love” and therefore perfectly acceptable.  This is not love.  This is evil.  There are people who read this article and SYMPATHIZED with the father and daughter’s “love” for each other.  

People who can’t understand what immoral means…it isn’t part of their vocabulary anymore.  If it feels good and you want to do it, who is to judge you for it?  That is the mentality of our society.  So when you read this interview and you feel shocked and sickened today, remember not too long ago others felt the same way about the prospect of gay “marriage” and gay sexual relationships.

If decent people do nothing to stop the immoral behavior of our society this will become our new “normal” and after it there will be no limits.  God didn’t warn about sexual abominations because they weren’t a possibility in our lives, He warned us about them because He knew how depraved mankind can be. 

Below are clips of the interview - warning the dialogue is GRAPHIC.

First the daughter discusses her younger teenage background a bit: 

Now the daughter begins to discuss her sexual attraction to her father whom she hadn't grown up with or seen in twelve years.  She is about 16 years old at this point:


So in five days of reuniting with her father whom she hasn't seen in twelve years, this teenager has sex with him. 

I can't get my own mind around the fact that the biological grandma and grandpa support their son having sex with and "marrying" their granddaughter- his daughter.  This is so incredibly appalling that I understand why so many who read the article believe it MUST be a hoax.  It's simply too hard to believe and yet, I fear it sadly is true. 

This is just the sort of thing the devil loves.  He delights in immoral behavior and in getting others to deny its sinfulness and instead embrace it as "love".  

The disturbing interview continues...

This daughter is clearly in need of help and yet no family members or friends or even laws are there to help her.  The "father" should be locked up and kept from other children (if you read the article there is a mention of this "father" and his relationship with his daughter's younger half sister- I fear for the half sister that she too might one day have a sexual relationship with this guy).

After reading that (and more in the complete interview) some people shared their SUPPORT for incest and the "right" of all people (including biological) to have sex and get married.  

Notice all the comments about NOT judging incest.

Yet there was one lone voice that said exactly what I was thinking while reading the article...why?

He's right but I think there is more to it.  The fuller answer to me is because it's the first step in making incest acceptable in our society.  The article hit sympathy strings in many readers, as shown in the comments.  This is exactly how gay "marriage" became acceptable and normalized in our secular society today. 

We've got television shows about polygamous marriages that have changed peoples attitudes to having multiple spouses.  A few comments mentioned that this article could be a stepping stone to a new line of reality shows depicting incestuous families as "normal".  Think it can't happen?  It can, we've seen it before and sadly if decent moral people don't stand up against it, we will see it again and again.

Pray for our society.  We are so depraved and fallen and yet most of us don't even know it.

God help us all.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner


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Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

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