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Monday, October 12, 2015

Catholic theme in The Monuments Men movie

Watched the (based on the true storymovie "The Monuments Men" today and really enjoyed it. Didn't know it had a bit of a Catholic theme to it before I sat down to watch it.  

One of my favorite of the Monuments Men walks into a Catholic Church and stares at a beautiful statue of Mary and the Holy Infant... (one of the items the men are willing to die for in order to save from Hitler

...and a priest says to him "Are you Catholic?" and he answers while staring at the Madonna and infant..."I am today."  :) 

Really enjoyed this movie and I recommend it - even if you don't like George Clooney or Matt Damon, they are good in this film. 

For more on the true story of the Monuments Men:

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

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  1. My husband and I watched this movie this past weekend and really enjoyed it as well. Highly recommend it, too!


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