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Sunday, July 22, 2012

What's going on U.S. Bishops?

Michael Voris from "ChurchMilitant.TV" says...

"Some kind of institutional schizophrenia has apparently seized hold at the American Bishops headquarters in Washington DC – and its being recognized over here in Rome.
It was recently reported by the wonderful folks at Life Site News that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops “official overseas relief and development agency” .. Catholic Relief Services recently doled out over 5 million dollars to CARE .. “an international “relief and development organization” which actively promotes contraception around the world.
Let’s boil it down .. The US bishops are suing over the Obamacare mandate in the United States because it forces health insurance payments for contraception. YET .. OUTSIDE the United States they are handing money to international organizations that promote and advance contraception .. the very thing they are fighting AGAINST on the other side of the Atlantic.
What in the heck is going on at USCCB headquarters. When Our Blessed Lord said .. do not let you right hand know what your left hand is doing .. it’s pretty certain THIS is not what He was talking about."
Watch Michael Voris explain...

Read transcript:
ChurchMilitantTV website:

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