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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Catholic Nun beaten by male teacher

This is disturbing...

From what I can gather, this Catholic nun, Sister Chakupaleza is being beaten (this is graphic) by a teacher at the Catholic school they both work for.

Apparently, Sister Chakupaleza was following orders to lock the doors of a rental house used by science teacher Mr. Daswell Sichilongo because he owed them back rent.  The nun did what she was told and was terribly beaten for it.

When Mr. Daswell finally gets into the building (shown in the video), he proceeds to violently punch and kick the Catholic nun who tries to get away and avoid his vicious blows.

Quote: "Sister Emma Chakupaleza, an acting head teacher at Roma Girls Secondary School was battered 3 days ago after locking the house occupied by Mr. Daswell Sichilongo, a Science teacher at the same school."
The violent science teacher was eventually arrested for assault- which he attempted to deny (must not have known he was video taped beating the poor nun.

Soon after, Father Kunda a spokesperson for the school made the following statement:

Quote: "ZEC spokesperson Father Winfield Kunda says the violent beating of defenceless Reverend Sister Emma Chakupaleza for executing her duty by a fellow teacher was uncalled for and deserves serious condemnation from all well-meaning Zambia especially in this day when gender based violence has no place in society. Father Kunda says in a society where restraint and mutual dialogue no matter the provocation is being preached, it was expected of Mr.Daswell Sichilongo to control himself unlike resorting to violence especially that he is a teacher who should not only teach science subjects but also morals to his pupils. He says what he portrayed especially on Camera for a widely watched TV station deserves condemnation. Father Kunda adds that to make matters worse, this uncalled for actions have even gone viral on social media and shall be there forever further exposing the Reverend Sister whose noble vocation to serve the entire humanity to more embarrassment and pain."

I wonder if Mr. Sichilongo would have treated the priest with violence if it has been the priest who locked the door rather than a nun?

God have mercy.  I pray the nun is now doing well and recovering from her injuries.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner


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