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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Traditional Latin Mass in Connecticut

I've recently been corresponding with Donald Mongeau
Chairman of Una Voce right here in Enfield, Connecticut.  Here is what Mr. Mongeau asked me to share with my blog readers...(be sure to check out the links below).


Connecticut Catholics are finding the Traditional Latin Mass within the safety, and bosom of the Holy Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church continues to serve the needs of Her children:
St Martha Roman Catholic Church in Enfield Ct. is an excellent example, of Catholics working in union with the parish staff, and local ordinary to preserve the Traditional Latin Mass for the faithful that desire to worship God in it.
St Martha`s Parish has many wonderful things going for it. They have a Catholic school, as well as a dedicated Parish Staff, along with a chapter of the Knights of Columbus.

The parish is diverse in all that it offers today`s Catholic. The Parish also offers both forms of Holy Mass for her children. The Ordinary {English Mass} and Extraordinary {Traditional Latin Mass}.

As a member of the parish, I don`t think I would be out of line to suggest that : St Martha`s is a good model for successful Catholic Parishes.
St Martha`s in Enfield Ct has had the ExtraOrdinary Rite of Mass {Traditional Latin Mass} for over 5 years, with a community that could swell to near 200 souls.

Recently the long time Administrator Fr. McElheron left the parish to join another religious order within the heart of the Catholic Church.

A new Administrator Reverend Cornelius Kelechi was put in place to serve the parish.

The Catholic Family at St. Martha has found a pastor of souls in Fr. Kelechi.

To the Credit of the Parish Staff ,and the Pastoral care given to St Martha`s children by Archbishop Leonard Blair through his very capable staff {thank you Msgr. Schmitz}

The Latin Mass community concerns, during the transition over their future, has been eased greatly.

Lesson learned:
We have found a new closeness within our parish, and the Traditional Latin Mass continues to grow, within the safety of Holy Mother Church.
The parish staff along with the Bishops, should always be the 1st direction Catholics should take, to address their needs and concerns.
Mostly to have Faith in God, and His Holy Bride; The Catholic Church. She continues to provide for Her children.

We invite all that are looking for the Traditional Latin Mass to look 1st and always within your very own diocese. We at St Martha have found them to be very supportive, contrary to rumors, and the like that tend to find traction on the internet.

In Closing:
Pray for the Pope, and our Bishops
In the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Donald Mongeau
Chairman Una Voce Enfield Ct
Link for St. Martha Parish

link for Latin Mass news for Enfield Ct. { St. Martha`s}



  1. Cardinal Raymond Burke interprets Church documents with an irrational premise and conclusion and offers the Traditional Latin Mass

  2. The Latin Mass community, as well as St. Martha Parish in Enfield Ct. continues to flourish.
    We are very blessed with our Pastor Fr. Robert Villa.
    Traditional Latin Mass is Every Sunday at 11:00 A.M. There is also The TLM Rite of 1962 on all Holy Days of obligation.


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