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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cardinal Burke, Church Militant and me

LifeSiteNews“Certainly, Pope Saint John Paul II consecrated the world, including Russia, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on March 25, 1984,” said Cardinal Burke. “But, today, once again, we hear the call of Our Lady of Fatima to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, in accord with her explicit instruction.”
Cardinal Burke is calling for the Pope to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary AS OUR LADY instructed- not how Pope Saint JPII did it - the whole world which included Russia. That was nice, but that wasn't what Our Lady instructed the pope to do.

This has been a bone of contention among Catholics for decades now. 

Last summer Church Militant and I went a few rounds over this issue in the comments area of their website and then they removed my comments. I wrote about it in my post "Sometimes you just gotta laugh and let it go". 

I stated that the consecration of Russia was not done as instructed by our Lady and was in fact rejected several times before Sr. Lucy finally said it was accepted and I gave Church Militant EWTN's own link- which Church Militant said to use for a source. 

Not liking my comment they removed it and told me I was "causing doubts" among Catholics for saying basically the same thing Cardinal Burke is now saying (see link). 

That was part of the exchange from July 8, 2016 under the Vorex episode "Rome Be Damned". 

What a difference a year makes...

My comment July 2016: 

Church Militant's moderator to me July 9, 2016:

Now we have Cardinal Burke (whom is well liked by the good folks at Church Militant) saying the same thing "in accord with her explicit instruction", that's what I said in Church Militant's comments. 

Suddenly now Church Militant is singing a different tune:   
Church Militant: "Burke clarified that he's not aiming to cast doubt on the merits of the May 25, 1984 consecration by Pope St. John Paul II of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but called again for an explicit consecration of Russia by name, together with the world's bishops. A consecration, which fulfills all of those conditions, has not yet been accomplished."
Now I am not complaining about this change of tune by the good folks at Church Militant. To be sure, I am thrilled they now agree that Our Lady's instructions were not followed properly. I just hope they will explain this to their viewers as some people might be wondering what it is that has changed for them that they are saying something very different now than just last summer. Is it because Cardinal Burke says so? Was that all it took? I have to admit, I am curious to know what it was that changed their minds.

In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

***Several days ago I left a comment on Church Militant's website asking them what changed their minds about this...I guess I am not getting an answer: 

UPDATE: Church Militant has responded...they say nothing changed their minds...? 



  1. Julie, have you asked them about this directly? I would but I've been banned from commenting on their site.


  2. Hello Janet!

    I asked them in the comments area of their article, but my comment is awaiting moderation. If I get an answer I will share it here.

    God bless!

    In Christ,

    Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

  3. Why anyone gives CMTV the time of day anymore is beyond me...they are either too dumb to see the writing on the wall or too corrupt to speak the truth...either way it doesn't speak well of them.

  4. I have to disagree with you Edison.

    I neither think Church Militant is "dumb" nor "corrupt".

    I think they see what everyone else sees, they have just decided to focus on certain areas in our Catholic Faith (teaching and calling out corrupt clergy) while keeping tight lipped about other things like what comes out of Pope Francis' mouth. They see it (no one is that blind), they just have taken the stance to not publicly go after him the way they do other clergy- their call.

    As far as this Russia consecration stuff goes, I truly don't understand why CM didn't just say it wasn't done "as Our Lady" instructed last year when I said it on their website. We all KNOW it wasn't done "as instructed", we just know that after several failed attempts Sr. Lucia said it was "accepted".

    I am very interested to see where CM goes after this if Cardinal Burke continues to push for the consecration of Russia to be done properly. What can CM say after saying last year that is was already done and now Cardinal Burke saying it wasn't done properly? Time will tell.

    In Christ,

    Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

  5. I think Sr. Lucy had a lot to do with this confusion. First she said it had to be done, and it was done, if much later than the requested time.

    It was done but not not the way Our Lady instructed it. It was done again and Sr. Lucy said, well, not quite. It was done again and she said, yeah, that one was accepted in Heaven. When the "Third Secret" was revealed by the Vatican, she said, yes, that was it. Everything that was to be revealed had been revealed.

    A lot of people doubted it. We thought that was not all. Mother Angelica doubted it. Italian Vaticanists doubted it. But Sr. Lucy said that was all true and that was all.

    Had Sr. Lucy been suppressed by authorities all those years? Why didn't she fight for Our Lady's message to be revealed as instructed? Somehow she appeared not to have the same kind of courage and integrity as Melanie Calvat had, who fought tooth-and-nail to follow what Our Blessed Mother at LaSalette told her to do.

    I'm sorry, but for all this confusion, it looks like Sr. Lucy was to blame.

  6. Church Militant refuses to acknowledge the elephant in the living room. The very person that gives the modernist Bishops the green light to dissent from 2,000 years of Church teaching is now in the Chair of Peter. With all due respect, they look foolish.
    The 'direction' that the Church takes comes from the top, and always has. If 'Peter' gives them a wink and a nod, they go full speed ahead, just exactly as they are now doing. Yes, it's true that we have always had prelates that dissent from Church teaching, but they are now full speed ahead. I feel bad for them really, they look ridiculous.

  7. They've deleted my comments in the past too, they carry the water for francischurch, vatican2church, opusdey, and "conservative catholicism". There is no such thing as "conservative" in the Church, there's Catholicism based on tradition or nothing.

  8. I also have had posts removed and actually been banned too. I had the temerity to disagree with their insanely aggressive moderators. I disagreed in an area where Catholics are perfectly free to hold alternative opinions but it matters not to these zealots.
    You have to be extremely ignorant of CMTV and their abuses against faithful Catholics or incredibly naive to take them at face value at this point.

  9. Why is Sr. Lucia to blame?

    Why are you not blaming men like Pius XII for only consecrating Russia alone or again via an apostolic letter and not involving the world's bishops?

    Why are you not blaming John XXIII for deliberately disobeying the Queen of Heaven and then putting Sr. Lucia under silence and then attempting to bury Fatima altogether, including by censoring Fatima archivists like Fr. Alonso who could not publish his works without heavy editing, forcing him to scrap more than half of what he intended?

    Why are you not blaming Vatican II for Ostpolitik and the Vatican/Moscow agreement that told God to get lost so that they could play nice with the Communists and never do anything critical against Communism?

    Why are you not blaming Paul VI for refusing to see or speak with Sr. Lucia outside of using her as an ornate prop, when he's not busy doing more world consecrations?

    Why are you not blaming John Paul II for continuing to disobey God and performing more world consecrations without the bishops, then ditching them and praying with false religions at Assisi for world peace knowing his own consecrations didn't fulfil what was asked?

    Why are you not blaming Ratzinger/Benedict XVI for his complicity in the Fatima cover-up

    Why are you not blaming EWTN for continuing to circulate the fradulent Noelker and Fox/Kondor/Guerra letters that are proven forgeries?

    Why are you not blaming Cardinals like Bertone & Angelo Sodano for inventing wholesale false quotations to Sr. Lucia from non-existent interviews for which they are unable to defend themselves when confronted publicly by the evidence? Not to mention that the 'bishop in white' interpretation the Vatican stated in 2000 referring to John Paul II was only his own non-binding interpretation which no one was obliged to believe according to Ratzinger?

    I could go on, but...

    Why are you, instead, blaming a poor cloistered nun cut off from the world and under Holy Obedience who had to carry with her all her life the knowledge of the coming apostasy and chastisement knowing well that Church leaders would rather follow the devil than obey God? A chastisement so terrible that she had more fear and trouble writing it down than she did recalling the time she as a little child saw Hell itself first hand!

    We all know why CMTV does what they are doing. They like many don't want to face the horrible facts about many of the men listed above, so they will either attack the messenger like Sr. Lucia, or they will aid the cover-up. Which CMTV's moderators have done either by ignorance or deceitful misguided papolatry. They will tell God and the Truth to get lost so that they can defend the reputations of men who did likewise believing they are doing what's in the Church's best interests because apparently God and the Virgin Mary don't know any better and don't understand world politics.

  10. ChurchMilitant,. So smart and yet so dumb. Cardinal Burke with his usual going to great pains to offend no one - "...certainly Saint John Paul ll consecrated the world including Russia...". His consecration didn't work, because he was too cautious to obey God through the Blessed Virgin. So the consecration was not done.

    No wonder Bergoglio ignored Burke. He's a spineless wimp. No question, that Bergoglio is an apostate, but he has balls.

  11. In regards to Church Militant... Dust. Feet. Move on.

  12. @Julie

    Kudos to you for attempting to stay positive. But the moderator comments you received --even though your comments were removed -- was tame compared to the acid put-downs employed by CMTV. You may not have a problem with open ridicule and outright lies being employed to silence those who point to the truth - the truth that is supposed to set us free - not managed discussion, but your experience is a lesson to be sure.

    CMTV is dangerous in that they cultivate themselves as the arbiter of education and accuracy while assuming an authority that is not theirs. Translated: That means a flock of militant and forcefully dumbed down sheep that only have part of the story.

    They threw Bishop Athanasius Schneider under the bus a couple of years back over the SSPX. Same thing with Bishop Morlino. CMTV took comments out of context -- like they also do with Popes -- to foment their particular teachings. Dangerous, Julie. Like having a teacher at the Grammar School who has chosen to avoid certain topics and so fosters the notion that Nazis were really misunderstood and need to be given the benefit of the doubt. If not, you'll be ridiculed and summarily lied about in order to shoot down logical discussion.

    Sorry, but just laughing and letting go is preposterous.


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