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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Baby drag queens featured at NYC gay pride parade

Tell me they don't all look mentally insane! 

To all the Catholics out there, please consider spending some extra time in the pews this Sunday praying for our nation. When Mass has ended, stay and pray. So many souls are being lost- especially the children. 

Sunday is the gay pride parade in NYC and the horrors that have been going on, especially this week in NYC leading up to this gay pride parade are just unthinkable. I won't show those images (they are readily available on assorted social media). Even the ones I am showing here are disturbing. 

Target the department store is a "proud" sponsor of "youth pride"... 

Part of "youth pride" is...I can't even believe I am saying this..."baby drag queens" and "drag kids" of all ages... 

This "mother" (and I can hardly use the term)...has corrupted this child. 
I first posted the now 10 year old boy Desmond's photo a few years back in my post "Gay Parades are Child Abuse"

This child got the idea to dress in drag from watching a drag queen show on television when he was A TODDLER! What parent lets their child of any age watch such a show? 
Quote: "It's Pride Week in New York City, and abc7NY is featuring some of the social media stars in the LGBTQ community.
One of them is 10-year-old "Drag Kid" Desmond Napoles, who -- with the support of his family -- remains confident in himself while on a journey that is often fraught with fear. But not for this "amazing" young man.
Desmond is already an activist, advocate, model and fashion icon, and he's come a long way since he danced his way through the Village in the 2015 Pride March.
"Overnight, I was everywhere," he said.
Fast forward three years, and Desmond is still everywhere. DesmondIsAmazing has 65,000 Instagram followers, and he has appeared on talk shows and alongside his idol, RuPaul.
"When I saw the first episode of RuPaul's 'Drag Race' season 1, I saw these queens," he said. "And they were so amazing that I decided I would take my mom's clothes, shoes, towels, wrap them around myself to make pretend."
According to a Youtube video on "Fatherly", Desmond "came out of the closet" at the age of 3 (a bit later he says he was 2)- after watching "RuPaul's Drag Race" show. His father says Desmond entered kindergarten as an openly gay boy while admitting his child has been watching (subjected to) drag queen television shows since he was only a 2 year old toddler. Did it ever occur to these parents that such television shows would warp and influence their little boy? Perhaps they subjected their toddler to this show in the hopes of doing just that...creating a gay drag kid? Diabolical either way. 

Pray for Desmond to be released from the bonds of this evil. What chance did this child have with parents like his? They put evil in his path and then encouraged him to embrace it.  

And, don't listen to Father James Martin... 

...he can stuff a sock in it! This is child abuse and gay pride parades are evil. 

These people are disgusting and they are doing great evil, again I can't post some of the NYC gay pride events because they are simply too offensive and vile. 

Even the NYPD... 

Remember to pray for the Christian police who are forced to drive "gay pride" vehicles while trying to keep people safe. What a horror their jobs must be particularly every June. 

Keep the words of our Lord fresh in your mind when you think of the children attending pride parades...

The Church is failing these people...

...God help us from such parishes. 

In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


Desmond's story:

My 2014 post on gay pride parades (WARNING GRAPHIC)


  1. Will the rotund, laughing cardinal be leading the parade?

  2. Congratulation for this article !
    God have mercy on the whole world!
    This priest Martin is misleading the flock Jesus commanded him!
    The Church should expelled him from his priesthood ministry! I don’t understand why nobody does nothing about this ! Insulting Jesus on this way and lying about the word of God!
    The Old Testament is super clear about practicing this sin!
    We have to love them but they most stop practicing!

    1. God's mercy for the world is going to stop. Then comes His Judgement.. "that terrible day" as it's described...

      Be careful of the "love agenda" because it's being perverted and morphed into "love the sinner to include the sin". As displayed in parades and elsewhere.

      Jesus Himself warned us again about His coming Judgement. He provided us with specific instructions on "how to be protected" when the terrible judgement day arrives...
      And if you are the "worst sinner and your soul is darkened with sin... He will protect you.

      His instructions for His protection were given to St. Faustina in the form of Divive Mercy.. which is His Image with two rays of light coming from Hid peirced Heart with the words Jesus I Trust in You.
      Venerate this image and you will not be judged.

      The Divine Mercy Chaplet,
      Pray at 3 PM the hour of Mercy
      Especially pray O blood and water which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus, I Trust in You..

    2. The Catholic Church has ceased to preach in easily understandable methods, that there is No Salvation Outside of the Catholic Church. This fact is and has been the mainstay of our faith since Christ was on earth. The failure of Catholics to believe and say this simple statement has been the very reason why the Catholic Church is in such difficult times. It is only when when we go back to this fundamental fact of our faith that we can expect any return to the glory of the Catholic Church. Baptism of Blood, Baptism of Desire and Invincible Ignorance belong completely and totally up to God and are never meant to get in the way of the fact that there is no Salvation Outside of the Catholic Church. Too many Saints, Doctors of the Church and past Popes have professed such both ex Cathedra and in personal statements thru all the ages since the beginning of the Catholic Church.

  3. "The Church is failing these people..."

    And many others as well.

    God have mercy on us all.



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Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

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