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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Horrors... (or not)

I've never been a fan of Halloween, even as a child I didn't like it.  I hated the houses playing horror sounds (blood curdling screams, gasps and creepy ghostly sounds).  

I hated the gory costumes and people "TPing" homes (especially of the elderly who had a horrible mess to clean up the next day).  

And it felt odd to go begging strangers for candy that might have razor blades in them.  My grandmother and mother would inspect the candy for hours looking for weapons and possible poisonings in this "fun" kid holiday where eating a "treat" might kill you.  

I just never saw the appeal in Halloween and soon we gave it up because none of us liked it.  Instead we bought our OWN candy treats that WE liked and ate it all ourselves- I've continued this practice with my own children.

I didn't grow up Catholic, so the thought of dressing up as some amazing saint never crossed my mind- I wish it had, I might have had a whole different view of this holiday.

This is Halloween done RIGHT!  Shower of Roses is one of my VERY VERY favorite Catholic family blogs- EVAH.  I have been reading and following this blog for years- pure delight!  Please check them out... a wonderful family with a fantastic blog.


Now to some things I found in the news.

These children's faces and comments are priceless as they sample "healthy" Halloween treats!


What's Halloween without a WITCH? 

 Happy Halloween FATSO!...

 Crazy magician head falling off trick (*mild profanity*)


Do NOT purchase or use NOVELTY FAKE CONTACT LENSES- you can damage your eye balls!

Yes, apparently some people need to be told this is NOT good for your eyes.

God bless and be safe this Halloween.

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

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