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Sunday, August 24, 2014

#RIPBella trending on Twitter

By Connecticut Catholic Corner

Twitter is ERUPTING right now with what is apparently (I desperately hope its a hoax) a teen suicide.

The hashtag #RIPBella is being used to share the final words of a girl before she committed suicide.

As I already said, I DESPERATELY hope this is merely a hoax and not the horrible tragedy it appears to be.

How absolutely TRAGIC for ANY human being - especially a child- to feel like NOTHING.  This person found no value in herself because she never felt loved by others.


No one, absolutely NO ONE should ever feel so alone, unloved and unwanted.

It's an absolute tragedy.

The other tragedy with teen suicide is GLORIFYING IT.

@1000Girlfriends is correct.  This is NOT a happy ending.  Unfortunately too many teens (and adults) don't grasp that and have taken to glorifying the tragedy as some romantic gesture.

What a mess our society is when they don't see the value in human life.  What a sad thing to chalk off a suicide as "she is in a better place now".  She was supposed to be HERE now and she's not.

Whether or not this is a true suicide, it does truly depict the loneliness and hopelessness so many people feel.  We as a society HAVE to let people know they ARE loved and that we DO care about them.

When someone commits suicide they are leaving a VOID - a void that was supposed to filled by them for their entire NATURAL life.  That void can never be filled because no one can take the place of the person who committed suicide.

No one should feel unloved and unwanted- no one.

RIP Bella

I pray to God this is a hoax.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

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