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Friday, June 10, 2016

Answering Michael Voris: Change the people and people will change their society

Today Michael Voris over at Church Militant presents the problem of liberals pushing their evil agenda's on the population with little to weak resistance from conservatives. 
quote: "Inevitably, the topic comes up of why there is so little resistance put forward to slow down liberals and modernists in the Church. We see the same thing happening in the culture, in the political arena. It's always liberals pushing and shoving their agenda down everyone's throats — just think same-sex marriage and transgender insanity. They are constantly pushing their causes and rabble-rousing.
And in the face of their continual stream of invective and foot-stomping, conservatives just back down or give way. It is the conservatives who are always retreating and compromising, looking for a middle way or common ground. This is why Donald Trump has captured the initiative in the GOP primaries. He called the bluff of the wimpy establishment types because he knew that the rank and file have had it. And he's right.
We see the same phenomenon in the Church. In our interview a few months ago with the highly respected Bp. Rene Gracida, he told us that most conservative-minded bishops also happen to be introverts and are seldom the ones grabbing the microphone at the U.S. Bishops' twice-annual national meetings. Is it the case that within the DNA of most conservative-minded people, there is a personality problem, a reluctance to confront wrongdoing? 
Sure seems that way. Might it also be the case that conservative-minded people are more indifferent — or they care, but don't care enough. Whatever it is, something is wrong." 
I'm not sure I agree with that.  Sure something is wrong, but its not the laity.  Of course, there are far too many lukewarm pew sitters out there, but I don't think the majority of conservatives who aren't constantly battling liberal agendas are slackers or indifferent.  There are two other issues at work here: Protestant influence on Catholics and useless Catholic clergy.

Sadly, many among the protestant conservatives have begun to see "the writing on the wall" that evil will spread throughout End Times (whenever they think those times are- it differs by person) and instead they have decided to cling to Christ's words in Matthew 10 and Acts 13:51 and "shake the dust from their feet".  I have personally heard this excuse from them myself.

Many conservative protestants have given these verses as validation for moving away from some battles with liberals, and now we see with the protestant infiltration into Catholic parishes that some Catholics now too hold to this view that "Well, we told them, they didn't listen, so we're moving on to other things" mentality. 

Of course this is NOT the appropriate Catholic response. We ARE our brother's keepers and we need to fight and pray and battle against evil, lies and heresy until our last breath- BUT...

...oh you knew there would be a but.  

BUT... when Catholics see Catholic clergy (including popes whomever they may be) who REFUSE to point out heresy and make statements that they are not interested in converting people to the Catholic Faith... the laity are left feeling deflated, defeated and tired. Tired of too often being the only ones showing more concern for souls being lost then global warming and immigration concerns. 

This is a failing of the Church, not the laity.  It is not the laity who have given up, it seems to many of us, that it is the hierarchy [some] in the Church that have given up on the Church's mission to save souls and convert people.  

Change the people and the people will change their society. 

The Church once told protestants what their errors were and worked hard to tap down heresy where ever and whenever it popped up.  No longer does the Church do this. 

Now we dialogue. 

Soon we will "commemorate" a heretic and heresies still held today by the heretic's followers.  Is it any wonder that protestants are miss using bible verses to suite their agendas?  This is a cancer to the True Faith and like cancer it is spreading from inside protestant communities and into Catholic parishes because there are little to no Catholic clergy willing to say "Hey! That is heresy!" and then TEACH the truth.

Again, this is a failing of the Church's clergy, not the laity.

The Church is working backwards, and because it is working backwards it is losing people to heresy and souls to damnation.  

Christ didn't commission His Holy Catholic Church to settle border policies, or end global warming.  Christ wants souls to be saved, He wants people to enter His Holy Catholic Church and enjoy the gifts found there. 

The Church has either forgotten this, or has decided [for the time being] to abandon saving souls in favor of saving the planet from global warming. 

God help us all. 

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 



  1. Ridiculous. We both know that the power of even fired up -- dare I say Bear-like -- laity is nil. Even at the occasional local parish where we might have some impact, we are easily neutralized. The Church is the USS Indianapolis and we are the few survivors lashed together in the ocean while the sharks pick us off Of course, I suppose if you cannot criticize the Pope, you have to blame somebody. If the Bear goes out and beats his goats, they will be unhappy, yell, and eventually avoid the Bear. How difficult is this?

    If the Church was right before, it is flat-out wrong now. If it is right now, it was flat-out wrong before. Or, I suppose, has changed. Inexplicably. And in the same course as the world has taken, oddly enough. If we are believing Catholics, we know this cannot be. This is the source of the distress. It isn't this or that, it's that we have a Pope who is promoting error, if not outright heresy. We look at what is going on and all we get is an "error" message flashing in front of our eyes. We can't completely process it. Nobody has yet. (Maybe the sedevacantists have at least a logical approach with explanatory power, but seems a little too pat, and a lot too weak on the facts to be correct.)

  2. Well said, Julie.

    As a convert from Protestant land, I know too well the "I am taking the ball and going home" mentality that ecclesial communities to fissure and fissure and fissure. It is not a good idea for the more orthodox members of a parish to keep splitting off to found more and more "orthodox" parishes. Such people will eventually windup without a priest.

    My thought is that most bishops are deathly afraid of schism and being ostracized by their fellow bishops. They are also afraid of saying something that will cause someone with weak faith to abandon the Church. There are good reasons for them not to be hasty. But they are also required by Jesus Himself to teach the faith boldly and completely.

    Can the laity do anything beyond whimper? Yes. Fight pew by pew. Make friends, convince people. Not just on the net, but in real life. Band together. Enlist priests. Fight to become a deacon, DRE, etc. And above all, work to nail your parish priest's foot to the floor. We are lost without each other...don't let the nonsense drag each other away or your parish priest away. At the end of the day, all we really have is our local real life community and our local priest. Treasure him. Surround him with sheep and push him towards Zion.


  3. Michael Voris refuses to deal with this issue.
    His theology is based on hypothetical cases being objective exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and the rest of Tradition. He is politically correct with the Left and his Archbishop in Detroit.
    He does not mind this irrationality being taught to school children in Detroit.

    Cardinal Muller, Archbishop Di Noia and Bishop Fellay's theology is based on hypothetical cases being explicit exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus

  4. On the part of the laity much this stems from clinging too tightly to every pronoucement of the hierarchy. If often seems as if many people believe that questioning anything that comes out off the mouth of any prelate to be a greater sin than contraception, cohabitation or receiving the Precious Body unworthily. Sadly, even those otherwise faithful to Christ's teachings are a bit afraid to rock the boat. They see that their Methodist neighbor is very devout and even seen a Keep Christ in Christmas decal on their car so they assume that these are just minor differences and leave it alone. Meanwhile our so-called Christian society gradually introduces more and more corruption, but we are too busy enjoying a comfortable existence to notice the heat is being turned up. And where are we now? Floating on top of the water or about to boil ourselves.

    What is odd enough is that while we happily embraced Protestantism's knack of allowing our conscience to be our guide, yet we cling so tightly to every word of the bishop and the Pope. So while we are told just strive for the ideal they have is eating of their hand as well. Because hey the Holy Spirit has this and would never allow a bishop or priest to split heresy or something.

  5. When will the laity be informed about this? Who is going to do this? Not CMTV.
    Who among the traditionalists will say that Bishop Bernard Fellay is in heresy?

    Cardinal Muller, Archbishop Di Noia and Bishop Fellay's theology is based on hypothetical cases being explicit exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus

    To have a theology based on nonsense ( hypothetical cases being visible in 2016) and then applying it to salvation theology, the Social Reign of Christ the King, Vatican Council II, the Nicene Creed, a little bit too much ?

    Why cannot I accept EENS without the irrationality used by Cardinal Muller, Archishop Di Noia and Bishop Fellay? : to indicate invisible cases are visible is a lie


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