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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Catholic Priest doesn't like Catholic teaching on sin

Father Michael Crisostomo
Here we ago again, with yet another Catholic priest who says the Catholic Church is "hurtful" to people (specifically homosexuals) because the Church teaches that homosexual acts are sinful and that there is such a thing as "damnation". 

He states he simply does not like Catholic parishes that talk about "damnation and that homosexuality is a sin".  It's "hurtful" for the laity to hear about such things, in his opinion. I have to wonder what exactly does he say in his homilies that never mention sin or damnation? 

So after hearing about the shooting in Orlando, Florida at the gay nightclub, Father Michael Crisostomo (A.K.A. "Pale Mike" and nominee for the 2016 Lumen Christi Award) along with the local LGBT groups and "Miss Pacificana Guam" (transgender) will work together to promote a vigil Mass for the LGBT community - making sure not to mention sin or the Church's authentic teaching on homosexuality so no one is offended or hurt by Catholic teaching at a Catholic Mass. (Where is the worry for souls being lost?)

Quote: "Crisostomo acknowledged that many members of the LGBT community have strayed from the church because of its anti-gay teachings. While he has personally reached out to many of them, he said he doesn’t blame them for not coming to the church they were baptized in.
It is hurtful when you hear a parish talk about damnation and that homosexuality is a sin,” he said.
His hope is that the church can rebuild and regain the credibility of the church.
“Many of them feel a separation and many of them even feel a rejection,” he said. “These are words many of them share with me, that they’ve been rejected by the church and I acknowledge that.” [end]

Anyone else wondering why our Catholic priests are apologizing for God's Laws? 

If Father Pale Mike doesn't like the Catholic parishes speaking about "damnation and that homosexuality is a sin" what's he doing as a priest in the Holy Catholic Church? 

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 



  1. La trahison des clercs. (The Treason of the Clerks -- or Clerics)

  2. A near perfect example of bad teaching in today's seminaries. God is pure love! God loves you! Yes he does, but he also wants you to get to heaven, which you have to earn by not sinning. Some in the clergy today think they are smarter than God, who is old fashioned and needs to get with the times. Nothing will change until Russia is consecrated and Christ is King again in heaven AND on earth.


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