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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Life Site News: Plea to the Pope video

*loud wild applause* 

From Youtube video description: 

Published on Jul 13, 2016

ROME, July 13, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) -- In a spirit of love, humility, and faithfulness, 16 international life and family advocates are asking Pope Francis in a powerful new video to unambiguously speak the truth of the Catholic faith, to end doctrinal confusion, to restore clarity, and to be the Holy Father that Catholics need. 

“We are living in a very special time of a deep crisis of faith inside the Church,” said Bishop Athanasius Schneider, the Auxiliary in the diocese of Maria Santissima in Kazakhstan, who opens the video, produced by LifeSiteNews. 

“It is not a secret. It is very evident. A lot of people, the simple faithful, are suffering because of the situation of confusion,” he added. 

The 30-minute film, titled Plea to the Pope, comes in the wake of confusion caused by the pope’s April release of his Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia, in which he made a number of concerning statements about marriage, divorce, sin, reception of Holy Communion, and sex education for children. The Exhortation has generated numerous contradictory interpretations from various theologians as well as cardinals and bishops. 

Bishop Schneider called it “very urgent” that the pope “states more clearly, in a very unambiguous manner — in such a manner which will not leave any space for misinterpretations — [on] the issues of family and the sacredness of marriage.” 

The film contains an impressive lineup of international life and family advocates who decided that the time had come to voice their concerns for the good of the Church, of souls, and of nations. 

Watch short version here:

Read full report at

Sign Petition to Pope Francis here:

God bless you to ALL who took part in this video!  Thank you for speaking out! I pray that this video message will reach the Holy Father and he will listen.

So happy this video has been made!  Praise the Lord!

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner


  1. Their faith and my faith

    So now we have two faiths at Holy Mass.We have the faith of those making this plea. They assume that there are exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS) .While I attend Mass knowing there are no explicit exceptions to EENS. These are examples of two different belief systems. Differences in doctrine. Differences in Catholic faith at the same Mass.
    Then they all assume that Vatican Council II (LG 16 etc) is a break with the dogma EENS while I assume it is not.Again we see differences in doctrine. It is the same liturgy that we can both attend but our faith is different.
    They interpret EENS and Vatican Council II with the premise of hypothetical cases of the baptism of desire being explicit in 2016 while I avoid this premise.
    So is it the same Catholic faith? No.
    Their position reflects the innovation in the Church, from the second part of the Letter(1949) which has been accepted by the contemporary magisterium.My position reflects the first part of the Letter ( 1949) which is a continuation of the traditional interpretation of the dogma EENS, according to the pre-Council of Trent magisterium.
    If they avoid the premise and the non traditional conclusion they could attend Mass with the old faith, with my faith.
    We do not have unity on doctrine during Mass and they have nothing to say about this.
    -Lionel Andrades


  2. Bishop Schneider, John Henry Weston ambiguous : 'speak the truth of the Catholic faith, to end doctrinal confusion, to restore clarity'

    According to John Henry Weston of LifeSites News, international life and family advocates are asking Pope Francis in a new video 1 to 'unambiguously speak the truth of the Catholic faith, to end doctrinal confusion, to restore clarity...'
    For years I have been asking Weston 'to speak the truth of the Catholic faith, to end doctrinal confusion, to restore clarity...'. He can not do it. Since he has to protect his reputation among Protestants.Then there is the hostile Leftist environment in the USA in which he works and where he needs to appeal for funds.
    Perhaps Pope Francis could be saying the same thing. He is promoting doctrinal confusion in faith and morals to please the Left and to protect his reputation and the Vatican's interests.
    All the speakers on this video are ambigous on Catholic doctrine related to salvation.If they are honest they would be considered rigorist, right wing, fanatical, anti semitic, backward...Some are ambiguous after being informed others are ambiguous in ignorance.
    Bishop Athansius Schneider and John Henry Weston are ambiguous with full knowledge.-Lionel Andrades

    Their faith and my faith : Life Site News: Plea to the Pope video


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