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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Why is Ben Carson duping Catholic religious?

This is very disappointing to me. 
Ben Carson appears to me to be deceiving these Catholic nuns (among other Catholic religious).  He tweeted the following image: 

Did Carson tell them he's not the pro-life man he's falsely pretended to be for months?

I saw the photo re-tweeted by a good holy priest today, of Ben Carson speaking to these clapping and smiling nuns.  

This good priest was totally unaware that Ben Carson supports the abortion drug RU-486 and is only pro-life AFTER 6 weeks when a heartbeat can be detected. 

Once I shared this video with the priest...he thanked me and expressed his shock and disappointment... did numerous other pro-lifers on Twitter who were duped by Ben Carson. 

If you know pro-life supporters who are supporting Ben Carson, PLEASE share this information.  Show them the video.  Don't let them be deceived by this man who falsely claims to be pro-life when he's not. 

**Addition: has picked up this story

2nd Addition: 

Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign admits he referred women to abortionists
In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

Ben Carson's Twitter account:


  1. Julie, with all due respect, Ben Carson stated that he knows that life begins at conception. Taking a political position that will eliminate a great many abortions and on a larger scale than what we have, is a start. It is not the end. And it is no proof that Ben Carson is not pro-life only after 6 weeks.

    That is misleading Catholic voters.

    Please, don't disabuse Catholic voters into believing that Ben Carson is not pro life. That is not true. As for being a disappointment, we all need to understand that a president is not Christ. And until Christ comes, we are going to be saddled with those who compromise.

    We need to get leaders into office that have the most viable chance of really changing Washington - and having a president admit openly that science proves that life begins at conception is nothing to eschew.

  2. If Ben Carson were TRULY prolife, and if he KNOWS that life begins at conception, then he would NEVER have endorsed prochoice politician, Monica Wehby.

  3. Patty it makes it EVEN WORSE that Ben Carson KNOWS life begins at conception yet he STILL supports the abortion drug RU486 to MURDER that life.

    It is not a pro-life stance to say "I believe life begins at conception and I support murdering that life with RU486."

    That might be acceptable to you Patty, but it is not to me and other pro-life supporters.

    The only one misleading Catholic voters is Ben Carson himself- I watched pro-life supporters on Twitter freak out when this video was making the rounds on Twitter (which prompted me to write this article).

    Those people are NOT happy with Ben Carson because they ASSUMED his "life begins at conception" comment meant he was opposed to abortion drugs and surgical abortion- turns out he's just opposed to surgical abortions NOT abortion drugs. That is the a problem for most of us who claim to be Pro-life.

    In Christ,

    Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

  4. Sorry Patty.

    If his position, as you state, is that he believes life begins at conception, then his advocacy of RU486 would necessarily make him a supporter of the murder of innocent life that, according to you, he concedes exists.

    But he didn't say that he thinks life begins at conception (at least not in this video):

    Cavuto: " conception, do you see that as life, Doctor?"
    Carson: "Certainly once the heart starts beating."

    So in this video he puts forth that the dividing line between a human life worth protecting versus whatever he thinks it is before, is a heartbeat. Before a heartbeat, it's open season for Dr. Carson.

    That's about as stupid as I can imagine and this guy is a neurosurgeon.

  5. Julie, you said,

    "It is not a pro-life stance to say 'I believe life begins at conception and I support murdering that life with RU486.'"

    But how do you know there is life to be murdered in every case of rape and incest?

    Perhaps Dr. Carson thinks that in the case of rape the use of RU-486 is an emergency procedure, more of a preventive rather than abortive and is therefore justified.

    Question is, Is using contraceptive in the case if rape just as immoral as when used in marital sex? Humanae Vitae does not really address this question. There were also reports in the '60's that Congo nuns were allowed to use contraceptive pills to prevent pregnancy in case of rape. Of course people did not know then that contraceptive pills were also abortifacients.

    I am a "soft" supporter of Dr. Ben Carson and was disappointed with his prescribing urgent emergency RU-486 to victims of rapes and incest, but I understand. Still, his position is better than Hillary Clinton's or any those of Catholic "pro-choice" government figures such Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, and yes - Sotomayor.

    But that's just me.

  6. Marie,

    First, even if it takes ONE life, it is too many.
    Secondly,Carson mentioned RU486, this is not a contraceptive- it does not prevent a child from being conceived. In fact, RU486 is called "The Abortion Pill". This is only slightly different from "Plan B/Morning After" type pills which are called "Emergency contraception" and most used in hospitals. These are marketed as "preventing pregnancy" because they don't allow the embryo to attach to the uterus. They do not prevent conception. As a matter of fact IF you took a "Plan B/Morning After" pill and still remained pregnant (it does happen) you can still deliver a child 9 months later.
    The point is, none of these prevents conception. By taking these pills a woman is willing to murder her child.
    That is not a pro-life stance and any doctor who supports giving women these pills can not call him or herself "pro-life" because they are not.

    In Christ,

    Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

    for more:
    **Note: in the chart it says for emergency contraception "prevents pregnancy" but not conception. Pregnancy is when the embryo embeds in the uterus. It also says the RU486 (which Ben Carson supports) causes a medical abortion.

  7. Sorry, Julie, and all, but I am with Marie on this. Also, Carson did not state that life begins at conception on this video, but rather in others. Feel free to google his position. I'm sorry to have mixed them up.

    That said, the language of "surely" is the attempt to draw consensus, not a statement of his belief of when life actually is begun. And yes, Jason, Carson is a neurosurgeon. Not stupid. And we have to be smart, too. That is not to approve abortion or RU486, but withholding judgement and acting with prudence is always advisable.

    That said, Julie, these types of drugs while reprehensible and absolutely capable of doing what you described are also capable of suppressing ovulation. Again, I share Marie's view that Dr. Carson's stating that in the cases of rape and incest one should make *immediate* use of the Emergency Room was directed toward the purpose of prevention. Not the prevention of implantation, but the prevention of conception by way of suppressing ovulation and, I believe, but I am not sure, obstruction by way of changing a woman's chemistry. (Again, I am not pro contraception either, but we must begin somewhere without eviscerating candidates only to remove every one because we must have all or nothing. Keep in mind, Julie, that the Republican dominated congress still couldn't defund Planned Parenthood even after the release of the disgusting business-as-usual expose. I want someone in there who can and will. Then we can continue the fight.)

    While I do pray that we can have a thoroughly pro life America, it is also important to recognize the necessity of moving toward that goal. We have a lot of retraining, catechizing, video taping, etc that needs to be done.

    Thank you for all that you do in this regard. It is much appreciated. But then even our candidates need to be catechized. And that takes kindness and attempting to see what they are about instead of casting stones that they're not good enough yet Maybe, instead of saying what a let down Dr. Carson is you could write to him Julie and express yourself with the passion you do here. He is a reasonable man. I've no doubt he would listen to what you have to say.

    And while I am not thrilled at the notion of any compromise, I am thrilled that someone with the qualifications of Ben Carson has the opportunity to move forward in the sphere of politics.

    Making statements like, "That might be acceptable to you, Patty, but it is not to me and other pro-life supporters," doesn't help anybody, Julie. It only polarizes and lends weakness to what we need to build as a solid campaign to work toward life. Division is the devil's delight, Julie.

    God bless and I pray we will achieve the unity required to do our very best for our little ones moving foward!

  8. Julie, Patty again. Just did some more research.

    You have my profound apologies about RU486. I am searching for the interview I saw with Dr. Carson wherein there was mention of an emergency procedure that would suppress ovulation. That is what I recall him saying.

    But then in light of current misstatements, what I saw could have merely been a dial back from the RU486. THANK YOU for giving me the impetus to review the particulars of that drug.

    That said, I still would encourage writing to Dr. Carson. He is a solid candidate and a reasonable man. People can grow. The devil does take pleasure in division so let's do what we can to give Dr. Carson a chance to put himself right. All is not lost.

  9. For Patty and Marie...

    In Christ,

    Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner


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